Yom HaAtzmaut 2013 began Monday, April 15 until Tuesday evening, April 16

April 16, 2013




As long as deep in the heart,

The soul of a Jew Yearns,

And towards the East

An eye looks to Zion.


Our hope is not yet lost,

The hope of two thousand years,

To be a free people in our land,

The land of Zion and Jerusalem.


Yom Ha’atzmaut (Hebrew: יום העצמאות‎ Yōm hā-ʿAṣmāʾūṯ   lit. “Independence Day”) is the national day of Israel, commemorating the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948. It is celebrated on 5th of Iyar according to the Hebrew calendar. Yom Ha’atzmaut is preceded by Yom Hazikaron, the Israeli Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism Remembrance Day.



Excerpt from Israel’s Declaration of Independence – May 14, 1948

April 11, 2013

“The Land of Israel was the birthplace of the Jewish people. Here their spiritual, religious and political identity was shaped. Here they first attained to statehood, created cultural values of national and universal significance and gave to the world the eternal Book of Books.

“In the year 5657 (1897), at the summons of the spiritual father of the Jewish State, Theodore Herzl, the First Zionist Congress convened and proclaimed the right of the Jewish people to national rebirth in its own country.

“This right was recognized in the Balfour Declaration of the 2nd November, 1917, and re-affirmed in the Mandate of the League of Nations which, in particular, gave international sanction to the historic connection between the Jewish people and Eretz-Israel and to the right of the Jewish people to rebuild its National Home.”

Excerpt from Israel’s Declaration of Independence – May 14, 1948

 The law will lay down that The State of Israel is the National State of the Jewish People


* The borders for the Jewish Homeland, ISRAEL, were decided on Dec. 23rd. 1920.*

April 10, 2013

…. herewith is my answer to your question about Article 80 of the UN Charter and how that provision of law affects the UN in deciding on the Arab “Palestinian” bid to be recognized as a new independent state in Judea Samaria and Gaza, with its capital in eastern Jerusalem. I strongly believe that any resolution adopted by the Security Council or General Assembly recognizing “Palestinian” statehood would be blatantly illegal in violation of its own Charter  (specifically Article 80) and also beyond the authority of both these UN organs.

Article 80 preserves intact the rights of the Jewish People granted under the Mandate for Palestine ,  and those rights could not be altered in any way unless there had been an  intervening trusteeship agreement between the parties concerned. No such agreement was ever made during the three year period from 1945 to 1948 when it was possible to make this kind of agreement and it is now too late to do so. Therefore all Jewish rights under the Mandate remain in full force today, including in particular the right to establish new Jewish settlements in any part of former Mandated Palestine under effective Israeli control.

All UN bodies and agencies are obliged or bound by Article 80 and therefore the UN cannot legally prevent the Jews of Israel from exercising their rights or interfering with them that were recognized under the Mandate, or transfer those rights to a non-Jewish entity such as the “Palestinian” Authority. All of Palestine was reserved or assigned exclusively for the Jewish National Home on April 25, 1920 upon the adoption of  the San Remo Resolution even though the boundaries of the country were not delineated on that particular date* and  no part of the land was allotted for an Arab National Home or State since Arab self determination was being granted elsewhere in Syria, Iraq, Arabia and North Africa.

Moreover, the UN is not the sovereign of the land we call Eretz-Israel where a new Arab state is to be established contrary to existing international law. I enunciated this very point in my two hour interview with a film crew from the European Council for Israel that took place on May 3, 2011 at my Jerusalem home. Unfortunately this very important point was edited out of the You Tube video “Give Peace a Chance”, now widely shown on the internet. By this fact alone, the UN has no authority or power to divide the land for the purpose of creating this new Arab “Palestinian” state.

Apart from that fact, there is no provision in the UN Charter, which is an international treaty, that gives the UN the power to create a new state, or to allot territory to create such a state especially in the case where the land in question belongs to the Jewish People.

If the UN had such power, then logically it would also have the inverse power to “de-create” or dismember an existing state, a power it certainly does not hold under the UN Charter.

For the foregoing reasons, the bill introduced in Congress by Ileana Ros – Lehtinen to withdraw American funding to the UN if it recognizes Arab “Palestinian” statehood is definitely the proper course of action to follow.

* The borders for the Jewish Homeland were decided on Dec. 23rd. 1920.

Best regards,

Howard Grief

Mandate for Palestine, April 24, 1920.

Boundaries of the Land in which the JEWISH National Home was to be reconstituted.

MARCH 29, 2012

Howard Grief is the author of The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law and is the leading expert on the subject. He co-copied me with three powerful letters in defence of our rights, which follow.

To Mr. Leonello Gabrici
The Head of the Division,
Middle East II: Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territory,
Middle East Peace Process,
European External Action Service
Brussels, Belgium


Dear Mr. Gabrici,
I am appalled and dumbstruck by the fact that you are the Head of a Division of the European External Action Service whose jurisdiction explicitly deals with “Middle East II: Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Middle East Peace Process”. This title is an insult to the Jewish People, to Zionism and the valiant struggle that the Jews waged to reclaim their ancient homeland, a struggle that began in earnest with the convocation of the first Zionist Congress at Basel, Switzerland in 1897.


The country of Palestine was created in April 1920 at the San Remo Peace Conference for one purpose only – to be the Jewish National Home, and the term “Occupied Palestinian Territory” is thus an oxymoron since Palestine was never intended to be an Arab land under international law now supposedly “occupied” by Israel, as the title of your office implies, but rather was always intended to be a Jewish land that was to reconstitute the ancient Jewish State of Judea destroyed by Rome in the first century C.E. It takes staggering ignorance or ingrained hostility to the Jewish People and Zionism to believe that the land known to the Jews as Eretz-Israel since the time of Joshua Bin-Nun, long before it was called Palestine, belongs to the local Arab inhabitants who have falsely re-branded themselves as “Palestinians”.


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“Canadian Muslims Unite to Recognize Israel’s Rights to Exist” — by Tahir Gora

April 10, 2013

Tahir Gora

 journalist, poet, translator

Why is it in the interest of Muslims in Canada to recognize Israel’s rights to exist? This was the question posed by a speaker in a seminar in Mississauga a couple days ago arranged by the Canadian Thinkers’ Forum.

Muslim Committee against anti-Semitism under the umbrella of Canadian Thinkers’ Forum put together speakers from Muslim, Christian and Jewish Diaspora in terms of finding the way to convince Islamic nations to recognize Israel’s rights to exist.

The Muslim Committee has a simple answer that none of the Jews, Christians, Muslims and other religious or non-religious people in the Middle East are willing to die except groups like Hamas trained terrorists and suicide bombers.

“In fact, peace in the Middle East is not in the interest of Islamic extremists there. If there would be a peace in the Middle East, they would not have any business there,” said Arshad Mahmood, convener Muslim Committee against anti-Semitism.

Another speaker, Hamid Khan Bashani acknowledges that as Muslim nations would recognize Israel’s rights to exist they would be able to move on. He also delivered his thought that Palestinian state should co-exist with Israel but there should not be a question on legitimacy of the state of Israel.

Munir Pervaiz, a former board member PEN Canada and director Progressive Writers Association of Canada emphasized how to eliminate anti-Semitism within Canadian Islamic circles connected with the denial of Israel’s rights to exist.

The event MC & board member Canadian Thinkers’ Forum, Asma Mahmood, expressed the importance of such efforts by stating that “unfortunately, we Muslims are taught hatred against Jews and Israel but we need to grow now and stop this non-sense.”

Peter Bhatti, President International Christian Voice and the brother of assassinated Pakistan’s minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti said that “It’s the first time I am seeing Muslims’ efforts to recognize Israel’s rights to exist and to fight anti-Semitism. I hope such efforts would grow.”

Mark Vandermass, founder of the Israel Truth Week conference, Anita Bromberg, national director of legal affairs for B’nai Brith Canada, Paul Michaels, Director, Research and Senior Media Relations for the Centre for Israel & Jewish affairs and Len Rudner, Director, Community Relations and Outreach CIJA were also among the speakers. They appreciated Canadian Muslims’ efforts for peace and harmony.

As a founder and director of Canadian Thinkers’ Forum and Muslim Committee against anti-Semitism, I strongly condemn “Coalition against Israeli Apartheid’s” moves in terms of portraying Israel as an apartheid state.

First of all, Israel is not an apartheid state and secondly the coalition’s constant bad and unjust portrait of Israel in Canadian campuses and elsewhere is causing anti-Semitic issues for Jew students and staffers.

Unfortunately, there is already too much anti-Semitism played by a certain group of Islamists in Canada that is vocal and controlling Islamic media outlets full of hatred against Jews particularly.

Our Muslim Committee against AntiSemitism, invites “Coalition against Israeli Apartheid” in a peaceful dialogue in order to understand ground realities of the Middle East issue.

Our forum also welcomes Muslim voices in general and Palestinians’ take on why it is important for Muslims to recognize Israel’s rights to exist.


Tahir Gora is Director Canadian Thinkers’ Forum. Follow him on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TahirGora

Follow Tahir Gora on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TahirGora


Tahir Gorahttps://jdlcanada.wordpress.com/2012/11/04/tahir-aslam-gora/

Israel’s Legal Rights Under International Lawhttps://jdlcanada.wordpress.com/israel-rights-under-international-law/


The *Jewish Defence League* is calling for a BOYCOTT of “York University”. The JDL boycott campaign against York U will start in two weeks.

April 9, 2013


STOP the lies.


The Jewish Defence League of Canada is calling for a boycott of York University.

There are many high profile members of the Jewish Community who donate large sums of money to York University.

The JDL will picket outside the offices of such high profile members of the Jewish Community to demand that they no longer provide material support to York University.

The JDL boycott campaign against York University will start in two weeks.

Terrorist Supporters and Anti-Semitism Permitted at Crime-Plagued York University (VIDEO)


STOP the lies. STOP the BDS !!!!!!!!!!!

Please sign the petition.




York University Professor:

March 27

Terrorist Supporters and Anti-Semitism Permitted at Crime-Plagued “York University” (VIDEO)

April 9, 2013

Where anti-Semitism and racism thrive, it is often symbolic of larger problems at an institution. The student association of York University, Canada’s third largest university, a public university in Toronto with 55,000 students recently passed a resolution endorsing the global boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.

And while they received attention for this initiative, there’s so much more negative media attention that they have received, even a top crisis PR agencycouldn’t solve things for them.

York University’s Student Association called for universities to divest from holdings in companies that do business with Israel and to cut ties with Israeli academics. Interestingly, they made no mention of the civil war in Syria where tens of thousands have been killed in recent months, laws forbidding homosexuality in much of the Arab Middle East, or any of the other major issues that bleeding heart liberals often jump up and down about.

Of course it’s all part and parcel of recent Anti-Semitic history at York University:

  • Local Aish Hatorah Rabbi, Aaron Hoch accused the University of supporting Anti-Semitism, and regarding previous incidents noted that York’s President “..has again showed his amazing tolerance for anti-Semitism and lack of vigilance regarding the feeling of safety for Jewish students on campus.” An outspoken – yet surely accurate stance.

  • Just before Passover, Jewish students were repeatedly harassed during counter-protests against an anti-Israel rally on campus.  Flaming liberals (who would probably be lynched in Gaza) posted massive banners reading “Zionism is Racism,” as can be seen in the video below:

Meanwhile, also in the video, one can see the flag of an illegal terrorist organization, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) a designated foreign terrorist organization popularly referred to as the Tamil Tigers,  flying proudly at this rally. Terrorists are permitted to speak out – Jewish students are harassed.

  • In 2009, members of Jewish student group Hillel were threatened by Palestinian students, and the leaders of Hillel have previously condemned anti-Semitism at York University. Quite a troubling environment exists at this so-called institute of higher learning.

A bad environment for Jews isn’t the only problem at York University.

  • In the past month, there have been many serious crimes on campus – two sexual assaults, two armed robberies and a case of assault where a student was struck with a piece of metal. There have been abnormally high rates of crime committed at the school, and police are seeking additional victims related to sex crimes.

  • There were repeated rapes in dormitories in 2007, a security guard was shot in 2009, in April 2010 a student was sexually assaulted walking back to her apartment off campus, resulting in very serious injuries, in April 2011 an international student was murdered at York University Village, and on November 23 2012 a female student was sexually assaulted in Vari Hall, the school’s most iconic building.

Seems like the school has a lot they need to get a handle on.  Even more recent media reports indicate that York University staff were aware of fraud taking place at a key campus division but didn’t alert senior management as they were afraid of reprisals.

Yet, last week on campus, the school showed “Tsar to Lenin”, a movie which they claim “ranks among the greatest documentary films of the twentieth century.”  As university posters proclaimed, “In these troubling times, the working people of the world have seen the interests of the wealthy run roughshod over their rights and liberties…A closer examination of this legacy is a necessity for a new generation of workers and young people.”

Perhaps fitting for a University where Professor Alex Levant of the Political Science Department teaches about the importance of “Rethinking Leninism,” and writes of the need to “re-consider Lenin’s legacy, suggesting new ways of understanding his political thought.” As he wrote, “Rethinking Marxism has won a measure of legitimacy in the academy, but rethinking Leninism continues to exist largely on the margins.”

A school which honors one of the foremost communists in history and is home to rampant crime and anti-Semitism seems like a school in need of help – surely not an institution of “higher learning.”

Ronn Torossian is a New-York based entrepreneur.


STOP the lies. STOP the BDS !!!!!!!!!!! Please sign the petition.

April 9, 2013


Please sign the petition


The student council at UCSD (University of California at San Diego) recently passed a BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanction) resolution against Israel. You can read about it here:


Shlomo Dubnov, (a Zionist professor) started an anti-BDS petition.  He is a music professor at UCSD and the representative there for SPME (Scholars for Peace in the Middle East).

Since  BDS has reached Canada please sign Shlomo’s petition and circulate it to others. There’s a place to indicate your university affiliation, but you don’t have to have one in order to be a signer.

You’ll see Shlomo’s message and a link to his petition directly below.


YORK UNIVERSITY professor teaching ? political science

David McNally



April 7, 2013




*JDL* Parsha & Weekly Update – March 15, 2013 – THE GREAT SABBATH – by Rabbi Meir Kahane, ZT’L HY’D

March 31, 2013

Obama: Iran a Year Away from Getting a Nuclear Bomb

Iran is “over a year or so” from getting a nuclear bomb, Obama tells Israeli television, reiterates that all options are on the table.

* * *

And now from the anti Israel blog Electronic Intifada:   ASUCSD Divestment Vote 2013

“Allahu Akbar”

* * *

After hard-fought battle, students celebrate divestment vote victory at UC San Diego

Submitted by Ali Abunimah on Thu, 03/14/2013 – 19:32
“After a hard fought battle, Students for Justice in Palestine at University of California, San Diego (UCSD) claimed a major victory last night when the Associated Student Council passed a resolution calling for divestment from companies profiting from Israeli occupation.
The result – 20 in favor, 12 against and 1 abstention – was announced to loud cheers, the video above shows.
The resolution, proposed by Students for Justice in Palestine, is similar to recent resolutions passed at UC Irvine and UC Riverside and names Boeing, General Dynamics Corporation, Hewlett Packard, Ingersoll-Rand and Raytheon among other companies that “profit from Israel’s military occupation and violence against Palestinians in violation of international law and human rights.”
The vote is not binding on the university, but is another indicator of growing support for divestment among students, which is why Zionist groups have vigorously opposed such resolutions whenever they have been proposed and have supported draconian measures to suppress student activism at the University of California  and other campuses.
The issue has been hotly contested at UCSD; last week, the Council postponed a vote on the divestment resolution that was due to take place after a marathon eight-hour debate in a packed auditorium.
Echoing false and inflammatory claims that have been made by opponents of divestment, UCSD senior Mikhail Imanovich had told the Council, “This marginalizes the Jewish students on campus and makes them feel unsafe and unwanted.”
The divestment resolution victory dealt a defeat to campus group Tritons for Israel that had organized opposition to divestment claiming it would be divisive.
Members of Students for Justice in Palestine refuted such accusations in the campus newspaper, arguing that, “All political issues are divisive. But already, UCSD is taking a side on this issue by having money invested in companies that are integral to maintaining the Israeli occupation. That is divisive.”
Zionist organizations had even marshaled the support of two members of Congress who wrote to the student councillors to urge a vote against the resolution.
It would seem that the arguments in favor of divestment won out against political muscle.”

The Tyee – Doug Christie: The Unauthorized Obituary

The Shame of Israel Apartheid Week



* *

“K A H A N E”

The magazine of the authentic Jewish Idea


D I V R E I T O R A H  –  Nissan -5749 April-1989  

It is the necessary, the indispensable preface and introduction to Passover. It is the explanation that cries out the ultimate message of the holiday, the basic lesson of the feats of our freedom. It is the foundation of foundations that raises Passover from an insipid, saccharine social custom beginning and ending with recipes printed in the New York Times women’s section; from a golden opportunity for Manischewitz to return to Jewishness through capitalist Passover profits even as the truly frum, raise their level of religiosity by raising the level of prices; from a Jewish people that marches on its Seder stomach even as it moves on to the annual national lie. “Next Year in Jerusalem.” It is the Great Sabbath, which attempts to save Judaism from myopic ritualism, to make the Jew, Jewish and the Orthodox, religious.

Sabbath Hagadol, the great Sabbath. The Sabbath preceding the Passover, the Sabbath that cries out the basic, the ultimate message of the enormous Exodus from Egypt, of Passover itself. Sabbath Hagadol that gives us the lesson without which Passover, the Jewish people itself, lose all reason for being. Sabbath Hagadol commemorating the basic lesson of Judaism: Faith, real faith, faith in G-d who really is greater than the mighty Pharaoh, or the regal Reagan or the burningless Bush – Sabbath Hagadol. The great Sabbath, that began more than 3,000 years ago on a Sabbath in Imperial Egypt.

“Speak unto all the congregation of Israel, saying: In the tenth day of this month, they shall take to them every man a lamb…”

It is a special, an awesome commandment, one that is given to every Jew, hence the unique words “Speak unto all the congregation.” Take a lamb and bind it up for four days.

You believe that this is a simple commandment. Hardly. The lamb is more than an animal; it is the very god of Egypt. It is a deity, a hallowed creature before whom the Egyptian bows and whose meat dare not touch his mouth. And the Jews, “every man” thereof, are commanded to take this lamb, this Egyptian god, the deity of their masters, and tie it to their beds, to their posts, bind it up. And when the astonished and outraged Egyptian masters will ask: “What are you doing? The answer shall be: We shall soon slaughter this lamb, the deity, your god, and eat it.

Do you still think this is a simple, bland commandment? It is a commandment fraught with danger to life, a commandment that surely sent fear down the spines of the Jewish slaves, that, without a doubt, led scholars to rush and ponder whether pikuach nefesh, danger to life might perhaps demand the postponing of the dangerous commandment.

Nor does the Almighty stop there. He insists on a policy of extremism, of goading the gentile. Not content with a commandment that cries desecration of the Egyptian god, that taunts him with the sight of his deity bound up, the G-d of Israel insists that the Jew add salt to the wound.

“And they shall eat the flesh in that night, roasted with fire… eat it not partially cooked, nor boiled in water, but roasted with fire, its head with its legs and with its insides complete.”

Awake and consider! This is what Passover is all about; only this! This is Judaism what Judaism is all about; only this! This is what the duty and the role and the essence of the Jew is all about; only this! To affirm to the world, but first to ourselves that the L-rd, the G-d of Israel, is. That He truly does exist, that He is the One, the only One, that He, only He, directs the world, the fate of man, the destiny of His people. That whatever will be for the Jew will be only because He so decrees. That the gentile has no relevance to the Jewish fate, that the Pharaohs of all time, the ones in Egypt and the ones in Washington are utterly irrelevant to what will be with the Jew.

On the Great Sabbath in Egypt, the L-rd taught us the lesson that we trampled in the dust, the dust of secularism and the dust of the yeshiva world alike: The lesson that the Jew must raise high, must flaunt the glory and Omnipotence of his G-d. That the world must be compelled to see their deities, their gods and idols, bound up and humiliated and destroyed. That one must goad the gentile in order to raise high the banner of the L-rd. That Kiddush Hashem, the sanctification of the Name of the G-d of Israel, demands an open, fearless, flaunting sacrifice of the idols and deities of the gentiles that deny the uniqueness of the G-d of Israel, His exclusiveness, His Oneness! The lamb is openly tied and those who tremble and whisper: “But we dare not goad the gentile,” are silenced with thunderous contempt. The lamb is slaughtered and roasted whole and fully and openly. It cannot be hastily covered in a pot where it will not be seen. Its identity cannot be disguised by cutting its body into pieces. We cannot escape the danger of the gentile by avoiding confronting and goading him. No. Precisely the opposite!

The same gentile who thundered and thunders: “Who is the L-rd? I know not the L-rd and will not let Israel go!” must be taught the eternal lesson of: “The L-rd is G-d, the L-rd is G-d!” The gentile does not wish to “know” G-d, to acknowledge His exclusive kingship. He must be taught that lesson in an open and bold and humiliating way. He and his idols must be humbled and broken. The lamb is taken openly. The lamb is slaughtered openly. And those who cringe in populism and whisper: “But one dare not goad the gentiles…” are silenced by the thunder of the L-rd, whose commandment is eternalized by the Rabbis of the Great Sabbath, Sabbath Hagadol. So, let that Sabbath be understood and appreciated and embraced. For without it, there cannot be a Passover, an understanding of what that Passover really is. And without that, when the Jewish child asks for the meaning of this night, the pathetic father who knows not what to tell him will doom his child to become a pathetic as he: practitioner of Jewish ritual, but never, never a religious Jews.

The time is late. 

Iran and their proxies want to destroy Israel. 

We must fight back. 

Join JDL now.

With Love of Israel,

 Meir Weinstein, National Director

Jewish Defence League of Canada

“Blog Wrath” Blog Summary of The JEW HATE @ York University – “Students Against Israeli Apartheid” and their LIE “Zionism ISrael Racism”

March 29, 2013

‘Blog Wrath’ Blog


It was another excruciating day at York University. Yesterday I attended there a rally organized by Students Against Israeli Apartheid, called to celebrate the student federation’s endorsement of the boycott of Israel and demand that the university administration comply with it. Plus, I read the local paper, praising John Greyson’s new tranny film project and convincing men to switch to women’s clothing.

Nothing summarized the spirit of the event than the huge sign, in front of which mostspeakers stood. It read: “Zionism-Israel-Racism”.

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