*URGENT* – (only 50 signatures so far!!) Please sign PETITION! Imran Firasat, a Pakistani Christian and his family face deportation to Pakistan where apostates are murdered.

January 3, 2013



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Petitioning Jason Kenney, Minister for Citizenship and Immigration 

Give Refugee Status: IMRAN FIRASAT, support Christians/Hindus of Pakistan

IMRAN FIRASAT, a Pakistani Christian, was provided refugee status by Spain many years ago. Recently, he exercised his free speech rights and produced a historically accurate film about Islam. In response, the Spanish government has begun proceedings to deport him back to Islamic Pakistan. The Islamic state of Pakistan routinely commits genocide against Hindus and persecutes Christians. His return to Pakistan is a guaranteed death sentence, since the Islamic state of Pakistan persecutes minorities and implements blasphemy laws which prescribe torture and execution for those who speak the truth about Islam.

Canada is a multi-cultural nation where Hindus, Jews, and Christians together promote and protect freedom and liberty. In the past, Canada has allowed the entry of hundreds of thousands of false refugees filing claims of persecution, especially from the Islamic and Sikh populations.

In this instance, genuine persecution exists, and the Hindu and Judeo Christian values which define Canada dictate that Canadians must step forward and provide refugee status to IMRAN FIRASAT, as well as develop a refugee program for the millions of savagely oppressed Hindus and Christians in Islamic Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Minister Kenney must act on this issue immediately.

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To: Jason Kenney, Minister for Citizenship and Immigration,
Give Refugee Status: IMRAN FIRASAT, support Christians/Hindus of Pakistan

[Your name]

Blazing Cat Fur Blog > http://blazingcatfur.blogspot.ca/2013/01/imran-firasat-producer-of-mohammed.html


*PLEASE* sign the Petition! Arab (muslim) Lawyers Union (ALU) awarded its “highest honor… in esteem for any lawyer in the Arab Homeland” to female muslim suicide bomber and law student Hanadi Jaradat. In 2003, Jaradat left the legal profession by blowing herself up at the Maxim restaurant in Haifa, Israel, killing 21 and injuring more than 50. Among the deceased were three children and an infant.

December 11, 2012

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In October 2012, the Palestine Committee of the Arab Lawyers Union (ALU)awarded its “highest honor . . . in esteem for any lawyer in the Arab Homeland” to female “palestinian” suicide bomber and law student Hanadi Jaradat. In 2003, Jaradat left the legal profession by blowing herself up at the Maxim restaurant in Haifa, Israel, killing 21 and injuring more than 50. Among the deceased were three children and an infant.

Palestine Committee member Ayman Abu Eisheh said that the Arab lawyers were “proud of what Jaradat did ‘in defense of Palestine and the Arab conflict.'”
The ALU’s homepage states that its membership includes bar associations in 15 countries and 27 affiliated organizations. It is in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), consultative status with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and isaffiliated with the International Labour Organization (ILO) as well as other regional, national, and international bodies.
The sheer hypocrisy of a lawyers’ association blatantly celebrating any clear violation of the law, let alone a deadly terror attack, is staggering.In bestowing this award, the ALU — composed of more than 200,000 lawyers and purportedly committed to “promot[ing] and protect[ing] human rights” — is attempting to obscure (or perhaps justify) the illegality of the attack, classifying a criminal act as lawyer-endorsed measure taken “in defense of Palestine.” In essence, the ALU is rejecting the (basic) responsibility it shares with the global legal community to uphold the rule of law.
The Lawfare Project respectfully requests that you sign onto the linked petition calling upon the aforementioned organizations — ECOSOC, UNESCO, the ILO, and others — to revoke the ALU’s membership and/or terminate their affiliations with the ALU, as well as to publicly denounce the ALU’s decision to praise a suicide attack. 
The petition will be delivered to the above organizations by Feb 28, 2013.
Please feel free to forward this email to your colleagues.
With appreciation,
The Lawfare Project

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Oren Almog, who was ten years old at time of the bombing, was blinded by the blast, lost two of his grandparents, his father, his brother and his cousin.[1]

Comment by Blog Administrator: ‘THEY’ are doctors, lawyers, butchers, beggars, theives…  “THEY” live among us. ‘THEY’ terrorize  or “THEY” praise islamic terror or “THEY” are silent.  ‘THEY’ are adherents of islam.


December 2, 2012

This email is of vital importance. PLEASE READ IT !!!! . . . . . . .








Jonathan Pollard has been languishing in federal prison in Butner , North Carolina . Yesterday marked the beginning of his 28TH YEAR in prison. His crime? Passing classified information to Israel . The typical sentence for passing classified information to a US ally without intent to harm the US is 2-4 years in prison. Jonathan Pollard got life, and with every day that goes by, it is more likely that his incarceration will only end with his death.

The information that Jonathan Pollard passed to Israel was information that was vital to Israeli security interests, and which the US was supposed to have provided to Israel as part of an agreement between the two countries. Jonathan acted to protect Israel ’s interests, without harming US interests. Whether he was right or wrong to do so is a matter of debate. However, just about EVERYONE agrees that he has served his time and deserves to be released. This includes many current and former US officials, and Jewish and Israeli leaders. However, the State department is opposed to his release and appears to want to use Jonathan as a bargaining chip to keep Israel in line.

The mitzvah of pidyon shevuyim – redeeming captives – is one of the most important mitzvot in Judaism. How can we sit around and relax while Jonathan Pollard unfairly suffers in jail without doing everything possible in order to try to get him out?

To that end, a petition was created on the whitehouse.gov Web site calling for Pollard’s release. If this petition gets enough signatures, the Obama administration will review it. This may not lead to Pollard’s release, but at a minimum it would show the President how many people believe that Pollard deserves to be free, and it would give great chizuk to Jonathan Pollard himself.

In order to fill out the petition, you need to do the following. PLEASE DO THIS IMMEDIATELY, because the petition will expire in a few weeks.

1)      Go to this link to create an account on the whitehouse.gov Web site. You must use a valid email address.

2)      Go to your email and find the email from whitehouse.gov. Click on the link in the email to validate your email address and finish creating your account.

3)      The whitehouse.gov site should take you directly to the petition. If it doesn’t, the link is here. Fill it out.

4)      Forward this email to everyone you know who might be willing to do the same and encourage them to do so.
The last part is really important, because we will only reach critical mass if we push this out to enough people. If you post to lists, etc., please use whatever methods of communication you can to get the word out.

Some people have complained about having to create a whitehouse.govemail account in order to sign the pe

tition. Yes, this is annoying, but how does that annoyance compare to Jonathan Pollard’s suffering? This should be a small price to pay for the chance of helping him.

PLEASE DO THIS. IT CAN ONLY HELP. We must do everything we can, and the Almighty will do the rest.


Thank you again.





Please sign the Petition – Please help keep Canada terrorist-free.

October 16, 2012

Dear Patriotic Canadians,

Roxanne James, M.P. for Scarborough Central, in Ontario has agreed to present our Treason petition against Omar Khadr to Parliament in the near future.

The petition requests the Government of Canada to try Omar Khadr for treason under the laws of Canada for his actions against coalition forces in Afghanistan.Please, as an individual or a group, contact your local MP at the Federal level asking them to support this petition:


And, not only ask your MP to support the petition but to also present it! The treason petition template is also attached here. Only 25 signatures are required. Please get as many individuals and groups on board as possible and ask your MP to present the petition to Parliament .

Most Canadians across all party lines are wise to the threat of Omar Khadr and all MPs (NDP, Liberal, Conservative) need to respond to the will of the common person.

Our national security is more important than partisan politics.

Note that online petitions are not accepted in Parliament.


Our group, The Canadian Patriotic Society is also:

1. making connections with other groups, including Victims Rights Groups
2 seeking other legal/political avenues against Khadr and/or his family
3 Planning a meeting in December to expose the groups/individuals funding and supporting Omar Khadr.

Please contact us at canadianpatrioticsociety@gmail.com to support us in these three initiatives.

Please contribute to the Speer children’s educational fund courtesy of Ezra Levant.


Al Qaeda murdered 24 Canadians on 9/11.

One of the widows speaks of Khadr’s return.


Omar Khadr made bombs and trained other terrorists to make them (IEDs). See the attached poster of our fallen Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, most who died from IEDs. Khadr could have killed a Canadian that fateful day instead of an American ally.

Please help keep Canada terrorist-free.

If you are presenting the petition to your MP, you need a minimum of 25 signatures. Please make a photocopy of the petition with all the signatures. Note the number of signatures you have, the name of your MP, the date you met or talked with the MP/assistant and the date they plan to present it to Paliament. Document the process. Please co-ordinate with me what you are doing, so we can track how many signatures we have across Canada.If you have less than 25 signatures  contact the Canadian Patriotic Society.


Shobie Kapoor
Canadian Patriotic Society




Comment by Blog Administrator:



“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” – Sir Winston Churchill

Please Sign the Petition to Obama and Demand Clear RED LINES for Iran – Click Here –> http://www.redlinesforiran.org

October 1, 2012

We urge everyone who values peace and freedom to take IMMEDIATE ACTION against the nuclear threat from Iran:

Please Sign the Petition to Obama and Demand Clear RED LINES for Iran
Click Here –> http://www.redlinesforiran.org

If you’ve already signed, please FORWARD this email to everyone you know…


Iran’s leaders have made it very clear that they intend to wipe the State of Israel “off the face of the earth”. A nuclear Iran is a grave danger not only to Israel but to the United States and entire free world. Iran is accelerating its uranium enrichment and transferring its nuclear facilities underground. Time is running out…

History teaches us that when an enemy says he is going to annihilate you, believe him. History also teaches that even the most rogue leaders, when threatened with attack if they cross clear RED LINES, would be restrained from acting upon their aggressive, belligerent rhetoric.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that since Iran knows there are “no red lines or deadlines”, it continues to build nuclear weapons “without interference.”

So far, President Obama’s response has been to say that “no leader should tie his own hands.” We believe this is extremely naive and totally unacceptable.

Please sign the petition to demand that President Obama impose clear RED LINES against a nuclear Iran.

After you sign, we are asking you to circulate this email throughout all of your personal and professional networks. With your help we can put extreme pressure on President Obama to declare America’s red lines for Iran.


1. Sign the Petition to Obama –> http://www.redlinesforiran.org

2. Help with an online donation –> http://www.unitedwithisrael.org/donate

3. ‘SHARE’ on Facebook –> http://unitedwithisrael.org/red-lines-facebook-share

4. ‘SHARE’ on Twitter –> http://unitedwithisrael.org/red-lines-twitter-share

5. Send emails to your friends –> http://unitedwithisrael.org/red-lines-email-share

Thank you for support of Israel at this most urgent time.

The Global Movement for Israel

To update your contact information or unsubscribe, please click on the link below:

United with Israel
8/19 Maor St.
Box 71530
Bet Shemesh, HaDarom 99623

PLEASE, sign the Petition “Release of Prof Cyril Karabus detained in UAE”

September 30, 2012



Why this is important

Professor Karabus, currently 78 years old was arrested when in transit through Dubai for manslaughter. He is a senior paediatric specialist who headed Red Cross Childrens Hospital Oncology unit for many years. Apparantly in 2002 while he was doing a locum in Sheik Kalifa’s medical centre a patient died of leukaemia. Later in his absence he was “tried” and found guilty of manslaughter. He is sentenced to a period in prison without this ever being communicated to him. This is not justice. He was not given an opportunity to defend himself. Medical patients die, particularly when they have serious illnesses such as leukaemia.
Release of Prof Cyril Karabus detained in UAE

PLEASE, sign the Petition – *Judea* and *Samaria* ARE LEGAL and part of the JEWISH STATE of ISRAEL, in accordance with international law !!

August 14, 2012


PM Netanyahu set up the Levy Commission to clarify the law regading the “occupation: and the “settlements”.  Their Report has now been published.  It firmly declares that Israel is not an occupier and that the settlments are not illegal. What remains is for PM Netanyahu to accept this report and to act on it.
When the Report was first published it, I described its import as “humungous”. The left agrees and so does the international community.  They are doing their utmost to intimidating Netanyahu into rejecting it.
You, I and everyone who loves Israel, must show Netanyahu that we want him to accept the Report and that we will stand firmly with him.
Ted Belman
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More than sixty-five American Jewish leaders signed a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and urged him to adopt the findings of the Levy Report, which asserts that the “settlements” in Judea and Samaria are legal in accordance with international law.
The report, which was authored by a panel of renowned Israeli jurists comprised of Supreme Court justice Edmond Levy, former Foreign Ministry legal adviser Alan Baker, and former deputy president of the Tel Aviv District Court Tehiya Shapira, recommends against the future demolition of communities that had been deemed to be “illegal outposts.”
The letter endorsing the Levy Report, which was spearheaded by Rabbi Pesach Lerner, Executive Vice President, Emeritus of the National Council of Young Israel, is signed by dozens of prominent Jewish leaders from across the United States, with additional people joining in support of the letter daily.
“As the Levy Report correctly notes, Israel is not engaged in ‘military occupation’ in relation to the communities in Judea and Samaria,” the American Jewish leaders wrote in their letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu. “We believe that this conclusion vindicates the Israeli government, which has been unjustifiably vilified by many in the international community, simply because there are Jews living in this particular area of the Jewish State.”
“Like you, we recognize and respect the fact that the Jewish people have inalienable rights to the land of Israel which stem from the Bible, and we are familiar with the historic legacy of the movement of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Menachem Begin, and Herut/Likud, which you now lead, that has long endorsed Jewish rights in the entirety of the land of Israel,” continued the Jewish leaders. “Viewing it from this perspective, the Levy Report confirms what we all know to be true and just, and it certainly warrants your support and endorsement.”
In addition to expressing their staunch support of the Levy Report, the American Jewish leaders urged Prime Minister Netanyahu to reject the claims about the report that were set forth in a recent letter organized by the Israel Policy Forum.
“In our opinion, the individuals who have urged you not to accept the findings of the Levy Report under the pretext that Israel’s status as a Jewish and democratic state could somehow be compromised by its adoption are doing a disservice to the State of Israel,” the American Jewish leaders wrote in their letter to the Prime Minister. “Despite assertions to the contrary, the conclusions of the Levy Report do not ‘place…the prestige of Israel as a democratic member of the international community, in peril.’ We categorically reject this absurd declaration and sincerely hope and pray that you do the same.”
David Ha’ivri
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Ted Belman
Jerusalem, Israel
972 (0)54 441 3252

Please, SIGN the Petition – “Enforce Canadian Residency and Citizenship Regulations” … Thank you.

August 9, 2012

“Beyond Omar Khadr: Enforce Canadian Residency and Citizenship Regulations”

Pls Sign > http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/beyond-omar-khadr-enforce-canadian-residency-and-citiz.html


We, the undersigned Canadians, urgently ask the Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews, to initiate a full audit of immigration applications of Canadian citizens and residents who have arrived here since 1970 from Pakistan and the Middle East region.Toews must review this information and provide the results to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. If appropriate, Minister Kenney and his department should commence revocation procedures against all those who have committed fraud in obtaining residency and/or citizenship.We Canadians, of all races, religions and cultures, have to live with the consequences of having Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists on our streets. .We, as Canadians, have the right and duty to protect our borders from those who are likely to commit terrorist acts within our Canada.

Please… Sign the petition

Petition Background (Preamble):

As Canadians deeply concerned with public safety and national security, we demand federal action in investigating and acting upon residents and citizens who have misrepresented their ties to terrorist and fundamental organizations to gain entry and/ or citizenship in Canada.I own a legal firm north of Toronto and have extensive experience in human rights tribunals and immigration related litigation.Omar Khadr, the terrorist convicted of killing American medic Sgt Speer in Afghanistan, is attempting to return to Canada. His family, who are known Pakistani terrorist sympathizers, gained Canadian citizenship despite clear ties to fundamentalist Islamic groups like al Qaeda.

Similarly, Canada is infested with Islamic individuals, groups, and mosques promoting hatred and genocide.

This year alone, Toronto’s East End Madrassah was caught with anti Semitic teachings in its curriculum. Additionally, the Walk In Islamic Info Centre, which advertises in the TTC and in street corner booths, was found to have website links to preachers promoting genocide and bigotry.

In July, Islamic street preacher Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana was found to be teaching followers that Western women who wear revealing clothing deserve to be raped. This individual also runs websites with links to groups promoting genocide and hatred.

Martin Collacott, former Canadian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka and Senior Fellow with the authoritative Fraser Institute, has repeatedly stated that there has been inadequate screening of arrivals to Canada from terrorist infested regions, such as Pakistan and the Middle East.

Section 10(2) of the Canadian Citizenship Act states that:

A person shall be deemed to have obtained citizenship by false representation or fraud or by knowingly concealing material circumstances if the person was lawfully admitted to Canada for permanent residence by false representation or fraud or by knowingly concealing material circumstances and, because of that admission, the person subsequently obtained citizenship.

On July 19th, 2011, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced his intention to revoke the citizenship of 1800 people who have obtained their status through fraudulent means.

In view of widespread terrorism, genocide, and fundamentalism in certain regions of the world, and taking into account the recent epidemic of Islamic hate mongering and fundamentalism in Canada, it is reasonable to ask for an audit of all citizens and residents who have arrived in Canada from Pakistan and the Middle East over the last three decades.


Canadians United against Terror

The Beyond Omar Khadr: Enforce Canadian Residency and Citizenship Regulations petition toJason Kenney(Immigration Minister),Vic Toews(Minister of Public Safety) was written by dharminder kumar and is in the category National Affairs at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: 

Please sign the Petition in support of the Levy Report — written by “Legal Forum for the Land of Israel”

July 25, 2012

Please sign the Petition:


Dear friends,

At last,  the Levy Report established   the legality of the “settlements” and the  validity, under  international law, of the legal  rights of Israel west of the Jordan  River, where Israel is  NOT an “occupier”.  As you know, this is  an issue that CILRhas been promoting for a long time.

Given   the shock effect of the Levy Report, it is not surprising to see a  concerted  opposition to it, especially from Jewish individuals and  organizations who  might have other priorities.

We fully  support the Legal Forum for the Land of  Israel – an organization  dedicated to preserve the individual and national  rights of Israelis  –  and  we are  circulating their online  appeal to  Jewish lawyers, community leaders and all supporters of Israel’s   Legal Riights.

Please sign your name by clicking here:

Thank  you,

*Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights  –  CILR
Goldi Steiner and Salomon Benzimra, Co-Founders

PS: Kindly pass it on


June 8, 2012

Justice4JPnews – May 1, 2012

You can help! Sign the petition for President Peres now!

We are calling on all those who care about justice and humanitarian concerns to sign the petition in support of President Peres. We urge all who desire to save Jonathan Pollard’s life to sign and to get family and friends to sign!

Just log on to the Justice for Jonathan Pollard website. Click on the photo of Peres and Obama. Or click on the link under the photo. That is all you have to do! Simple instructions will appear and in seconds your signature will be added to the petition!


We all want to take pride in Mr. Peres achievement; Pollard’s desperate plight mars it.
President Peres is scheduled to receive the Medal of Freedom from President Obama in June. The obvious irony of Mr. Peres receiving the Freedom medal while Pollard languishes in an American jail is keenly felt in Israel. Consequently Israelis have started a petition calling on President Peres to use his influence in Washington and his prestige with President Obama to bring Jonathan Pollard home BEFORE he receives the medal on June 13th. Some 50 thousand Israelis have signed to date.

We need to double, triple and quadruple the numbers on the petition in order to strengthen Mr. Peres’ hand. By giving him full support, it will be easier for Mr. Peres to show resolve and remain resolute in his appeal to President Obama, encouraging him to do the right thing, NOW, without any further delay, by sending Pollard home to Israel for the medical care he so urgently needs, and for the freedom he richly deserves.

With our signatures, we are not asking Mr. Peres to refuse the US Medal of Freedom. Nor are we asking Mr. Peres to link his receipt of the medal to Pollard’s release. We are asking only that Mr. Peres use his superior diplomatic skills immediately and intensively to pull Pollard out of harm’s way before he receives the medal from President Obama. Once Pollard is home, we can all breathe easier and take pride in this great honor that Mr. Peres is slated to receive.

PLEASE SIGN NOW, to lend your support to President Peres!
Log in now to the J4JP website and click on the photo!

Let’s throw our weight behind President Peres! Let’s help him to bring Jonathan Pollard home NOW!

Please share this message with five or more friends!

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