An Open Letter To The World by Rabbi Meir Kahane (Z”L)

November 22, 2012

“The Stranger in Thy Midst” – Monday, December 1984

“…Remove the Arab stranger from the Land and let him live with his brothers and sisters in any of their 22 states. Anything short of that will see the horrors of today escalate a hundred-fold tomorrow.”… 

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Dear CIJA (The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs) …

March 29, 2012
Dear CIJA:
Thank you for announcing the BUYcott of Israel products to counter the ‘March on Jerusalem.’ This is a great idea!
May I suggest that you also consider asking your subscribers/supporters to show their support for Israel by answering the Jewish Defence League’s call to stand for Israel at the Israeli Consulate tomorrow between 3-7pm? 
I will be driving from London with my non-Jewish friends to stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters in defence of Israel and the values for which she stands. Other non-Jewish colleagues of mine will be coming from Hamilton and Caledonia (where anti-Israel groups have helped foment the lawlessness in that tortured community.). Will we see someone from CIJA at the Consulate? If so, please look for me; I’ll be the one wearing a blue UN peacekeeper’s beret carrying the UN flag.
Best Regards,
Mark Vandermaas

RT News wanted to have me (Meir Weinstein) on their program until it was clear that a follower of Islam murdered the Jews of France

March 23, 2012
Subject: To Meir Weinstein: Invitation to a TV Debate
From: “Inessa Petrova” <>
Date: Tue, March 20, 2012 5:02 pm
To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing on behalf of Russia Today TV - 24/7 English language news
station in Moscow broadcasting internationally.

My name is Inessa, I am producer of a panel discussion program called

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December 28, 2011
The following comment was posted on the anti Israel Blog ‘Rabble’ under the topic “Jewish Students Respond to Israel Apartheid Week
December 24, 2011 – 8:02am

“I just watched this wonderful video of a presentation given last week at St. Andrew’s church in Toronto. ”

“The key message I took away from this presentation was Rev. Horst’s point about the Israel and Jewish lobby here in Canada powering Israel’s apartheid policies. Yes, there are some progressive Jews here and there who take a stand, such as Naomi Klein, by and large the Jewish community is lined up behind Israel. Just .drive up and down Bathurst Street here in Toronto and look at the signs in front of every synagogue and Jewish school — it’s really maddening. And then every May they have this disgusting “Walk for Israel” where thousands of them parade through the streets shamelessly glorifying their imperialist adventure. It’s time that the unions, the progressive churches, and concerned Canadians speak up and tell these bullies where to go. Demand that synagogues promoting Israel lose their tax exemption and charitable status. Demand an end to the sale of Israel Bonds. Treat the so-called “Walk for Israel” like the white-power rally that it is. And start telling the 90% of Jews who insist on supporting the Apartheid state that if they like it so much they should go and live there. They’re not welcome in Canada.”

This anti Israel blog supports “Israel Apartheid Week”,  promotes Terror Supporter George Galloway and much more hatred.  Often, people  on the blog will  compare Zionism to Nazism.    Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society on their web site provides a link  to Rabble TV
Most left wing so called “anti racism groups” promote anti Israel hate.

For Immediate Release: Jewish Defence League Open letter to the Jewish Community

December 18, 2011
For Immediate Release:   Jewish Defence League Open letter to the Jewish Community
The following article  written by Bernie Farber  Hateful words can hurt is a misguilded attempt to defend the terrible law known as Section 13.   The article placates the false left and the author lacks a clear understanding of the new anti Semitism as explained in  pipeline_of_hatred  .  Section 13 is not an effective measure to use against the new anti Semitism but has been used to silence many  pro Israel supporters.  
The Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism and Racism at Tel Aviv University, in a new report released in cooperation with the European Jewish Congress, establishes that 2009 was a record year for anti-Semitism. “The year in the wake of Operation Cast Lead was the worst since monitoring of anti-Semitic manifestations began two decades ago in terms of both major anti-Semitic violence and the hostile atmosphere generated worldwide by the mass demonstrations and verbal and visual expressions against Israel and the Jews,” note the institute’s scholars.  The anti Jewish campaign was lead by so called ‘progressive’  left wing and radical Islamic groups.

The total number of “violent anti-Semitic incidents” was 1,129, compared to 559 in 2008. That does not include threats, insults, graffiti signs, slogans, “and demonstrations featuring virulently anti-Semitic content.”

What’s more, the institute documents only cases that show “clear anti-Semitic content and intention.” Also, many Jews, fearful of reprisal or skeptical about the outcome, prefer not to file complaints.

“Thus, the number of incidents, both violent and verbal, might actually be far higher than the figures presented here,” write the researchers.

The Roth Institute report is one more worrying reminder that anti-Semitism, the congenital disease afflicting the Jewish people, has metastasized. This new strain is particularly conducive to the currently dominant multicultural environment, especially in western Europe.
As Melanie Phillips reported in The Spectator of London, the key motif in the ³new antisemitism² is ³Holocaust inversion, with the Israelis being demonized as Nazis and the Palestinians regarded as the new Jews. Israel and the Jews are being systematically delegitimised and dehumanized ­ a necessary prelude to their destruction ­ with both Islamists and Western media using anti-Zionism as a fig leaf for prejudices rooted in both medieval Christian and Nazi demonology. This has produced an Orwellian situation in which hatred for the Jews now marches behind the Left¹s banner of anti-racism and human rights, giving rise not merely to distortions, fabrications and slander about Israel in the media but also to mainstream articles discussing the malign power of the Jews over American and world policy.² The Portuguese Nobel prize-winning author Jose Saramago’s suggestion that Israel was guilty of recreating Auschwitz in Ramallah is symptomatic of the current mood. Indeed, comparing the actions of Israel to those of Nazi Germany has become almost de rigueur in Europe. Demonstrators marching through the streets of European capitals and North America  today routinely carry placards that label Israeli Leaders as “the new Hitler”, and call the Israeli response to the terror inflicted on its citizens “genocide”.

It is no coincidence that the present spate of anti-Semitism was triggered by Operation Cast Lead. Nor is it a surprise that the most violent incidents – where identification was possible – were perpetrated by Arabs or by Muslims and that these attacks took place in western Europe, the bastion of multiculturalism.

It is the position of the Jewish Defence League that Section 13 has become an aggressive tool for radical Islam which follows the dictates of the OIC (Organization of Islamic States).  In effect, the article written by Bernie Farber does not help the Jewish community defend against the new anti Semitism but rather offers a tool to the OIC in its goal to rid the world of Israel. 

The Jewish community needs strong leadership prepared to fight back with new tools against the new form of anti Semitism.  This leadership must never placate those very groups that seek to promote the agenda of radical Islam.
With love of Israel,
Meir Weinstein, National Director
Jewish Defence League of Canada

VOTE ! TODAY Advance Poll is open until 8 pm – Please, VOTE !

September 28, 2011

“Canada (Conservative Government) used its United Nations speaking slot Monday (at the United Nations) to lambaste opponents of Israel as no better than the appeasers who allowed fascism and communism to flourish before the Second World War.”


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Denis MacEoin – Open Letter to the Edinburgh University Student Association on Boycotting Israel

September 20, 2011

TO: The Committee Edinburgh University Student Association.

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*JDL* supporter letter: A wish for a Shanah Tov …

September 20, 2011
Dear friends…
This past Shabbat, the President of the Lodzer Holocaust Congregation spoke about his recent visit to Israel.  Although Jeff has been there countless times before, this trip he noticed something different.  Israelis are “very worried”, he said  

To: Michael Diamond, Board Member of the Canada Israel Committee

September 8, 2011

I (Meir Weinstein, Director, JDL) sent out a notice last week about two anti Israel problems taking place in Toronto. The first was an ‘Al Quds’ day event to take place at Queens Park and the second was a colaboration agreement with Al Quds University and York University.

The first event was reported by blogger BlazingCatFur When Anti-Zionism becomes Anti-Semitism.

The second problem was posted by York University, Ylife – New agreement extends York’s collaboration with Al-Quds

It is only a matter of time before York University will host Al Quds Rallys.

I received an email from CIC Board member Michael Diamond, he states that life is good for Jewish Students at York and the collaboration agreement with Al Quds is a good thing. The following information is from a JDL supporter on this subject:


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OPEN LETTER to Michael Diamond, Board Member of the Canada Israel Committee

September 8, 2011

Dear Mr Diamond, 

You stated….

“In addition, we have to be careful to stay away from hypocritical actions. Are we asking York to boycott the West Bank universities, and if so, does that mean boycotts of universities are acceptable? “

Al Quds University thinks so.

From their website.

Academic Boycott declared by Al-Quds University –

Al-Quds University will cease all forms of academic cooperation with Israeli academic institutions soon, the school’s board determined on Sunday.
“In cooperation with all sides and under an accepted timetable,” the university will phase out programs and cooperation, the university board said in a statement.


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