About *JDL* Canada

The Jewish Defence League of Canada is committed to the restoration of pride and integrity to the Jewish People, the return of Jewish values, the reclamation of the Jewish sense of Justice and the abolition of hatred and bigotry.




Rabbi Meir Kahane established The Jewish Defence League in the late 1960’s to confront and fight anti-Semitism.

It was Rabbi Kahane who gave the Jew some feeling of self-respect and pride in that they had the moral right to defend themselves in any and all situations.  Today Jews are being victimized by non-Jews in all cities of North America and many parts of Europe.  Rabbi Kahane gave the Jews the 5 Principles in which he outlined how Jews should behave.  They are:

1.      Ahavat Yisroel  – Love of Israel and the Jewish People
2.      Hadar – Dignity and Pride
3.      Barzel – Iron/strength
4.      Mishmaat – Discipline and unity
5.      Bitachon – Faith in the indestructibility of the Jewish people.

Unfortunately, Jewish Institutions looked at Rabbi Kahane as a direct threat to their authority and preached against him, saying that traditionally, Jews do not bear arms.  Rabbi Kahane started his organization in the U.S.A. and several chapters grew in Canada.

The leading problem of both Canada and the U.S.A. was the assimilation of younger people, mainly in high schools and University campuses.  JDL’s primary target was to bring youth back into Judaism by giving young Jews the motivation for them to practice Judaism, to gain respect from their fellow students and to achieve equal status.  JDL taught a new generation to defend themselves.

JDL was opposed by many of the Jewish Institutions in that we were training young Jews to fight.  JDL spent much time and effort and helped turn many young men and women back on the path of Judaism.  We are proud to say that those young people remain on that path today.

Eventually, the JDL was worn down from within our own community.  The leadership of JDL thought that the leadership of the Jewish Institutions would change their ways, and would do everything in their power to bring the young generation of Jews back to where they belong.  They did not.  In fact the deterioration has escalated to where assimilation is at an all time high and shows no signs of slowing down.  The rate of inter-marriage has never been higher.  Our young people are being victimized in high schools and on University campuses across this country. The current Leadership of most Jewish Institutions is blinded to the facts.  Each has its own agenda and not included in this agenda is the war that is taking place today against Jewish youth, in fact, against Jews everywhere.

During the Israeli-Hezbollah war in 2006 there was a demonstration against Israel on Bloor St. in Toronto in which there were 10,000 Arab supporters carrying Hezbollah flags and banners calling for “Death to the Jews”.  This event shook us (JDL) from our apathy and we awoke to the realization that while we were lulled to sleep by our leader’s lullabys, and the enemies of the Jewish people and of Israel were growing in strength and amassing incredible funds and public opinion.  We always knew that our battle against anti-Semitism was an uphill fight.  But now it isn’t just an uphill fight, it is as if we are looking up a cliff and our battle is to be waged up sheer walls with the enemy on top raining down upon us every abuse known to mankind.  It seemed that this is a war that is not winnable.

The time has come for ALL JEWS to know and understand that they, their children and their grandchildren have become legitimate targets to be “wiped off the face of this earth”. The time has come when Jews have to realize that we are in a war of survival on a much grander scale than that which the Nazi’s proposed – the annihilation of European Jewry.  Each one of us had to stand and declare himself and herself ready.

JDL’s goal today is to mobilize all Jews and Jewish Organizations to unify and speak with one voice – WE MUST SURVIVE – WE WILL SURVIVE.



“The Jewish Defence League of Canada is committed to the restoration of pride and integrity to the Jewish People, the return of Jewish values, the reclamation of the Jewish sense of Justice and the abolition of hatred and bigotry.”


•Fractionalization of Jews
•Worldwide victimization of Jews
•Worldwide increase of anti-Israel rhetoric
•Worldwide increase of anti-Semitism
•Inadequate Jewish leadership response to anti-Semitism and anti-Israel rhetoric


by engaging professionals to relate actual facts about the issues
◦to provide facts from legitimate sources
◦to correct disinformation
◦to spread the truth
◦of rights according to the Torah – Spiritual education

◦The laws of self-defence have been given to the civilized nations of the world by the teachings of the Torah.
◦Professional physical trainers will be engaged to teach people how to defend themselves in any situation. We must not run from adversity because of inexperience or fear. We must be able to stand up for our rights and the rights of our people according to the laws of the country.
◦We will teach appropriate response to verbal abuse.

•Security ◦The Jewish Defence League of Canada will work in conjunction with various security and policing departments to ensure the security of Jews and Jewish Institutions.

•Media Monitoring ◦This is a vital aspect of JDL’s program – you can participate through this program by keeping us informed of disinformation and negative propaganda about Israel and the Jewish people that is being presented to the general public.

•Protests ◦We have all been witness to anti-Israel/Jewish protests. The vitriolic hatred is shocking. Our leaders offer little comfort to our community in their inability to gather the Jewish Community together to respond.
◦JDL will protest publicly whenever and wherever necessary.
◦JDL will urge our Jewish Leadership to respond effectively to these events.




Support of the Jewish Defence League is most appreciated:
Please send donation to:

The Jewish Defence League of Canada

788 Marlee Avenue, Suite 207

Toronto, ON  M6B 3K1




(416) 736-7000

21 Responses to About *JDL* Canada

  1. Edward Horwitz says:

    I’m very proud to be a new member of the JDL. May the Holy One, Blessed be He, grant us the strength to always defend our Jewish brothers and sisters from those who wish to destroy them. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  2. Aillyne O'Byrn says:

    I’m very happy to find your website and even happier to see what appears to be defense in favor of Geert Wilders. I am not Jewish but have always been a supporter in my own small way of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. No doubt you are following the career of Obama and his destruction of western culture but the most alarming is the way in which he is dismantling what is left of Christian America. It is truly frightening. I know it is happening because most of the common people don’t understand what Christian principles are or what they have given us. I’ve been really worried about the Jewish people because they’re so vulnerable but I expect you are consolidating with a view toward defensive actions. I certainly hope so, anyway. Sincerely, A. O’Byrn

    • Barzel_18 says:

      Hello Aillyne,

      Your support of Israel is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

      Thankfully, many Americans are starting to question Obama’s policies …

      The Great Geert Wilders brings hope to our darkening world and inspires me to fight hard for what has been given to me on a silver platter, freedom.


  3. paul says:

    please give us all the strenght to succeed in ways we cant begin to imagine

  4. Afarin Maleki says:

    The Jews ARE the biggest Terrorist in the known world!!! Why you deny this is insanity. Through your Zionist lawyers and back room pay offs you have terrorized the world and the Holy and Glorious Islamic world. No MORE!!!! Iran stopped you in Gaza and the Middle East and we strong and honorable Iranians will stop you in Toronto.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Please, what are your views on the Surfing Rabbi, and his recent talks at an EDL rally


  6. Aillyne O'Byrn says:

    I’ sorry. I don’t know anything about the “surfing Rabbi. If he’s good doing and helping the people, all power to him. Blessings on thee. A. O’B

  7. free palestine says:

    shame on you enemies of humanity.

    • Barzel_18 says:

      Oh Yes. HAMAS and other supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood are ALL ENEMIES OF OUR DEMOCRATIC and DECENT SOCIETIES.

      • George says:

        hey “free palestine” if there EVER was an enemy of

        humanity its scum like you that would support killers

        that are Hamas and the rest of them.

        I’m a gentile myself and as a gentile (and an Orthodox

        Christian) want to say why don’t you leave Israel

        alone? These people have suffered enough. Israel

        would live in peace if you bloodthirsty terrorists would

        let her live in peace. My background racial background

        is Greek and Im proud of a little thing called

        democracy. WHO in the middle east is the ONLY democracy.

        Its Israel. The rest of you want to wallow in your

        dictatorships and your hate. Israel WILL survive and

        thrive and God bless the Jewish people.

  8. Joe Somebody says:

    Hamas is just an excuse Israel uses to abstain from peacetalks.

    Israel built Hamas, made Hamas.

    All the decent candidates who preached peace were arrested by Israeli authorities and barred from campaigning in Jerusalem and other occupied Palestinian cities.

    Israel won’t stop until they have all of Judea and Samaria (the entire West Bank) annexed.

    • Barzel_18 says:

      Yes, Joe Somebody. Israel is our Jewish home and we have biblical, historical and religious as well as International LEGAL RIGHTS to the land.

      There are 56 ISLAMIC STATES and today, they are all oppressive and intolerant.

      and I assume you blame everyone but your Muslim barbarian brothers for the 17,000 I S L A M I C attacls ALL AROUND THE WORLD, since 9/11

    • ha phaestus says:

      tell me joe, why is it called Judea?

  9. Calixtus says:

    I am a Catholic, and a rather well educated one who is quite aware of what is going on here and around the world. I have a great respect and admiration for Jewish people everywhere, and particularly for the Israeli state (and its brilliant and scary-tough JDL (army)). I quite marvel at the disproportionately great accomplishments of the Jews in virtually all endeavors.

    As an aside, regarding one of the myths, how does a Jew come to run a bank? He works really hard and very long in the banking industry and excells at it until one day he is voted by the board of directors as President and CEO. If I had wanted to be a banker I guess I could have done the same.

    How the State of Israel is going to fare in future, being surrounded by hundreds of millions of howling muslims, I have no idea, other than just keep fighting endlessly as you always have. It is unfortunate that, between 1948 and 1967+, the mohammedans from historic Israeli lands, a time-tested solution that has worked well in the past. Too late for that now barring something cataclysmic. It would be nice to think that some sort of liveable arrangement could come about but I cannot see how.

    I support the Jews everywhere, and I support Israel unequivocally.


  10. david johnson says:

    as a protestant, i have an affection for ISRAEL and its people, their resolve over time immamorial is a credit to any people. other countrys in the world are ruing the day they accepted islam into their culture, i, for one think that governments are to blame for this error in judgement, i am not racist, but i have a very strong opinion on what is right and wrong. i am not politically correct, and i have no reason to be, it is my right [as of now] to say what i believe in.
    i believe in ISRAEL.and your fight for what YOU believe. god bless.

    • Barzel_18 says:

      Thank you, David, for your support of all nations that uphold freedom, truth and democracy.

      G-d bless all good people in Israel and beyond!

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