Today’s a Great Geller Day! …Finally kicked-out and gone forever is TERRORIST Mahmoud Mohammad Mohammad. Thank you Canada !

With thanks to Blazing Cat Fur –

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” محمود محمد عيسى محمد “Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Mohammad” – Why is this barbaric terrorist in CANADA ? “

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TORONTO — A Palestinian terrorist who fought the Canadian government’s attempts to expel him for 26 years was finally deported to Lebanon on the weekend aboard a flight chartered by the Canada Border Services Agency.

CPMahmoud Mohammad Issa Mohammad, shown in this undated file photo, was deported over the weekend.

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney was expected to announce the deportation of Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Mohammad, 70, who had been living in southern Ontario since 1987, on Monday afternoon in Ottawa.

The case of the former Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine member had become symbolic of the flaws in Canada’s immigration system, often cited as an example of the government’s inability to control its own borders.

Despite being convicted for attacking an El Al passenger plane in Athens in 1968, Mohammad immigrated to Canada in 1987 by concealing his past. Federal officials began deportation proceedings against him in 1988 but he fended them off by filing appeal after appeal in the courts.

But following one last latest flurry of court appeals two weeks ago, his legal odyssey reached its end. In making the announcement, Mr. Kenney was expected to argue that such a delay could not happen again due to changes introduced by his government.


Many Canadians were angered by Mohammad’s lengthy stay in Canada. After joining the PFLP at age 25, he underwent a month of military training before he was sent to Greece to take part in a terrorist attack.

On Boxing Day, 1968, he and an accomplice stormed a Boeing 707 as it was readying for takeoff. They fired 83 rounds at the plane and lobbed six grenades, killing one passenger. Mohammad was caught and sentenced to 17 years in prison, but in 1970, he was freed after Palestinian terrorists hijacked a Greek airliner and threatened to blow it up unless he was released.

Mohammad moved to Cyprus and then travelled to Spain, where he applied to immigrate to Canada. Together with his wife and three children, he arrived in Canada as an immigrant on Feb. 25, 1987.

It took authorities a year to figure out he had not been truthful when he claimed on his immigration application that he had never been convicted of a crime. An immigration adjudicator ruled in December, 1988, that he should be deported.

But Mohammad then applied for refugee status and, although his claim was rejected, he remained in Canada while his appeals were heard by the courts. Some of his more recent appeals argued he could not be deported because his health was bad and the Lebanese medical system was inadequate.


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