“Love thy Neighbor” – In memory of Dr. David Applebaum, head of emergency medicine at Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem, murdered by an Islamic terrorist attack, September 9, 2003.

Dr. Applebaum appeared at the scene of numerous terror attacks in Jerusalem, helping evacuate and treat scores of victims.

In September 2003, on the second anniversary year of the September 11 attacks, Dr. Appelbaum came to New York and discussed best practices in handling emergencies.

He returned home for his daughter Nava’s wedding.  The next day, they were killed in an Islamic terrorist bombing attack on the eve of her wedding.

The commandment to “love one’s neighbor” is carried out by Israel’s military and civilians in their responses to disasters around the world — both natural and man-made; at the time of crisis and years later; to both friends and enemies.

The commandment is broader than just loving friends, as the entire quote makes clear. It also covers people that hurt you. It is easy to ignore such people and hold a grudge. The bible directs people to avoid that instinct. Explain the pain; correct the imperfect. There may not be reconciliation, but kindness may lead to dialogue. At a minimum, the positive actions will have a positive impact on your other actions and attitudes.

Remembering Naava Applebaum

A few hours before the bombing, on September 9, Naava Applebaum attended the mikveh (ritual bath), as required by Halakha (Jewish law) for all brides prior to their wedding. She then began helping her family with the wedding arrangements, when her father decided to take her out for a “father-daughter” talk before her wedding. They went to Café Hillel on Emek Refaim Street, in Jerusalem.

On the day of the bombing, September 9, security guards in the vicinity of Café Hillel were told to be on the lookout for a suicide bomber. At around 11:20 pm, a security guard stationed at a nearby pizza parlor noticed a man walking by with a bulky square-shaped box under his shirt.He yelled at the man to stop, but the man refused. The security guard did not want to shoot him in the back, for fear that it would detonate the bomb. A few seconds later, the suicide bomber detonated the bomb close to the entrance of Café Hillel.Nava and her father were entering the cafe at that time.Nava was killed together with her father.She was dead by the time she was reached by paramedics.

Applebaum’s fiancé, Chanan Sand, collapsed in the emergency room of Shaare Zedek Medical Center upon hearing that his fiancée had not survived.She was buried the next day adjacent to her father in the Har HaMenuchot cemetery, in the western part of Jerusalem.

Hundreds of friends and relatives traveling to Israel for the wedding arrived to find that they would be attending her funeral instead, on the day she was supposed to get married. Sand attended the funeral, and placed in her grave the wedding ring he had planned on giving her at the wedding.



May G-d avenge their blood.


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