Turkey – Erdogan jails the most journalists + other facts – ‘Blazing Cat Fur’ Blog


A few facts about Turkey

What country jails the most journalists?

Turkey’s Erdogan: “The Image of the Jews Is No Different from that of the Nazis

Honor Killings in Turkey: New Statistics

Turkey’s Grand Poobah Erdogan: Homosexuality ‘contrary to Islam

Turkey refuses to acknowledge the Armenian genocide

Turkey, where persecution of Christians is routine…

Related: Crowning Erdogan as the New King of Islamists ~ The actions taken by the Turkish government since Netanyahu’s apology show that its goal is submission, not reconciliation.

The Toronto Star and its Editor Haroon Siddiqui whose latest rantings praise the Muslim nation of Turkey and it’s leader Edrogan while crowing about Israel’s foolish Mavi Marmara apology.


Majestic View of Mardan Palace in Turkey


The mosques are our barracks,

the domes our helmets,


and the faithful our soldiers….”



Europe: The Submission That Dare Not Speak Its Name – Blazing Cat Fur

“What is taking shape could be a shift toward the end of the Jewish presence in Europe.”


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