“Homosexuals and lesbians should be “exterminated in this life” – CANADIAN Imam, Abou Hammaad Sulaiman Dameus Al-Hayiti



Canadian Muslims Cry about their “human rights”  but meanwhile, 

“Homosexuals and lesbians should be “exterminated in this life” – CANADIAN imam, muslim preacher




On 11 April 2008, I filed a complaint for “hate propaganda” on the Internet before the Canadian Human Rights Commission against a Salafi Imam of Montreal, Abou Hammaad Sulaiman Dameus Al-Hayiti. …

On December 5, I received a letter fom Stéphane Brisson of the Commission informing me that they will not proceed to investigate my complaint. In the opinion of the Commission, the writings of the imam are not likely to expose persons from identifiable groups to hatred or contempt. Below is a translated excerpt of the letter of the Commission, followed by translated excerpts of the book of the Imam that I brought to the attention of the Commission in support of my complaint :



  • Homosexuality is a “perversion”
  • Homosexuals “spread disorder on earth”
  • Homosexuals and lesbians should be “exterminated in this life”
  • “Homosexuals caught performing sodomy are beheaded”


  • Most Infidels “live like animals”
  • “they are evil people, they love perversity”, and “they are our enemies”
  • “sending our sons and daughters to the schools of the Infidels has devastating effects on their beliefs, their behavior and their character. For the children of Infidels are the most pervert children. At a very early age, they adopt the behavior of their parents “
  • “Moreover, attending schools with Infidels may lead to friendship in their heart for Infidel children, which contradicts the foundations of Islam. Because Islam prohibits befriending even the closest relatives if they are Infidels”
  • “there is no doubt that it is not permissible for a Muslim to love or to take as friend whoever follows a religion other than Islam”
  • “Infidels say they are open-minded, but in reality they have opened their mind to garbage and filth, and closed it to all that is pure and right!”

Men are superior to women

  • “men are superior to women and better than them”. In general, “men have a more complete intellect and memory than women”
  • “Infidels acknowledge this reality, but they do not want to accept the truth because they are blinded by their passions”

Muslim women are superior to Infidel women

  • “The veiled Muslim woman is a light in the darkness of the 20th century, she carries the torch of modesty, of chastity and of Islamic values”
  • “She brings the liberating message of “LA ILAHA ILLALLAH” to the poor western woman who has lost her femininity, her dignity and her honor and who is now crying for her savior”
  • The consequences of immodesty are “rape, venereal diseases, AIDS, herpes, single-parent families, crime, poverty, ignorance and many others”
  • “Infidels will never admit that these social problems are the result of their refusal to submit to Allah, because they are consumed with pride”
  • “… male Infidels wanted to liberate women only for economic reasons (cheap labor) and to sexually exploit them”
  • “male Infidels will not be happy with us until our women are in their beds, in their magazines and in their dancing clubs!”
    “If a Muslim woman marries a non-Muslim man … their marriage is invalid, in fact it is adultery”

Ethnic groups are not equal

  • “Can we doubt the superiority of Islamic principles over the corrupt principles of Eastern and Western cultures?
  • Culture is based on the beliefs of a nation. The superior culture is the one closest to the revelation of Allah!”
    “This is the reason why ethnic groups are not equal”

Muslims are superior to Infidels

  • “… a Muslim must never put his brother in Islam at the same level as an Infidel. In fact, to place Infidels at equality with Muslims is one of the greatest form of ignorance and injustice”
  • “The rule is that the most disobedient among Muslims is better than the most virtuous, the most polite, the most honest and the most loyal among the Infidels”
  • “The Muslim nation is actually the most balanced and the most righteous”


  • “It is because of this religion of lies, which goes against human nature, that the West is now full of perversity, corruption and adultery”


  • Jews “spread corruption and chaos on earth”
  • Most Jews “seek only material goods and money, apart from that, they have nothing”
  • Jews “unjustly occupy” Palestine for the sole purpose of “filling this land with corruption and transgress the laws of Allah in the name of secularism”


  • “owning slaves is not prohibited”
  • “Allah has allowed men to marry two, three or four women, but one who fears he will not be fair can marry only one or have slaves.”

Democracy is contrary to Islam. Jihad is a duty of sedition

  • “Democracy is a system in total contradiction with Islam”
  • “… freedom is unknown in Islam, it contradicts Islam, therefore it is a false concept”
  • “[freedom] serves to justify corruption” and “stooping to the lowest levels of bestiality”
  • “Freedom of conscience is actually freedom to leave Islam!”
  • “Anyone who leaves Islam, cut his neck””no matter how it is understood and applied
  • … secularism is a pure negation of Islam”
  • “If Muslims are strong and they have the ability to fight the Infidel ruler, to overthrow him from power and replace him with a Muslim ruler, it is mandatory for them to do so. This is part of Jihad in the path of Allah”
  • “injustice will never disappear from the face of the earth before Islam and Sharia are properly applied throughout the world”
  • “Islam commands us to destroy all idols”, i.e. “democracy, human rights, secularism, freedom, equality, and modernity”
  • in an Islamic state, Christians and Jews can keep their religion but they must pay a sum of money, the Jizyah. “The purpose of the Jizyah is to humiliate and punish Infidels to encourage them to accept Islam.” The other Infidels (Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, etc.) have no options but to accept Islam or “be killed”


  • If you belong to a minority, you can with impunity propagate hatred and contempt against the majority. You are not held to the same standards of tolerance, respect and civility as the majority. Equality under the law, according to the Commission, does not exist anymore.
  • If you belong to a religious minority, you can with impunity propagate a supremacist ideology that also condones the extermination of other minorities, and of the majority, if this is the doctrine of your religion.
  • If you belong to the majority and you expose the supremacist, totalitarian and anti-democratic ideology propagated by a minority, you risk being sued.

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