The President’s address to Israelis — the speech that Obama ought to make

by Gary Gerofsky

This is the speech that Obama ought to make to Israelis during his visit to their country:

Prime Minister Netanyahu, Knesset members, the people of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide: It is an honor and privilege to be here today in Jerusalem, Israel, the undivided capital of Israel and the land of the Jewish people from the time before the establishment of the first temple of Solomon, destroyed by the Babylonians, followed by the second temple which Antiochus desecrated, Pompey looted and the Romans destroyed during the Siege of Jerusalem. Throughout history invaders and superpowers have attempted to extinguish the Jewish people and their symbols. Today is no different as we have an empire of Islamists using whatever means they can to wipe out all traces of Israel and Judaism. They too will not succeed.

Today Israel finds itself an island of calm in a sea of chaos on all sides. Egypt has fallen into the hands of Islamists in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood which is strangling the freedom of its people, especially women and Christians. Syria is a bloody killing field threatening to spill over into neighboring countries with Assad’s chemical weapons, some acquired from Saddam’s Iraq. Al Qaeda terrorists are fighting a dictator with Hezbollah and regional players involved. Jordan’s monarchy is losing grip over the Muslim Brotherhood and Palestinians who make up 32% of Jordan. Lebanon is effectively a Hezbollah state with up to 100,000 Iranian-supplied missiles pointed at Israel. In the south, Hamas, a people against peace and whose Charter makes coexistence with others impossible, constantly fire missiles at Israel, undeterred by Israel’s power, and hiding behind children whom they have indoctrinated to hate in their schools.

Of special note is the existential threat posed by Iran, currently developing weapons-grade nukes to mount on long-range missiles. Years of negotiations with Iran by our country and the international community have failed to deter Iran. I am afraid that we should have listened to Israel and been more forceful because Iran only understands the language of power and military strength. They have laughed at the world all the way to the dangerous situation Israel and all of us face today. The situation is grim.

In all other places in the region — Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, etc., we observe further radicalization, increasing tensions, terrorization, and suppression of freedom. Religious extremism and worship of death is making a resource-rich continent into a wasteland.

Only in Israel do we see the progress of western values and industry; a marvel of scientific and technological achievement and a multicultural, multi-ethnic and progressive country under the Jewish Star of David. The surrounding countries must strive to emulate Israel rather than work to destroy Israel. The envy neighboring countries harbor towards Israel must be transformed into something positive and the anti-Semitism which is at the heart of the entire “Palestinian-Israeli” conflict has to be expunged from the books, schools and mosques of the enemies of Israel and the enemies of peace and progress.

Israel is the smallest country in the entire Middle East and asking Israel to make territorial concessions for peace has never worked. It did not work in Gaza. Giving back the Sinai for a piece of paper is about to fail as Muslim Brotherhood totalitarians get ready to tear up the peace agreement with Israel. When Israel pulled out of Lebanon they were rewarded with more terrorists on their border with Cedar Land, the Palestinians replaced by or morphed into Iranian proxy terrorists. Israel has given up land that could have made Israel resource rich. But G-d has a way of protecting the Jewish nation as we see in the discovery of rich off-shore deposits of gas that will make Israel a self-sufficient energy producer in the near future.

All the threats against Israel have made it strong and determined to not merely survive in a sea of vicious sharks but to be a light unto all nations. We owe Israel a “thank you” for preventing the onslaught of terror poised to jump to other places if Israel’s attackers were not obsessed with their first goal which is the destruction of the Jewish State. Some think that the U.S. provides too much aid and military equipment to Israel when, in fact, the exchange is reciprocal and there is no investment that the U.S. has made where the returns have been so significant and the payback so rich. America has benefited from every dollar invested in this great country and I encourage private enterprise and government to coordinate and facilitate better mutual business and military projects and ties.

The U.S. has not always been a great help to Israel and I have made some serious mistakes in foreign policy that have put Israel in more peril. In retrospect, I would not have put the weight of my foreign policy behind then ouster of Egypt’s former President Mubarak because it was obvious at the time that a stable dictator is better for American interests than a wildly hateful Muslim Brotherhood. I am also here today to announce that the U.S. will no longer be pushing for a two-state solution with a return to 1967 borders and land swaps. None of this is the business of the U.S. Israel knows best the borders that make her secure and safe. It is not the Palestinian conflict that rouses Israel’s enemies; it is the Islamic doctrine of hate that needs to be addressed and revised. The Islamic world must embark on a plan to rid their teachings of hate and they must refuse to pass hate on to their children as a deadly inheritance. Were this Islamist plan to take shape, we would find that the propaganda working against peace in the region would dissipate very quickly. Nations with wealth aplenty would not have time to kill and terrorize as they would be working together to bring the same kind of success we see in Israel transplanted into Arab countries. Hate designed to wipe out the people and history of Israel needs to be redirected and changed into a positive, life-affirming culture and a sustaining economic climate.

America from this day forth will be Israel’s best friend. In the past we have said the same while asking Israel to commit suicide by giving their small sliver of land away for a peace that the Arab people do not want and have never wanted. In so many examples we have seen that the true intent of the Arab people is to take all of Israel and offer nothing tangible in return. Peace for peace is the only solution. The way the land is divided is up to the Israelis with the cooperation of the Arab people. From this day on the U.S. relationship with Israel will be purely in the domains of business and military. America needs a base in the Middle East and Israel is the only reliable partner. Without Israel there will be no U.S. presence in the Middle East and without the U.S. there will only be powers like Russia, North Korea, Iran and a bunch of Islamic nations mired in war and terror. Israel is the only country left that shares the values of the American people and we will not jeopardize that relationship by pushing Israel into a corner at the behest of nations that want to conquer Israel and replace it with a facsimile of their own terror states.


4 Responses to The President’s address to Israelis — the speech that Obama ought to make

  1. Daniel Moshe Johnson says:

    This speech wouldn’t be uttered, even if H—– was present with 100,000 administering soiders from Shamayim, the puppet would still not bend and bow, at least he would attempt not too, or course “UNTIL”.

    Until biblical Sanhedrin style Law is applied to this matter at hand, which can be the start of a true global-planetary mandate, Israel could be facing an auctual threat from the US directly, no military strategist needs to be payed to see this coming, in fact, most of the top world armies will follow suit as well.

    So, what we have here, is a Hitler in Munich playing out again, that’s the way I see it….
    You all are welcome to rebutal and defend this Muslim President, or speak truth to this enemies wearing Israeli uniforms.

  2. Lain Lowell says:

    AMAZING !! great summation of the history of the Jewish people in the land of Israel, their struggles today, and the clear concise policy the US must make in order to garner WORLD PEACE !!

  3. prince max says:


  4. prince max says:

    i love Isreal

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