Canadian Thinkers’ Forum cordially invites you to our seminar on the topic 

“Why is it important for Muslims to recognize Israel’s rights to exist in order to curb prevailing Anti-Semitism within Muslim Diaspora?”

Sunday, March 10, 2013

2:00 – 6:00 pm

Promenade Art Gallery

943 B Lakeshore Road East,

Mississauga (Between Dixie & Cawthra)

additional free parking on the east side of plaza


Munir Pervaiz, Barrister Bashani, Arshad Mahmood & Asma Mahmood

 Additional Speakers to be announced

Special Presentation by Tahir Gora:  Recent incidences of Anti-Semitism in GTA

Many influential Muslim and Jewish community members as well as the media will attend.

Complementary Vegie Biryani, Samosas, Pakora, Cookies, Pops & tea will be served

Haleema Sadia, Secretary

Canadian Thinkers’ Forum & Muslim Committee a against anti-Semitism

Tel: 905-320-0906

INTRO Canadian Thinkers’ Forum (CTF)

Canadian Thinkers’ Forum (CTF) is a Think Tank founded by a secular Canadian Muslim writer, journalist and Thinker, Tahir Aslam Gora.

This forum aims to address the challenges of Muslim Segregation and Radicalization faced in Canadian society through a huge growth and Influx of Muslim Immigrants in Canada.

CTF hopes to work with like minded Thinkers’ Forums, Think Tanks, Activist groups and people, political parties and intelligentsia in order to avoid all those complexities what we see in Europe, for instance, in terms of alienation of Muslim youths from the European societies.

As Canadians we are proud of being a model of very tolerant and diverse society. But we should also present a model of solutions of those problems that are by product of such diversity.

CTF is already working on study projects called “Growing Islamic Radicalization and Anti-Semitic activities in GTA”.

CTF aims to work at (precisely):

1-      Study of growing Islamic radicalization in Canada, particularly in GTA.

2-      Introduce measures to deradicalization of Muslim Youths in Canada

3-       Introduce measures to curb Anti-Semitism within Canadian Muslim Diaspora particularly.

4-      Study in regard with complexities of Multiculturalism in Canada.

5-      Study of dilemmas of ideologies (right and left) in our rational age.

6-      Inter-community and Inter-faith interactions.

7-      Helping Canadian Policy Makers, political parties & media to understand complexities of diversity and offer the solutions for those complexities

8-      Helping Policy makers to counter extreme left and Islamists’ propaganda tactics

CTF shall be involving herself in all matters of thinking world

CAF’s “Muslim Committee against Anti-Semitism (MCAAS)”

Canadian Thinkers’ Forum (CTF), a Toronto base Think Tank is determined to curb Anti-Semitism in Islamic Centres of Canada with the help of over one hundred secular progressive Muslims and partner Muslim and Non-Muslim organizations and individuals.

CTF has formed and announced a first ever ten members

 “Muslim Committee against Anti-Semitism (MCAAS)” in Mississauga on November 18, 2012.

This committee shall be a watchdog body on Anti-Semitic issues prevailing in Islamic Centres of GTA, Islamic ethnic press and public spheres. This is an ongoing move to curb Anti-Semitism within Muslim community.

Unfortunately, there is so much direct and indirect Anti-Semitism under the guise of phrases such as “Zionist Media”, “Zionist Plans” or “Israel – an apartheidState”.

Also there are numerous “Holocaust Denial Theories & Stories” in our media, speeches and talks etc.

As Canadians, we need to address those negative connotations and racist portraits.

As Canadians, we need to reject “Holocaust Denial Theories & Stories” through workshops, seminars, conferences and research study projects.

“Muslim Committee against Anti-Semitism” shall work with the Islamic Schools and Muslim ethnic media in order to eliminate such negative portraits.

The Committee shall arrange seminars, conferences and study projects with Muslim Ethnic Press, Muslim Youth and Muslim Student organizations in terms of creating broader awareness for not using such phrases in negative tones and other negative connotations and direct or indirect Anti-Semitism.

CTF happened to talk with some of the traditional Islamic centres in GTA and they are willing to work along with CTF against Anti-Semitic related issues in their spheres.

CTF is already working on a notable “Pilot study project on issues related to Anti-Semitism in Islamic Schools and Centres”

In the wake of our findings in terms of prevailing Anti-Semitism in Islamic Centres and Schools in Greater Toronto area, Canadian Thinkers’ Forum  recommend the following measures to follow:

1-      CTF’ MCAAS should always keep its eyes open and ears tuned to prevailing and growing Anti-Semitism in Islamic Schools and Centres.

2-      CTF shall work around the clock on research projects related to anti-Semitic issues.

3-      CTF should advise, invite and engage traditional Islamic organizations in programs related to fight against anti-Semitism.

4-      CTF is willing to take legal actions against those Islamic groups that go unleashed in issues related to anti-Semitic hatred.

5-      As CTF understands that there is so much visible and invisible Anti-Semitism in some of the Islamic circles of Canada so it’s more appropriate to hold seminars, workshops and conferences in order to educate Muslim Student Organizations and Islamic groups against Anti-Semitism.

6-      CTF needs to counter Anti-Semitism in Canadian Muslim Language ethnic media, periodicals, Pamphlets, flyers, newspapers, Radio and TV shows, Websites, Social websites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

7-      CTF aims at creating broader awareness of Holocaust Studies and Anti-Semitic related issues through major Muslim language cyber spaces including the social website in English, Urdu, Arabic and Persian, etc.

8-      CTF aims to arrange meet up events between Muslim and Jewish organizations.

In Canada we live together and we get opportunity to know each other. And we know that Jews are best friends of Muslims as we share so much with each other. So we need to fight that stereotype hate what we call Anti-Semitism.

Already other communities around the globe are fighting Antisemitism. Now it is Muslims’ turn to contribute in that regard. It’s actually in the interest of Muslim community to leave all sorts of stereotypes behind because all such hindrances are impeding our pace in 21st Century.

Short Bio Tahir Aslam Gora (b. 1963)

Director: Canadian Thinkers’ Forum

Tahir Aslam Gora is a Pakistani writer, novelist, poet, journalist, editor, translator and publisher with over 25 years of experience in the media industry.

He was a biweekly columnist to The Hamilton Spectator during 2007-9. He also contributes as a freelancer to various European and American media outlets. He is currently at work on two manuscripts; one about Islam, other ‘Understanding Canadian Multiculturalism’.

He did one year full time certificate course, “Canadian Journalism for Internationally trained Writers” from SheridanCollege, OakvilleON in 2007.

He was active in several literary and cultural organizations in Pakistan and was a noted critic of religious intolerance in that country.

He fled to Canada in the spring of 1999 following threats to his life.

He has published three collections of short stories, one novel and two collections of poems. Some of his work has been translated into Russian and Uzbek. His second novel in Urdu is in the process of publishing.

He translated Irshad Manji’s book The Trouble with Islam Today in Urdu in 2005.

He published and edited weekly Urdu language newspaper Watan from Toronto during 2000-2003. He has been a target of death threats by Islamic fundamentalists of Greater Toronto Areas.

He is working on a research project, Islamic Radicalization in Ontario.

Tahir Gora founded Gora Publishers in 1987 in Pakistan, which published more than 200 works of literature and books on the social sciences. He also served as editor-in-chief of the socio-political weekly journal, Hafta, and the literary journal Rujhanaat.

He also happened to work as a journalist and publisher in some of the countries of former Soviet Union between 1989 and 1997.

Currently, he contributes regularly for the Huffington Post and he does a weekly Urdu language talk show “Bilatakalluf” on Mississauga based South Asian Rawal TV that could be viewed every Friday night at 9PM.

He has founded a Think Tank known as Canadian Thinkers Forum.

He is also a Secretary General of Muslim Canadian Congress. He lives in Burlington.

Internet is a breeding ground for hate by Tahir Aslam Gora

Hamilton Spectator. October 18, 2007.

‘Apartheid’ gambit won’t win Mideast peace by Tahir Aslam Gora

THE HAMILTON SPECTATOR, NOV 27, 2007—apartheid-gambit-won-t-win-mideast-peace

Tahir Gora

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Tahir Aslam Gora is a Pakistani writer, novelist, poet, journalist, editor, translator and publisher. He has over 20 years of experience in the media industry during which time he’s been a biweekly columnist for the Hamilton Spectator and contributed as a freelanced to various European and American media outlets.

He is currently at work on two manuscripts; one about Islam, the other titled “Understanding Canadian Multiculturalism.”

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