*JDL* Parsha & Weekly Update – Week of Feb 10-16, 2013 – Shevat 30-Adar 6, 5773

Parshah Terumah
Exodus 25:1-27:19
Torah Reading for Week of Feb 10-16, 2013 – Shevat 30-Adar 6, 5773

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Parashat Terumah – The holiest object on earth – Rav Meir Kahane

“They shall make an Ark of acacia wood” (Ex. 25:10)

G-d established the whole framework of a holy Temple, holy objects and holy people (Kohanim and Levi’im) to create a miniature world, perfect and complete, holy and pure. 
It was meant to symbolize the larger world and to guide us in how our world is supposed to look. One of our most important principles is: “To the L-rd belongs the earth and everything in it”(Ps. 24.1). Everything belongs to G-d, and nothing that ostensibly belongs to man is really his. Rather, it is only given to him to use. The concept of holiness provides a concrete example to help us understand the essence of property here on earth – that it belongs exclusively to G-d and not to man.

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The destroy Israel BDS panel hosted by Brooklyn College last week and co-sponsored by its political science department continues to spark controversy, almost a week after the event.  Credit must be given to the Jewish students that attempted to stop this anti Jewish hatefest.  Bernie Farber, the former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress had hoped the Jewish students woud just ‘shut up’. Bernie M. Farber@BernieFarber  Bloomberg’s friendly advice to pro-Israel, anti-BDS protesters: shut up!http://www.haaretz.com/blogs/west-of-eden/1.501909 …

Because the Jewish students refused to ‘shut up’, the hatefest was exposed Algemeiner Audio Prompts Threat of Justice Dept. Investigation Against Brooklyn Former Special War Crimes Prosecutor for the US Dept. of Justice Neal Sher and CUNY trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld are holding a press conference today calling on Brooklyn College to adopt new policy changes in light of recent events surrounding a BDS (Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment) event aimed at Israel in which four Jewish students complained of being unfairly singled out and then removed from the audience.

Recent audio released by The Algemeiner appears to contradict original claims by Brooklyn College officials that the students were being disruptive throughout the first speaker’s address. The incident is especially egregious taking into account that the school’s Political Science Department co-sponsored the event.

Sher said he plans on calling on the Justice Department to open an investigation into the school’s conduct if it is unwilling to take responsibility and address the issues that led to the students’ eviction.

“It seems rather clear that school officials simply didn’t tell the truth about what happened,” says Sher.”It seems to me the students were unfairly removed from the event and when a stink was raised they just made up a story,” he added.

“Federal civil rights law, under Title VI, gives Jewish students the right to be free of a hostile environment and here you have a case where a university’s actions created a hostile environment. If there’s student harassment of Jews you have to take action.”

A Brooklyn College spokesman told The Algemeiner Wednesday that the audio file had been given to investigators and would be used as part of an inquiry the school has launched. The spokesperson declined to comment further.

Hagel Confirmation Blocked

Big Government

The Senate has failed, 40-58, to pass a motion by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to close debate on the nomination of Chuck Hagel to the post of Secretary of Defense. A Republican filibuster held, as Democrats failed to muster the 60 votes necessary to pass cloture and move to a full vote on Hagel’s confirmation.

New evidence emerged Thursday of speeches that Hagel had given in 2007 and 2008. The former included endorsement for a U.S. consulate in Iran, and allegedly also included a comment accusing Israel of controlling the State Department. The latter, a speech to the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) in 2008, was not disclosed to the Senate Armed Services Committee as requested, and was produced by the ADC today.

RelatedReport: Hagel Said State Department Controlled by Israel

In a March 2007 speech at Rutgers University, Chuck Hagel said that the U.S. Department of State was an adjunct of the Israeli foreign minister’s office, according to a contemporaneous report of the event. The contemporaneous report consists of notes by Republican political consultant and Hagel supporter George Ajjan, who wrote about the speech on his website the following day.

As a Hagel supporter — then (Hagel was testing the waters for a presidential run) and now (Ajjan says he still would support Hagel for president) — Ajjan had no reason to give a false report on what Hagel said. Moreover, Ajjan stands by his report. “If I wrote it, then that’s what happened at the time,” he says…

An anti Israel pro Iran web site operating in Canada stated the following regarding Chuck Hagel:

The Israeli lobby and Hagel: Shooting oneself in the foot.

Posted on February 12, 2013 by

Israeli lobby

The Israeli lobby is known for its duplicity and deception. It readily stabs in the back anyone it regards as disloyal to Israel, American interests be damned. A point in case is Obama’s nomination for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Hagel is a former Republican Senator and a decorated Vietnam veteran. He is widely admired by the American people.

Not that Hagel is good for America. Hagel is no saint. He wants to continue to kotow to Zionist/corporate interests by perpetuating an American foreign policy that depends on war to fill up its coffers and keep the people from focusing on the nauseating corruption of the capitalist system. He voted for the Iraq invasion, he voted for the invasion of Afghanistan, he voted for the patriot act, he recently said that “all options are on the table” for Iran etc. However, as far as the Zionist lobby is concerned he is not a 100% submissive because he had the temerity to say that he is an American Senator not an Israeli Senator and that the Zionist lobby intimidates politicians.

The Israeli lobby knew it couldn’t publicly oppose the popular Senator for fear of vindicating those that say it tries to unduly influence the political system and for fear of angering the people for blackballing a popular American.

So what did the Israel lobby do? In lieu of openly opposing his nomination and allowing their detractors to paint them as bullies, Zionist backers with deep pockets have set up a covert campaign of slandering Hagel to oppose his nomination. They spent millions sending out anonymous robocalls and other underhanded tactics that slander Hagel. One such organization, the Republic Jewish Coalition was caught in the act. The fact is that the Israel lobbyists are smart and deceptive. However, their manipulative and over controlling nature may have gotten the better of them in this case. Instead of remaining silent and allowing the nomination to go through, they tried to scuttle a nominee who is pretty much pro-Israel and anti-Iran. The Zionist lobby’s favorite Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz came across as rude and arrogant as they berated Hagel for his disloyalty to Israel during Senate confirmation hearing. Hagel will win the nomination anyway making the Israeli lobby look like bullies who couldn’t get their way. It seems the Zionist lobby’s biggest enemy is their own arrogance and paranoia.

Join the Jewish Defence League for an evening with David Solway, to discuss the urgent need to change Jewish Leadership and Jewish Ideals

Monday Febuary 25

7:30 pm

Toronto Zionist Center

788 Marlee Avenue

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David Solway’s launch of his new Freedom Press book “The Boxthorn Tree”

“David Solway’s high-octane writing snaps, crackles, and pops with savage but disciplined indignation.”
Barbara Kay, National Post columnist

National officials, press barons, journalists, Internetians, “Human Rights” agencies, public intellectuals and a growing segment of the vox populi are tapping increasingly into the poisoned aquifer of anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist feeling. Yet what is perhaps even more disconcerting is the comparable attitude of many in the Jewish community today, mainly of the Left, who have made common cause with their enemies, defamers and traducers. There is not much question that what we are observing is a pathology of the first magnitude, what the Talmudic sages called sin’at akhim, or brotherly hatred, an element of Jewish life sufficiently pronounced to merit a name of its own. This book redresses the cowardly rise of Jewish self-hatred. 

About the Author

David Solway’s work has appeared in journals and magazines such as The Atlantic Monthly; The Sewanee Review; PN Review (U.K.); Descant; Partisan Review; liberté; International Journal of Applied Semiotics; Policy Options: Institute on Research in Public Policy; and Journal of Modern Greek Studies. He is currently a regular contributor to FrontPage Magazine, Pajamas Media and Academic Questions in the U.S.

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With Love of Israel,
Meir Weinstein, National Director
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