THIS WED !! *JDL* & Act! For Canada – Gavin Boby, British Lawyer – Wed, Feb 6 @ 7:30pm SHARP ! + March 5 & 6 – ISRAEL TRUTH WEEK

The JDL & Act For Canada Present:

An Evening With Gavin Boby, from the Law & Freedom Foundation, U.K.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

7:30 p.m. sharp

Toronto Zionist Centre

788 Marlee Road (just south of Lawrence Avenue)

Lawrence West subway station (University Line)

 $10.00 at the door

students free

. .

Gavin Boby is a British lawyer who specializes in town planning law.

He runs The Law and Freedom Foundation, dedicated to preserving a lawful society that protects freedom.

Their first project is a legal effort to assist community groups, on a pro-bono basis, if they are faced with inappropriate planning applications for more mosques in their neighbourhood.

They focus on legal procedure but also on the nature of Islamic doctrine and as a result have won 16 out of 17 cases.



Gavin Boby, Law and Freedom Organization, against mosque planning applications


* * *

The National Post just disclosed that a Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s (CSIS) report stated that “a large number of venues” that are used by “Islamist extremists” are “radicalizing Canadians” across Canada. In this Canadian context Gavin Boby’s message is even more relevant.

The Muslim Brotherhood, operating in Canada, just purchased a 10,000 square foot building in a Montreal neighbourhood

On record, this will be the 4th real estate acquisition in a very short time span. 

Last fall, the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) was also involved with the establishment of a new Mosque in Quebec City that also needed rezoning.

In Edmonton, the Lessard community countered the establishment of a MAC run school in their neighbourhood for fear of radicalization.

Again, several zoning laws have already been transgressed by the local MAC- run Mosque and in several new Saudi and Muslim Brotherhood linked Mosques that have been built.

In Ottawa, MAC is also administering several venues, one of which is the Abraar school that made international headlines because “two teachers (…) who praised a pupil’s essay about killing Jews with hand grenades” were suspended.

* * *

Why should we be concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood operating in Canada? The former Chair in Islamic Studies at the University of Alberta described how the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood “hoped to change the status of the Mosque, bringing it from a static place of worship to a center of Islamic revolution. “(pp. 76-77)

.Youssef Qaradawi unconditionally endorsed by leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood operating in Canada describes the role of the Mosque in these words: “To guide public policy of a Nation, raise awareness of critical issues and reveal it’s enemies. From ancient times the Mosque has had a role in urging Jihad for the sake of Allah.”.

Hosted by The Jewish Defence League in conjunction with ACT! For Canada



Israel Truth Week


Hello all Israel Truth Week & Caledonia supporters and followers:
I am very pleased to advise that Gary McHale, my great ally in the ongoing, 7 year struggle to end racial policing and restore the rule of law in Caledonia, today received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal at a ceremony in Toronto from a representative of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation in recognition of the price he paid to defend equality & the law in the face of those who would destroy it.
After the ceremony Gary recorded interviews at SUN TV with David Menzies (to be aired Monday AM) and Michael Coren which will air tonight at 7pm.

Gary McHale will be speaking on Day 2 of the upcoming Israel Truth Week Conference (see postcard invitation below)which takes place March 5-6 at the Victory International Church in Hamilton. He will be speaking on the topic of applying Dr. King’s lessons in today’s struggles against violent interest groups and those who support & enable them, ie. the radical Left, police and politicians. Gary’s speech from last year’s conference (a crowd favourite) is here:


‘Dr. King’s ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’: A Blueprint for Victory Over Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism’ [VIDEO, 39.42; NOTES, 15p] 


Thank you to all who have expressed your support for our work and this wonderful development.

Mark Vandermaas
2013 Israel Truth Week Conference poster. 800px

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