Hello Israel Truth Week friends & followers,

Three great Israel-related events are coming very soon, all with connections to Israel Truth Week…
1. TORONTO, Jan 27th, Dr. Mordechai Kedar‘Post Election Israel: In A Dangerous & Turbulent Middle East’
Sponsored  by Speakers Action Bureau and Canadian Institute for Jewish Research. A CIJR speaker will be speaking at the 2013 Israel Truth Week Conference about their Student Israel-Advocacy Program at Concordia University in Quebec.
2. BOSTON, MA, Jan 28th, Political Strategist/Fox Contributor Pat Caddell: ‘The Press Is The Enemy Of The People: Impact On National Security.’ Why you should sit up and listen to what he has to say about the press re Obama’s reelection? He was a political strategist for Democrat campaigns from Jimmy Carter to Joe Biden! Organized by Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, Israel Truth Week advisor/speaker who will be coming to Canada – again! – to help us fight Israel Apartheid Week at our 2013 conference.
3. HAMILTON, March 5-6th, 2013 Israel Truth Week Conference, Victory International Church: ‘Pushing Back With Truth & Action.‘ We’ve got a great lineup of knowledge experts and activists coming from all over North America for this, our 2nd annual ITW conference! Closes with keynote finale at McMaster University w/Tammi Rossman-Benjamin from University of California. Best of all…there’s no charge.
Mark Vandermaas


* * *

2013 NORTH AMERICAN CONFERENCE, Hamilton, Canada, March 5-6

It’s time the truth was told. It’s time to stand together.
It’s time to stop being afraid.

2013 Israel Truth Week
North American Conference

March 5th & 6th, 2013 


 Flyer-Agenda: [PDF]



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