“Islamist Police” suppresses citizens on London’s streets”

According to al Arabiya TV, groups of Islamist militants have formed what they call “Islamist Police” patrolling a number of streets in London and forcing citizens to comply with their interpretation of Sharia law. In a move that can be projected to possibly also happen in other European countries, and later across the Atlantic, groups of militants, organized in patrols have been stopping British citizens asking them to throw away alcoholic drinks or asking women not to wear short skirts, because (according to al Arabiya) “they are passing through Muslim areas.” These quasi-militias have established a Youtube channel called ”
“الشريعة.. مستقبل بريطانيا” or “Sharia, the future of Britain”. According to observers, experts on urban Jihadism, “these are the early signs of manifestations of Sharia-only zones, similar to the Taliban practices in pre 9/11 Afghanistan. But these are taking place in a major Western capital. This is a prelude to serious breakdown in secular order. It all began as local claims, but manipulated by Jihadists, now it is close from creating enclaves.”

شرطة “إسلامية” تحظر الخمور والتعري في شوارع لندن ليلاً

فيما يشبه “الشرطة الإسلامية” شرطة الآداب، فوجئ سكان العاصمة

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