Terrifying Blood Libel on American TV – VIDEO, 3 minute

(Watch this; it’s only about 3+ minutes)


Here’s a sample of a somewhat moderate viewpoint, expressed openly on American screens.  Note that there’s not a shred of evidence cited for the allegations (because no evidence can exist for imaginary acts!)  But this in no way deters the Jew-hater; his mind is made up before he ever hears any facts, before he ever creates the fictional scenario.  He “knows” it must be so.

Although it’s all nonsense, all rabble-rousing lies, many of our citizens — and many millions more in the islamic world — will accept every word as verified fact, and it will become part of the Jewish legacy.

Some people, somewhere, who believe this fabrication, will decide to “do something” about these Jews, about ALL Jews!  It has been so all too often in the past.


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