Sobering Quote on Muslim Brotherhood Government Infiltration

I just revisited this quote given to me (October 2012) on the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of America by a high level government intelligence official who would only be identified as “an intelligence analyst” when I used his words in a November article.

“It is important to understand how effective this operation has been.  I know of no one in the U.S. government who can speak out publicly or privately against Islamists, radical Islamists or militant Islamists.  The operations targeting the National Defense University, the Joint Forces Staff College and the FBI has effectively censored everyone.  You will NOT find any documentation censoring anyone and all the academic institutions will claim, and back up in writing, academic freedom, but, unfortunately, the message has already been sent – do not say anything unless it has been approved by CAIR, MPAC and the other Muslim Brotherhood organizations.”
If you have read or heard that the FBI no longer works with CAIR, know that this is COMPLETELY FALSE.  This fact was related to me directly (in person) by a middle management employee with decades of service.
Janet Levy,
Los Angeles

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