*JDL* Parsha & Weekly Update – Week of Jan 6-12, 2013 – Tevet 24-Shevat 1, 5773

Parshah Va’eira
Exodus 6:2-9:35
Torah Reading for Week of Jan 6-12, 2013 – Tevet 24-Shevat 1, 5773

* * *

The pasuk [verse] states, “And the children of Kehas were Amram, Yitzhar, Chevron, and Uzziel. The years of Kehas’ life were a hundred and thirty- three years.” [Shmos 6:18].  Rashi points out that although the Torah speaks of a 400-year exile of the Jews, we learn from this pasuk that these years did not occur entirely in the Land of Egypt. Rather, the exile began with the birth of Yitzchak.


The proof that part of the 400 years occurred outside of Egypt is that Kehas himself was born in Canaan. We know from the verse that Kehas was the father of Amram, who was the father of Moshe. Were we to add together the full duration of the lives of Kehas, Amram, and Moshe, they would not total 400. So when we consider the overlapping years of their lives, the fact that Kehas was born in Canaan, we know that the duration of the exile in Egypt was certainly much less than 400 years.


Rav Elya Meir Bloch makes an interesting observation. G-d issued a decree that Avraham’s descendants would need to be in exile for 400 years. G-d, in His wisdom, knew that in order for the Jewish people to experience the purification process that was necessary for receiving the Torah, they needed to spend 400 years in “exile.” But He was also infinitely knowledgeable in the status of His nation. He knew that, as things turned out, if they were to spend 400 actual years in Egypt, they would have never been able to emerge from exile. As it was, they had sunk so low spiritually that they could not remain in Egypt for even a moment longer.


The “400 years” were like a sliding scale. They could have begun much earlier. They could have begun much later. G-d “decided” when the 400 years began, based on the spiritual status of the Jewish people. As it turned out, the clock started when Yitzchak was born.


Rav Bloch says that in our current long exile, there have been periods — in our times and in times before us — that people have said that one time or another is the time that the Redemption will come. There have been great people who have recorded dates and have claimed that “this will be the year” when the Messiah would arrive. These great individuals have ostensibly been “wrong” because Moshiach did not arrive at the specified times.


Rav Bloch says that they were not necessarily wrong. Just like the Egyptian exile was to last 400 years, but it was up to G-d to decide when to start the counting, this exile too has a fixed duration. But the exact time when G-d will decide to start the count and therefore when it will end, really depends on us. If the Jewish nation merits for Moshaich to come at a certain point, he will come at that point and the calculation of the appropriate duration will “work out”. Likewise, if things become so bad — like they were in Egypt — that G-d must bring Moshiach to rescue us before it is too late, then too, the appropriate duration will “work out”.


“Jews for Palestinian Right of Return” statement backs single state and refugees’ right to go home

Initial signers

List in formation; affiliations listed for identification only

Max Ajl, Writer and activist; Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine

Gabriel Ash, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network Switzerland

Max Blumenthal, Journalist and author

Prof. Haim Bresheeth, Filmmaker, photographer and film studies scholar

Lenni Brenner, Author and anti-war activist

Mike Cushman, Convenor, Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods (UK)

Sonia Fayman, French Jewish Union for Peace; International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network France

Sherna Berger Gluck, Founding member US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel; Israel Divestment Campaign

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, Coordinator, Fellowship of Reconciliation Peacewalks, Mural Arts in Palestine and Shomer Shalom Network for Jewish Nonviolence

Hector Grad, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (Spain)

Abraham Greenhouse, Blogger, Electronic Intifada

Tony Greenstein, Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods (UK)

Jeff Halper, Director, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)

Stanley Heller, Host of “The Struggle” TV News

Tikva Honig-Parnass, Former member of the Zionist armed forces (1948); author of False Prophets of Peace: Liberal Zionism and the Struggle for Palestine

Adam Horowitz, Co-Editor, Mondoweiss.net

Selma James, Global Women’s Strike; International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network UK

David Klein, Organizing Committee, US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

Dennis Kortheuer, Organizing Committee, US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel; Israel Divestment Campaign; Dump Veolia LA

David Letwin, Activist and writer; Gaza Freedom March

Michael Letwin, Co-Founder, Labor for Palestine; Organizing Committee, US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel; Al-Awda NY: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

Antony Loewenstein, Australian journalist and author

Barbara Lubin, Executive Director, Middle East Children’s Alliance

Mike Marqusee, Author If I Am Not for Myself: Journey of an Anti-Zionist Jew

Hajo Meyer, Auschwitz survivor; International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

Linda Milazzo, Participatory journalist and educator

Prof. Ilan Pappé, Israeli historian and socialist activist

Miko Peled, Author of The General’s Son

Karen Pomer, Granddaughter of Henri B. van Leeuwen, Dutch anti-Zionist leader and Bergen-Belsen survivor

Diana Ralph, Assistant Coordinator, Independent Jewish Voices-Canada

Dorothy Reik, Progressive Democrats of the Santa MonicaMountains

Prof. Dr. Fanny-Michaela Reisin, President, International League for Human Rights (German Section FIDH); Founding member of Jewish Voice for a Just Peace – EJJP Germany

Rachel Roberts, Civil rights attorney and writer

Ilana Rossoff, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

Carol K. Smith, Activist and civil rights attorney

Lia Tarachansky, Director, Seven Deadly Myths

Hadas Thier, Contributing author of The Struggle for Palestine; Israeli-born daughter and grand-daughter of Nazi Holocaust survivors

Dr. Abraham Weizfeld, Montréal; Jewish People’s Liberation Organization

Sherry Wolf, Author and public speaker; International Socialist Organization; Adalah-NY

Marcy Winograd, Former Congressional Peace Candidate; public school teacher

Dr. Roger van Zwanenberg, Non-Executive Director, Pluto Books Ltd.


Naftali Bennett To Anglos: “Join the ‘Jewish Spring'”




Shas’ Yosef says haredi yeshiva students will leave Israel before …



The JDL & Act For Canada Present:

An Evening With Gavin Boby, from the Law & Freedom Foundation, U.K.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

7:30 p.m. sharp

Toronto Zionist Centre

788 Marlee Road (just south of Lawrence Avenue).

. Lawrence West subway station (University Line)

 $10.00 at the door

students free

. .

Gavin Boby is a British lawyer who specializes in town planning law.

He runs The Law and Freedom Foundation, dedicated to preserving a lawful society that protects freedom.

Their first project is a legal effort to assist community groups, on a pro-bono basis, if they are faced with inappropriate planning applications for more mosques in their neighbourhood.

They focus on legal procedure but also on the nature of Islamic doctrine and as a result have won 16 out of 17 cases.


Gavin Boby, Law and Freedom Organization, against mosque planning applications

* * *

The National Post just disclosed that a Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s (CSIS) report stated that “a large number of venues” that are used by “Islamist extremists” are “radicalizing Canadians” across Canada. In this Canadian context Gavin Boby’s message is even more relevant.
The Muslim Brotherhood, operating in Canada, just purchased a 10,000 square foot building in a Montreal neighbourhood 

On record, this will be the 4th real estate acquisition in a very short time span. Last fall, the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) was also involved with the establishment of a new Mosque in Quebec City that also needed rezoning.

In Edmonton, the Lessard community countered the establishment of a MAC run school in their neighbourhood for fear of radicalization.

Again, several zoning laws have already been transgressed by the local MAC- run Mosque and in several new Saudi and Muslim Brotherhood linked Mosques that have been built. In Ottawa, MAC is also administering several venues, one of which is the Abraar school that made international headlines because “two teachers (…) who praised a pupil’s essay about killing Jews with hand grenades” were suspended.

* * *

Why should we be concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood operating in Canada? The former Chair in Islamic Studies at the University of Alberta described how the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood “hoped to change the status of the Mosque, bringing it from a static place of worship to a center of Islamic revolution. “(pp. 76-77)
Youssef Qaradawi unconditionally endorsed by leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood operating in Canada describes the role of the Mosque in these words: “To guide public policy of a Nation, raise awareness of critical issues and reveal it’s enemies. From ancient times the Mosque has had a role in urging Jihad for the sake of Allah.”
This will be a very special evening so please mark your calendars! .
Hosted by The Jewish Defense League in conjunction with ACT! For Canada

Join the Jewish Defence League  and fight for a secure future.


With Love of Israel,


Meir Weinstein National Director

Jewish Defence League of Canada



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