*URGENT* – (only 50 signatures so far!!) Please sign PETITION! Imran Firasat, a Pakistani Christian and his family face deportation to Pakistan where apostates are murdered.



Please… Click HERE to sign the petition


Petitioning Jason Kenney, Minister for Citizenship and Immigration 

Give Refugee Status: IMRAN FIRASAT, support Christians/Hindus of Pakistan

IMRAN FIRASAT, a Pakistani Christian, was provided refugee status by Spain many years ago. Recently, he exercised his free speech rights and produced a historically accurate film about Islam. In response, the Spanish government has begun proceedings to deport him back to Islamic Pakistan. The Islamic state of Pakistan routinely commits genocide against Hindus and persecutes Christians. His return to Pakistan is a guaranteed death sentence, since the Islamic state of Pakistan persecutes minorities and implements blasphemy laws which prescribe torture and execution for those who speak the truth about Islam.

Canada is a multi-cultural nation where Hindus, Jews, and Christians together promote and protect freedom and liberty. In the past, Canada has allowed the entry of hundreds of thousands of false refugees filing claims of persecution, especially from the Islamic and Sikh populations.

In this instance, genuine persecution exists, and the Hindu and Judeo Christian values which define Canada dictate that Canadians must step forward and provide refugee status to IMRAN FIRASAT, as well as develop a refugee program for the millions of savagely oppressed Hindus and Christians in Islamic Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Minister Kenney must act on this issue immediately.

*** Please… Click HERE to sign the petition***

To: Jason Kenney, Minister for Citizenship and Immigration,
Give Refugee Status: IMRAN FIRASAT, support Christians/Hindus of Pakistan

[Your name]

Blazing Cat Fur Blog > http://blazingcatfur.blogspot.ca/2013/01/imran-firasat-producer-of-mohammed.html


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