*Mark Vandermaas* on tonight’s Michael Coren show, SUN News TV – The Arena, 7pm

Hello all,

I just returned from Toronto where I recorded a session with SUN News TV’s Michael Coren (The Arena, 7pm tonight) about The Idle No More movement/Theresa Spence hunger strike in the context of Caledonia’s racial policing/rule of law failures.
We also talked about the critical role extreme left radicals, including anti-Israel groups, play in fomenting lawlessness.I’ll post video if available later. Gary McHale appeared on the David Menzies show this morning about the intimidation we experienced at the Cayuga Courthouse by these same groups. Video is not yet available.
(It was Michael Coren who had me on SUN last year to talk about the first Israel Truth Week Conference in London, and we did have a few minutes today to chat about the 2013 Conference (an interim program is available).
SUN’s Ezra Levant recently offered some superb commentary and shocking facts about the real cause of native misery on reserves, including Spence’s reserve at Attawapiskat: Who Opposes Native Rights?http://bcove.me/0i2z45ef .
Mark Vandermaas



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