American Commentator Michael Harris LIES about Jews = “Slaughter the Jews”

Comment by Blog Administrator:

Listen to this guy, this American Commentator named “Michael Harris” on PressTV (Iran).  He lies about Jews killing little school children in America.  He lies about Jews controlling Hollywood, America and by extension, “Jews control the world”.

Why would someone tell lies about the Jews?

Headline on Jeff Rense Hate Site > > Duff – Intel Analyst Sees Israeli Mossad In Sandy Hook Terror – Jeff Rense is a website endorsed by B Kanarek.

Evidence and proof, the bedrock of rationality, are of no concern to these people, as they know their conspiracies will appeal to the most gullible and paranoid. According to their theories Jews hold the power and therefore are responsible for all the problems in the world and must be stopped.

This myth of “Jewish world domination” has fanned the flames of hatred for thousands of years.  Today, we hear the Jew-Haters call for the world to unite against the Jews in an effort to achieve a “final” victory ie. complete hitler’s “final solution”.

Know your enemy.
56 ISLAMIC STATES, all conquered by their islamic sword.
today, all 56 ISLAMIC STATES are oppressive and intolerant.
muslims reign supreme as aggressors, colonizers, ethnic cleansers and terrorists.



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