Video – Thank you, Janet Levy – In all schools, Teachers + Professors teach their students to HATE Jews and Israel. “Justin Trudeau” is just one student who has been brainwashed by the evil ideologies of communism and trusts “islam is a religion of peace”.

Watch this video carefully.  It is 32 minutes well spent.  The narrative to demonize Jews and the Jewish state is going unchallenged, for the most part, at American (and CANADIAN) universities.  There is SILENCE from many quarters.  This cancer is well-entrenched and being allowed to prosper at our institutions of higher learning, many of which are publicly funded.  Future generations are being indoctrinated to HATE Jews and Israel.

If you’ve read How Do You Kill 11 Million People by Andy Andrews, you’ve heard “why the truth matters more than you think.”
Janet Levy,
Los Angeles

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