“Blazing Cat Fur” Blog – Justin Trudeau speaks at Muslim Brotherhood Nazi Conference “reviving the islamic spirit 2012” Toronto

Thank you Blazing Cat Fur for the summary, photos and video of the protest against Justin Trudeau speech at a Muslim Brotherhood Conference called “reviving islamic spirit 2012” December 22 Toronto.

Justin Trudeau’s LPC Includes Hamas: Hamas Supporter Says It’s Racist To Call Him A Terrorist

Evidently Justin Trudeau’s LPC Includes Hamas. The JDL staged a protest against Justin Trudeau’s attendance at The Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention, a Muslim Brotherhood event.
This clip shows a Hamas supporter, and convention attendee, complaining to a policeman that it’s racist to call him a terrorist.

This shy retiring moderate Muslim doesn’t like his picture taken. He made a threat so I made sure I got a close up. After witnessing the support for Hamas etc this evening it’s abundantly clear that our immigration laws need a thorough rethink.

And we’re back from the JDL protest against the Idiot Justin Trudeau

Best sign of the night. While largely uneventful a few moderate muslims came out to extol the virtues of government under Hamas, I’ll have a video clip up shortly. Alas, Justin did not speak with us.

The idiots speech: As-salamu Alaykum.
I am here today because I believe in Freedom ofExpression.   h/t stand

Meir and a few of the other stalwarts who braved the cold and made a stand.

It was cold but a smile warms the heart. More in a


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