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Recently JDL-Canada announced that it will hold a protest against the speech of Justin Trudeau at a Muslim conference in Toronto. Here are the details:

The Jewish Defence League Will Protest Justin Trudeau’s Appearance At The Following Radical Islamic Conference:

 Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference – 2012, Toronto Convention Centre

 Saturday December 22, 7:00 pm

255 Front Street West

 Justin Trudeau is scheduled to speak on Sat. 22-Dec. 2012, 7:30PM – 8:00PM

For additional information call JDL at 416-736-7000

They are not the only Jewish organization, which objects to the event, but as usual they’ll be the only ones with the courage to confront the event on the street.

Those of you, who don’t know what is going on, may find the protest strange. After all, the conference is just about the “Islamic spirit” – and the posters you will see in the subway convey that touchy-feely message of light and revival through some mystical light that comes from far away to embrace Toronto.

But as it is the situation with many Muslim events, what you see is not what you get. The event is not a shiny bed-in with John and Yoko, but a long fest with lectures from “who is who” of Muslim fanaticism.

For starters, the event always takes place in the week of Christmas. It’s carefully chosen timing for Muslim propaganda. During that week downtown Toronto is flooded with hijabs and niqabs and angry-looking bearded men.

I find it to be one of the worst Muslim provocations of the year – out of all 365 days available they choose Christmas. As a Christian I find it deeply offensive (and don’t give me the “Jesus is Islam’s junior prophet” bullshit – it only adds insult to the injury).

If Christians decide to preach during Muslim holidays or in Muslim areas, they’ll regret it. Just ask the missionaries in Dearborn, who were beaten by Muslims and then arrested by the police. Unfortunately, nowadays every cult (be it Wicca, Voodoo or Islam) has many more privileges than Christianity.

Until this year, the conference hadn’t attracted the media attention, but this new edition is different. Justin Trudeau, the Crown Prince of the Liberal Party and main contender for its leadership, is a speaker. Trudeau is often blamed for his stupidity, but this is not the first time Liberal dignitaries get involved in questionable Muslim events – a few years back “sponsorship” Jean Chretien, during a visit to Lebanon, sat next to a leader of Hezbollah and pretended he didn’t know who he was (although Hezbollah was already designated as a terrorist organization).

Trudeau has even worse history of sympathy to Muslim extremism. He was the only Canadian politician to object to the honour killings being called “barbaric”. Educated in the Papa Pierre and Papa Fidel’s school of equal value of all cultures, it wasn’t a surprise he saw that form of “family therapy” as just another way of solving problems.

When discussing that Islamic “contribution” to the world culture, which was defined as a barbaric practice in a pamphlet explaining to the new immigrants the customs of Canada, the “Shiny Pony” said:

“There’s nothing that the word ‘barbaric’ achieves that the words ‘absolutely unacceptable’ would not have achieved.”

He later apologized in his usual weird way, which makes you wonder if he means it, and even managed to attack the Conservatives in his “apology”:

 ”Perhaps I got tangled in semantic weeds in my comments, particularly in view of the Conservatives’ cynicism on these issues,” Trudeau said in a statement. “I want to make it clear that I think the acts described are heinous, barbaric acts that are totally unacceptable in our society.”

Honour killings are an essential form of “justice” in sharia law and they are not punishable in many Muslim countries. The people who are more than willing to introduce sharia in Canada didn’t forget his opinion. Since they owed him one, they invited him as a speaker to this year’s conference edition.

Like many other questionable events, this one was questioned first by bloggers and their findings were reluctantly followed by the mainstream media. For example, it turned out that the main sponsor of the conference was involved in financial transactions with Hamas:

In April 2011, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) revoked IRFAN’s charity status after having concluded that only for the 2005-2009 period, it transferred $14.6 million to Hamas (GMBDR – Toronto Star).

 According to its charter (article 13), Gaza-based Hamas is committed to the destruction of Israel. The launch of missiles toward Israel and the suicide operations planned by Hamas in the past confirm its goal. Outside the Middle East, Hamas share the objective of Islamic conquest with the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas presents itself as a wing of the Brotherhood in its charter (article 2).

The Trudeau appearance, which in the beginning looked just like any other mundane PR action of his party, suddenly put Justin in a very delicate situation. As a result of the publicity, it was just announced that IRFAN has pulled out from sponsorship (although it is not clear whether the organizers have already been paid by them).

The damage control came right away – in an article published in Huffington Post a certain Mr. Abubakar Kasim started a frontal attack against the “bigoted” bloggers who dared attack the beloved Mr. Trudeau.

Anti-Muslim bigots have gone too far in criticizing Justin Trudeau for his anticipated speech at a major Islamic conference that is going to be held next week in Toronto.

As reported by CBC, the critics have raised concerns about radical views and the alleged affiliation of other speakers at the event later this month; they have also pointed to alleged ties between major conference sponsors and the Islamic militant group Hamas.

I have been attending this conference for years. The speakers include intellectuals of high calibre such as Kristiane Backer, former MTV Host; Dr. William Fray Vendley, the Secretary General of the World Conference for Religions of Peace (WCRP), Dr. Karen Armstrong and Dr. John Ralston Saul among many other notable scholars and religious leaders of different denominations.

The funny thing is that there are many speakers booked for the long event, but Mr. Kasim cherry picks the names of those who look more presentable in his opinion. We will see later what the positions of those peaceful people are.

Then he invokes the power of CAIR, an organization closely linked with the Muslim Brotherhood, which condemns those horrible bigots:

The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) had condemned the attempts of anti-Muslim bloggers to smear Canada’s largest gathering of Muslims at the annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) Conference.

In a bulletin issued on Wednesday, it had urged Canadians to thank Justin Trudeau for standing by RIS and had urged the media to fact-check anti-Muslim claims.

“With 30,000 attendees last year alone, the RIS conference has become one of the leading events of its kind, anywhere in the world,” says Ihsaan Gardee, CAIR-CAN’s Executive Director. “To suggest that there is something untoward about a conference that invites leading thinkers like John Ralston Saul and Karen Armstrong to speak on topics such as inter-faith dialogue and mutual understanding is ludicrous. This is yet another example of Islamophobic vitriol aimed at marginalizing and vilifying Muslims.”

Again, CAIR mentions only the most “innocent” speakers. Recently I had the chance to attend an event presided by Mr. Gardee – a discussion about the future of Canada’s favourite baby terrorist Omar Khadr.

It was very revealing to listen to the panel’s laments about the bad treatment of poor Omar without even a word of condemnation of his terrorism. Even the token Jew on the panel (Rick Salutin) sang in the same choir. Even if we accept that Khadr was a “baby soldier” they still had to admit that his family had to be charged with the crime, because they were the ones to turn him into terrorist (but nobody raised that question). How can you trust another event organized by the same people?

Mr. Kasim, the CAIR mouthpiece, ends his thunder with a great exit:

“They take advantage of every opportunity they can find to create panic in the society as if Muslims are coming to take over the land, slit the throats of babies and force their beliefs on everyone.

These alarmists might have issues with some of the speakers. We live in a world of diversity in opinion where one’s freedom fighter is considered a terrorist by others. We should learn to disagree without creating phobia and hate towards one another.”

What an exit! He condemns the bigots who are just fear-mongers trying to blackmail Islam. And at the same time he is convinced that his understanding of terrorism is right – because some terrorists are actually freedom fighters. Such as the Palestinian terrorists who slaughtered the Fogel family in Israel, or the Hamas freedom fighters who are trying to destroy Israel, or the traitor Omar Khadr whom CAIR loves so much.

So how are they going to deal with those unruly bloggers? Is he going to send a few “freedom fighters” to take care of them? Or are they going to sue them?

A curious detail about Mr. Kasim and his peculiar definition of a terrorist is that he has worked as a ticketing agent at the Toronto airport (h/t FFF).  In a piece published earlier he pondered again his difficulties in determining what should be consideredterrorism:

“In spite of the media’s attempt to portray extremism as a Muslim predicament, the truth is all of humanity is affected by this ailment. Terrorism has no color or creed. Neither does extremism.

Extremism is the reason why George W. Bush could claim that God had instructed him to invade Iraq. Extremism is why Timothy McVeigh and Anders Breivik massacred innocent people in the name of Christianity. Extremism is why rightwing politicians are gaining momentum in Europe and North America by fanning fear about the growing number of Muslim immigrants who they claim intend to take over the West.”

Nice try, if you ignore the fact that Muslims have committed more than 20,000 acts of terror since September 11. 2001. Or maybe they see the coexistence between Muslims and Jews resolved in the way Muhammad did – by exterminating the Jews.

Is this Mr. Kasim and CAIR’s diversity, which they want to impose on us? You will see that those questionable values are reflected in the selection of the speakers.

Despite all that touting of diversity and tolerance, I don’t remember large Muslim event, which didn’t preach some kind of hatred, which is always ignored by the media and the human rights commissions.

At the Al-Quds rally at Queen’s Park earlier this year Muslim fanatics faked tolerance by inviting self-hating Jews and at the same time called openly for the destruction of Israel.

Yet the police and the Ontario government totally ignored those haters, and arrested a peaceful man walking his dog, who was assaulted by Muslims.


A few months later, at a large event in front of the US Consulate in Toronto, a large crowd of Muslim fanatics demanded blasphemy laws and censorship in Canada following the infamous YouTube movie about Muhammad. Some of them even wanted to kill the people who produced the movie.

It was unbelievable to see in the 21st century Canada a crowd of medieval savages demand medieval laws.

Muslim-Blasphemy-Rally-Toronto-2012-7 -1


That was a Somali woman, who couldn’t read her own sign

So this conference is supposed to be different – conducted by nice Muslim scholars, crème de la crème of Islam. Then let’s see who they are.

Let’s start with Dr. Karen Armstrong, who is presented as a very distinguished scholar. I have read some of her books and they display one-sided bias of glorification of Islam. Her extreme views even got one of her books banned in Malaysia, which is difficult to achieve when you know that there are so many radical imams competing with her there.

Another speaker is the notorious Dr. Jamal Badawi, a Canadian Muslim “scholar”, author of the masterpiece The Status of Woman in Islam, in which he offers such bold ideas as excluding women from political leadership (in full compliance with the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood). He has also advocated wife-beating and polygamy.

Then we have another unsavoury character – Dr. Mustafa Ceric– Grand Mufti of Bosnia.

I wonder what the Canadian Muslims can learn from a person from a backward country, which is broke and the only thing keeping its economy alive is the Serbian area. The Bosnian Muslims contributed more than anybody else to start the horrible civil war in Yugoslavia. As if this is not enough, Ceric has called for incorporating sharia into the Bosnian constitution – a sure way to get rid of the remaining Christians in the country.

Then the conference participants will learn from Dr. Yasir Fazaga, a staunch supporter of Wahhabism, one of the most extreme forms of Islam.

Shaykh Abdalla Idrisis in a class of his own.

A former president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) he has enforced the Wahhabi theological dogmas. ISNA controls the halal market in Canada. It is also a very corrupt organization, whose officials have misappropriated donations (according to an audit). ISNA has no problem supporting extremist speakers at its events (one of which was confronted by JDL-Canada last year).

Then we have Dr. Abdal Hakim Jackson, whose affiliations are not a secret:

“If one were to list all of Guirard’s contributors who are associated with, for example, the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID), one might be able to glean a web of Muslim Brotherhood associations. From the TrueSpeak list, it turns out that the following CSID members are also members of identified Muslim Brotherhood entities: Dr. Aboul-Hakin (Sherman Jackson). Trustee of NAIT and the MSA (Muslim Student Association), Board Member of the Fiqh Council of North America (ISNA affiliate)”

The most distinguished among the speakers is Prof. Tariq Ramadan, who is the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It looks like his time has come to shine. As an MB activist he has been seen as a suspicious and dangerous person. Due to his radical views, he was unable to enter the USA from 2004 to 2009, but after the election of Barry Hussein Obama things changed. Trying to reach out to the Muslim fanatics and show them what a cool guy he is, Obama let people like Ramadan into the USA.

The Muslim Brotherhood has triumphed in Egypt making Ramadan even more important. In the new constitution they have incorporated the barbaric sharia law. Now he can share the experience of the takeover with the Canadian Muslims and tell them how to work toward domination.

These are the people with whom Trudeau will share the stage. I am sure that if you ask him about their extremist views, he would plead ignorance and probably say that he wants to appeal to the good people in the audience.

Make no mistake – the sponsors of CAIR and many of those who are going to speak don’t want peace and tolerance. Although they try to deceive you into thinking like that, the goal of Islam is complete domination. History has shown what the outcome of Islam’s advancement is time after time. Now their immediate goal is the destruction of Israel, but once they are done they’ll continue with attacks against the West.

The main spiritual sponsor of the event is the Muslim Brotherhood, a sinister organization, which took power in the Muslim countries after the “Arab Spring”. In Egypt they are already creating a theocratic dictatorship. The extermination of Christians and subjugating of women in those newly “liberated” countries are advancing in full force.

The Muslim fanatics who took over Egypt have sentenced to death the makers of the movie which showed Old Mo’s life. Even Terry Jones, who has nothing to do with the movie, received a death sentence. Are these the people who will lead the Muslim world to progress and new achievements? With primitive fanatics like those who come from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic world is guaranteed to remain poor and pathetic.

However, those fanatics have mastered one thing – they know how to exploit the idiotic political correctness of the West to their own benefit. Muslims use the ridiculous Western laws to silence their critics in Europe, USA and Canada. They even push through the UN for an international law that will criminalize all criticism of their cult. If they have their way, we will get the same murderous dictatorship we see now in Egypt or Iran.

I understand that Justin Trudeau, just like Papa Pierre and many other politicians, is a vote whore willing to endorse any event, which has even the faintest chance of bringing new voters. I also understand that he is trying very hard to dig out the Liberal Party from the deep hole, in which it is stuck now.

But I am sure that next year Justin will be marching proudly in the homosexual parade in Toronto trying to woo the gay vote. I am not sure how this is going to be accepted by the Muslim voters (after all they played a big role in defeating the homosexual Smitherman in the mayoral election).

Isn’t it time, Mr. Trudeau to get some spine and face the real problems the Canadians have? Hanging out with Muslim fanatics is not going to help you in any way.

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