IMPORTANT! Revealing Video of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Operatives Planning to Infiltrate 9-11 Truther Movement

* Start the short video at the 3:50 mark 


The man speaking is a Muslim Brotherhood operative and 9-11 Truther who was the 2012 Democrat candidate for Secretary of State in Missouri.  He is a Bengali Muslim using the name of MD Alam a.k.a. Mohammed Rabi Alam.

In 2009, Alam helped sponsor a Viva Palestina fundraiser with Islamist enabler George Galloway and Madhi Bray, a jihadist who has held leadership positions in Muslim Brotherhood organizations (MPAC and MAS) and publicly declared his support for Hezbollah and Hamas.

During his campaign, MD Alam made a public statement, which he later retracted, that “no Jews died on 9/11.” Despite indisputable information of his subversive activities and contacts (provided by yours truly), Missouri Right to Life endorsed Alam’s candidacy for Secretary of State.

Mohammed Rabi Alam has been actively working to discredit the “War on Terror” as well as the idea that Muslims attacked the U.S. on 9-11.  He opportunistically claims that 9-11 is a hoax that has unfairly led to the ‘violation of the civil rights of Muslims.’

The Video 

Pay close attention to the dialogue.

This is a recording of a planning session for the Million Muslim March wherein MD Alam informs the other meeting attendees about “a movement going on with thousands of non-Muslims – engineers, structural architects.”  He cautions about the integrity of the explanations for 9-11.  Alam explains to his compadres that the 9-11 Truthers are questioning whether 9-11 was “an inside or outside job?”  He then points out how the 9-11 Truther movement can be manipulated it to the advantage of Muslims.  Alam states, “There is a way to stretch the truth.  I believe we all should join but give them ownership” He cautions, “Don’t tell them about your affiliations with MPAC.”

MD Alam goes on to declare, “They (the infidels) don’t know the people who are joining.  We have the opportunity to be part of that movement.  Make friends and keep focused.”

It is indeed curious that Alam would live stream this meeting.  It may be an indication of how comfortable Islamists feel in 2012 America; they have no fear as the country has embraced them.

Janet Levy, Los Angeles


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