Thanks to ‘BlogWrath’ and ‘Blazing Cat Fur’ Blogs ~ Summary and Photos of the JDL CHANUKAH PARTY WITH BRIAN LILLEY

Thank you BlogWrath!

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Happy Chanukah, everybody!

The mood was festive at tonight’s Chanukah party organized by JDL-Canada.  The abundance of bagels and excellent donuts attracted a large crowd. Just as attractive were the guests of honour, whom JDL invited this year.

Brian Lilley, the host of SUN TV’s Byline, came to present his new book CBC Exposedand sign copies of it.  Joseph Ben-Ami, President and CEO of the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies (a conservative think tank) was also there.A special honour was to have in the audience Faye Shulman a Holocaust survivor and a decorated veteran from the armed struggle against Nazism.

To remind everybody that not all Jews have the same carefree holiday, Rachel Lefkowitz from JDL read a touching letter from Elisheva Federman, a brave woman from Hebron, whose family had been for years on the forefront of the struggle for the Jewish land. Over the last few years their house has been demolished 6 times by the Israeligovernment, while the authorities have often been lenient to the Palestinian terrorists.

Meir Weinstein (Director of JDL-Canada) spoke about the challenges faced by the Jewish communities in Canada and the world, showing how the ancient spirit of Chanukah is still living in the struggle of the Jews to not only survive but to thrive and defeat their enemies.

In his presentation Brian Lilley shared his frustration with the “progressive” media and their tireless efforts to push a leftist agenda. He pointed out as an example the hostility toward the Christian education, especially the Catholic institutions. In some provinces they are forced by the government to change their traditional doctrines to suit the “progressive” curriculum, which is imposed on them.

Of course, CBC, as a flagship of the lefty media, soon came to spotlight – Lilley quoted cases covered in his book, where CBC had twisted the truth although they claim they are objective. Some of their commentators stubbornly refused to call the Palestinian militants “terrorists”, while one of them had no problem lying that JDL is a terrorist organization banned in Canada. The bias has alienated many people and their viewership lags behind other private TV networks.

Brian didn’t think any solution is possible while CBC keeps its present status. Even if their budget is cut by half or more, they are not going to change. The only real solution (with which Ben-Ami agreed) is to privatize the corporation and let its own employees run it without any government subsidies.

It wasn’t surprising that this proposal was met with applause – obviously there were not many CBC fans in the crowd.

Let’s hope that the next year there would be even more great events to celebrate on Chanukah…

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Thank you Blazing Cat Fur !

And we’re back…From Brian Lilley’s Talk At The JDL Chanukah Bash

An excellent event, an excellent talk, and excellent donuts.

Brian spoke about CBC Bias against Israel and its disconnect from the broader Canadian culture and values it allegedly represents. Needless to say he met no argument from the audience.

Lot’s of friendly faces, here’s Meir

Shobie & Sis.

Blogwrath & Toshi

Gary & Christine


 Marylou & K


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