What gives the UN the right to violate its own Charter? — by Joe Gemeiner

According to article 80 of the UN charter, all rights derived from mandates do not expire.

The Palestine Mandate allowed the Jewish people to settle in every sq. foot of the territory between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean.

Sovereignty rights to the entire territory from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean Sea were given to the Jewish People world-wide, in recognition of their historical ties to the land,  in the San Remo Resolution of 1920, by the Supreme Council of the Great Powers, who had legal Powers of Disposition. Their decision was binding on the world.

Britain was appointed a Mandatory to facilitate the reconstitution of Palestine as the national  homeland for the Jewish people worldwide.  Article 5 of the Mandate prohibits the Mandatory from ceding any land to foreign powers. ( Palestine is the name which the Romans coined for the ancient Jewish Homeland, many centuries prior to the emergence of Islam.)

Similarly,  boundaries for all countries in the Middle-East were created by the Supreme Council of the Great Powers by the same mechanism in the San Remo Conference decision,  to Iraq and Syria ( which was divided into Syria and Lebanon.) If the legitimacy of Israel’s borders from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea are called into question then so should be the borders of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan. The Supreme Council decision – though in itself binding on the world – was approved by the League of Nations and subequently by the United Nations and its membership. By approving Israel’s rights to all this land , the membership of the Supreme Council (England, France, Italy, Japan) the UN, it’s membership, and The League of Nations membership are bound by their own approval to Israeli borders composed of the whole of the territory from the Jordan to the Mediterranean. They are estopped in law, by the doctrine of estopple from contesting Israel’s right to the borders which they themselves already approved. The U.S., is also bound by virtue of the Anglo-American Convention of 1924.
The Palestine Mandate allowed the Jewish people to settle in every sq. ft  of Palestine, including Judea Samaria and Gaza. That right has never been abrogated under international law.

In 1885  there were only 142,000 Arabs in  the territory between the Jordan and Mediterranean.

There were 15,000 inhabitants in Jerusalem; 9,000 of them were Jews.  The rest were  Russians, Greeks,  Armenians, Christians  but almost no Arabs. “Jerusalem” is not mentioned in their “holy” book called the koran. So much for the Arab rights to Jerusalem. 

The Arab Nations oppressed  murdered and cruelly evicted all the Jewish people from their lands, while the majority of Arabs leaving Palestine did so at the request of the Arab Nations  in order to facilitate the annihilation of  the Jews in Palestine.Article 80 of the UN Charter states that all rights derived from mandates never expire. 

The International Court ruling on South west Africa confirmed that all rights derived from mandates do not expire and as the mandate bestowed  upon the Jewish people the right to the whole of the territory between the Jordan to the Mediterranean, this right cannot expire. 
The Vienna Convention on Treaties also confirmed that all rights derived from mandates do not expire.
It is therefore illegal for the UN to make any decision about Israel which  diminishes Israel’s rights to sovereignty over the territory  between the Jordan River to the Mediterranean sea, sovereignty which it itself approved. Once the UN approved the decision that the Jewish People have the right to settle in every inch of the land from the Jordan River, they are estopped from making a decision which runs contrary to the approval which they already gave. An Arab land was already created in Palestine contrary to the terms of the Mandate.  This is Jordan which was given 77.5% of Palestine 

If Charters are created to outline rights, then what gives the UN the right to abrogate its own charter?


This map clearly  the tiny dot of Israel surrounded in the ‘green’ (Arab/Muslim) lands.

Map of Israel and 56 ISLAMIC states

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