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Jonathan Pollard has been languishing in federal prison in Butner , North Carolina . Yesterday marked the beginning of his 28TH YEAR in prison. His crime? Passing classified information to Israel . The typical sentence for passing classified information to a US ally without intent to harm the US is 2-4 years in prison. Jonathan Pollard got life, and with every day that goes by, it is more likely that his incarceration will only end with his death.

The information that Jonathan Pollard passed to Israel was information that was vital to Israeli security interests, and which the US was supposed to have provided to Israel as part of an agreement between the two countries. Jonathan acted to protect Israel ’s interests, without harming US interests. Whether he was right or wrong to do so is a matter of debate. However, just about EVERYONE agrees that he has served his time and deserves to be released. This includes many current and former US officials, and Jewish and Israeli leaders. However, the State department is opposed to his release and appears to want to use Jonathan as a bargaining chip to keep Israel in line.

The mitzvah of pidyon shevuyim – redeeming captives – is one of the most important mitzvot in Judaism. How can we sit around and relax while Jonathan Pollard unfairly suffers in jail without doing everything possible in order to try to get him out?

To that end, a petition was created on the Web site calling for Pollard’s release. If this petition gets enough signatures, the Obama administration will review it. This may not lead to Pollard’s release, but at a minimum it would show the President how many people believe that Pollard deserves to be free, and it would give great chizuk to Jonathan Pollard himself.

In order to fill out the petition, you need to do the following. PLEASE DO THIS IMMEDIATELY, because the petition will expire in a few weeks.

1)      Go to this link to create an account on the Web site. You must use a valid email address.

2)      Go to your email and find the email from Click on the link in the email to validate your email address and finish creating your account.

3)      The site should take you directly to the petition. If it doesn’t, the link is here. Fill it out.

4)      Forward this email to everyone you know who might be willing to do the same and encourage them to do so.
The last part is really important, because we will only reach critical mass if we push this out to enough people. If you post to lists, etc., please use whatever methods of communication you can to get the word out.

Some people have complained about having to create a whitehouse.govemail account in order to sign the pe

tition. Yes, this is annoying, but how does that annoyance compare to Jonathan Pollard’s suffering? This should be a small price to pay for the chance of helping him.

PLEASE DO THIS. IT CAN ONLY HELP. We must do everything we can, and the Almighty will do the rest.


Thank you again.




One Response to FREE Jonathan Pollard !! – PLEASE READ/ACTION REQUIRED.

  1. Rise says:

    The petition only has 559 votes as of Thursday, 6 December, 2012. PLEASE share with everyone you know, as we only have until Tuesday, 18 December–less than 2 weeks!

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