Hungarian Parliament Member demands lists of Jews – Reuters

“I think such a conflict (in Gaza) makes it timely to tally up people of Jewish ancestry who live here, especially in the Hungarian Parliament and the Hungarian government, who, indeed, pose a national security risk to Hungary.”

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Comment by Blog Administrator:  the above photo was replaced because the muslim who took the previous snapshot asked that it not be used “here”. And here’s the photo  link. This muslim “artisttt” could not bear the fact her islam is evil and murders millions.  She doesn’t give a damn about that.  She’s oh-so-holier-than-thou to shed a tear for those killed by “whites” . “Samantha Zaza”, No one needs you, your “art” nor your snapshots.  In your silence you are complicit and no different than the artissttt who pushed the Jews into the Danube.

 A Hungarian far-right politician urged the government to draw up lists of Jews who pose a “national security risk”, stirring outrage among Jewish leaders who saw echoes of fascist policies that led to the Holocaust.

Marton Gyongyosi, a leader of Hungary’s third-strongest political party Jobbik, said the list was necessary because of heightened tensions following the brief conflict in Gaza and should include members of parliament.

Opponents have condemned frequent anti-Semitic slurs and tough rhetoric against the Roma minority by Gyongyosi’s party as populist point scoring ahead of elections in 2014.

Jobbik has never called publicly for lists of Jews.

“I am a Holocaust survivor,” said Gusztav Zoltai, executive director of the Hungarian Jewish Congregations’ Association. “For people like me this generates raw fear, even though it is clear that this only serves political ends. This is the shame of Europe, the shame of the world.”

Between 500,000 and 600,000 Hungarian Jews died in the Holocaust, according to the Holocaust Memorial Centre in Budapest. According to some accounts, one in three Jews killed in Auschwitz were Hungarian nationals.

Gyongyosi’s call came after Foreign Ministry State Secretary Zsolt Nemeth said Budapest favored a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as benefiting both Israelis with Hungarian ancestry, Hungarian Jews and Palestinians in Hungary.

Gyongyosi, who leads Jobbik’s foreign policy cabinet, told Parliament: “I know how many people with Hungarian ancestry live in Israel, and how many Israeli Jews live in Hungary,” according to a video posted on Jobbik’s website late on Monday.

“I think such a conflict makes it timely to tally up people of Jewish ancestry who live here, especially in the Hungarian Parliament and the Hungarian government, who, indeed, pose a national security risk to Hungary.”

Gyongyosi, 35, is the son of a diplomat who grew up mostly in the Middle East and Asia — Egypt,IraqAfghanistan and India — and whose office is decorated by Iranian and Turkish souvenirs. He graduated with a degree in business and political science from Trinity College in Dublin in 2000.

He worked for four years at the Dublin office of KPMG, then returned to Budapest in 2005. He has been active in Jobbik since 2006 and became their MP in 2010.


The government condemned the remarks.

“The government strictly rejects extremist, racist, anti-Semitic voices of any kind and does everything to suppress such voices,” the government spokesman’s office said.

Laszlo Kover, the Speaker of parliament, who is from the ruling Fidesz party, also issued a statement on Tuesday in which he called for a tightening of house rules that would allow a sanctioning of such behavior.

Gyongyosi tried to play down his comments on Tuesday, saying he was referring to citizens with dual Israeli-Hungarian citizenship.

“I apologize to my Jewish compatriots for my declarations that could be misunderstood,” he said on Jobbik’s website.

He later told a news conference that he would not resign and considered the matter “closed,” national news agency MTI reported.

Jobbik’s anti-Semitic discourse often evokes a centuries-old blood libel – the accusation that Jews used Christians’ blood in religious rituals.

“Jobbik has moved from representing medieval superstition (of the blood libel) to openly Nazi ideologies,” wrote Slomo Koves, chief rabbi of the Unified Hungarian Jewish Congregation.


Jobbik registered as a political party in 2003, and gained increasing influence as it radicalized gradually, vilifying Jews and the country’s 700,000 Roma.

The group gained notoriety after founding the Hungarian Guard, an unarmed vigilante group reminiscent of World War Two-era far-right groups. It entered Parliament at the 2010 elections and holds 44 of 386 seats.

The centre-right government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban has struggled to pull Hungary out of recession as many European countries suffer from an economic crisis.

Orban’s Fidesz has lost more than a million voters since 2010, even though it is still the strongest political force.

More than half of Hungary’s electorate is undecided and having retained its voter base, some analysts say Jobbik could hold the balance of power in the 2014 elections between Fidesz and the fragmented left-wing opposition.

(Editing by Tom Pfeiffer and Anna Willard)


10 Responses to Hungarian Parliament Member demands lists of Jews – Reuters

  1. Hi there,
    I see you used my photograph without my permission for your post, and I would appreciate it if you removed it. Thank you kindly.

    • Barzel_18 says:

      The photo was not removed for only one reason. If anyone wants to know the source, the url is there and they can read “an artist’s” view of the world… how they shed a tear when millions are murdered in the name of fascism and turn a blind eye to the genocidal goal of your islam.

      all “artists” think they are holier-than-thou with their talent, but they have no idea why G-d gave them the gift or how to use it.

      When you visited UAE did you think about…

      UAE Prince tortures his business partner

  2. João Gomes says:

    From your comments and attitude towards the author of the original photo, you are no different from the party leader you’re condemning in this post… hate speech through and through…

    • Barzel_18 says:

      Why do imams say this prayer in MOST mosques around the world?? “Oh Allah, give victory to Muslims and Islam…Oh Allah, give defeat to the Kufaar and Mushriqeen”

    • Barzel_18 says:

      Who, in the name of their allah, committed these heinous crimes?
      London bus and underground train bombings
      The bombing of Philippine Airlines Flight 434
      Bombing of Khobar Towers, Saudi Arabia
      Bombing of the World Trade Centre
      Tourist massacre in Luxor, Egypt
      Scotland airport bombings
      Train bombing in Madrid
      Resort bombing in Bali
      Pentagon Bombing
      Thailand bombings
      Istanbul bombings
      The slicing off genitals of captives before being murdered in Mumbai

    • Barzel_18 says:

      …..What is the last thing these Islamists scream just before they commit their heinous crimes?

      “Allahu akbar”

    • Barzel_18 says:

      Who is responsible for the
      murders with a bulldozer
      suicide bombing of a disco
      suicide bombing of a bakery
      suicide bombing of buses
      suicide bombing of a pizzeria
      suicide bombing of markets
      suicide bombing of shopping malls
      shooting point blank students as they studied in their library
      shooting point blank a pregnant woman and her four small children. Several hours after – PA radio praised the murderous terrorists as “heroic martyrs”

    • Barzel_18 says:

      Islam means “submission” and Muslims believe in the supremacy of Islam. “Islam has bloody borders”, not only with Israel but with many other countries.

      The Koran (Sura 9:5) states “…kill the infidels wherever you find them…”

    • Barzel_18 says:

      Samantha Zaza from the Danube to Dubai

      oh… islam comes in every shade of evil, from deceit, to lies, rape, honour murder, bombings, beheading, hangings… bullying and terrorizing every step of the way … all in the name of their islam

      then “THEY” cry about being offended …

      time to face the truth and not waste your time crying about offending the little feelings of a little artisttt samantha

      The Jew Hate in Hungary mirrors the Jew Hate in islam .. but here’s the difference… islam hates the Hungarian kuffar but the Hungarians love the muslims, especially during the HOLOCAUST.


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