Kickass Israeli Mom Saves Children From Murderous Muslim. — Blazing Cat Fur

An Israeli mother in the small agricultural community of Sde Avraham managed to fight off an armed MUSLIM terrorist on Monday, saving herself and her young children from murder, Maariv/nrg reports.

Yael Matzpun was sleeping in a room with her four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son when she was awoken by heavy footsteps in the hall. She knew that her husband, an IDF officer, was not due at home.

“Suddenly I saw a terrorist in a kefiyyeh [head scarf] standing opposite me,” she toldMaariv. “I decided that if I didn’t fight, he would murder me and my four children, there would be a massacre like in Itamar, where the Fogels and three of their children were murdered in their home.”

The MUSLIM terrorist turned on the light and said something in Arabic, she recalled. He had a knife in one hand and a metal pipe in the other. Suddenly he lunged at Yael, stabbing her in the face and shoulder.

What the terrorist did not know is that Yael is an athlete trained in Krav Maga, Israeli military hand-to-hand combat. She used her skills to drive him back and into the bathroom, and locked him in. At the same time, she pushed her young children to safety.

Once the terrorist was locked away, she called for help. IDF forces arrived only to see the terrorist escaping through a bathroom window. They gave chase and attempted to arrest him, but were forced to open fire when he refused to drop his weapons. The MUSLIM terrorist was killed.

“The terrorist fell into the wrong woman’s hands, from his point of view,” Yael’s father said. “Even when she was a young girl, she would hug me like a vice… After she learned Krav Maga she was always able to take down thugs.”

Sde Avraham is located in southern Israel, several kilometres from the Gaza security barrier.

 * * *

“Israeli Mother Vanquishes Knife-Wielding Terrorist” – By Naomi Ragen

When Yael Ram-Matzpon * heard the door open at 3:30 a.m.,  she thought it was her husband returning from his job in the IDF.  But when the door flung open and the light flicked on, she found herself face to face with a knife-wielding Palestinian terrorist fromGaza.  Lying next to her in bed was her four and half year- old daughter and two year- old son.  In a room close by, her  eight and nine year old daughters lay sleeping.

“‘What do you want, I asked him.  Money, food?’  I got up. He told me to get down on the floor.   I knew I wasn’t doing that.”

And so began a fight to the death between an unarmed 39 year- old mother of four and an armed terrorist in Sde Avraham, a neighborhood in southern Israel’s Eshkol region near Gaza; a mother who knew that only she stood between him and the slaughter of her innocent children.  “He pushed me down and started to slash me,” she told Israel’s evening news.  “And I thought:  ‘Now I’m going to feel what it’s like to be slashed, just like you see on television.'”  As she speaks, we notice the long scar on her cheekbone,  the tear in her skin under her eye and on her chin, evidence of the deadly weapon which sought to take away her life and the lives of her children.

Yael, an Olympic-level horse trainer in dressage, who learned Krav Magah during her army service, didn’t panic.  Instead, she threw everything she had at him, punching him in the face and eyes and nose, scratching and jabbing him –not as if, but because –her life, and the lives of her children depended on it.  He began to throw things at her, a mirror, a scale, but missed.  She took the moment to lead her small children to safety, sending her daughter to her sisters, and putting her little boy into the bomb shelter and locking the door.    She picked up a large heavy metal bell,  used to start horse competitions, and used it to pummel him out of the room and into the adjoining shower.  She then locked and barricaded the door, flying to the kitchen to call her husband and a neighbour who was a sharpshooter.

Probably realizing he had stumbled on a tigress he couldn’t overcome, the terrorist jumped out of the window and ran.  He was soon spotted and shot by the IDF, which although it responded with lightning speed, had allowed the terrorist to infiltrate in the first place. Ynet has revealed that a section of the security fence guarding neighborhoods close to Gaza was left open and unmanned, allowing the terrorist free access. New ‘agreements’ with Gaza now allow Palestinians to work the fields right up to the security fence. Such is the decision of our politicians.

If not for the courage, strength, and level-headedness of  this Israeli woman, the photos of Jewish children butchered in their beds would be splashed across the Israeli papers instead of the photos of campaigning politicians.  Only Maariv put Yael and her heroic battle on its front page.

Yediot Aharonot put it on page 25.  As for the foreign press, I didn’t read a single word about how an unarmed mother fought off a knife-weilding terrorist to save herself and her children.  And what could be more newsworthy than that?  Except, of course, if your paper doesn’t really rejoice in such a victory and would rather print the blood.   I have two words for them, and they aren’t happy birthday.

God bless Yael Ram-Matzpon and all our Israeli women, mothers and soldiers, who are sometimes forced to be both at the same time in order to protect themselves and their children with bare hands, from marauding,  barbaric terrorist murderers who seek out babies in their beds.  This time, though, the murderer got more than he bargained for.


* * *

As two of her children with her and two others in next room, Yael of Sdei Avraham struggled with terrorist who infiltrated into her house and trapped him in bathroom; he voluntarily fled the scene.

Yael, 39, a resident of the Sdei Avraham farming town in the Eshkol Regional Council, managed to chase out a MUSLIM TERRORIST ( “palestinian”) who broke into her home and threatened her with a knife and an iron rod. She struggled with him inside the house, single-handedly protecting her four children.

Yael’s father, Danny Matzpun, told Ynet: “She pushed him into the bathroom and blocked the door using one of the kids’ beds. She hurt herself during the struggle; he leaned against her and stabbed her in the face and the shoulder.”

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The father added: “This could have ended as a second Itamar incident,” referring to the murder of five members of the Fogel family by terrorists who infiltrated their house in 2011.

The incident occurred shortly before 4 am, when an infiltrator broke into the family home, where Yael and her four children were sleeping.

According to Matzpun, “The man walked into the home with a bar and a knife. He made it to the bedroom, where he engaged in stubborn struggle with my daughter. Her two youngest children, aged four and two, were with her in the room. Her eldest daughters were in their bedroom. She pushed him and took the kids out to the fortified space across the bedroom door. Then he started to throw objects at her, including a mirror.”

Matzpun said that after his daughter trapped the infiltrator in the bathroom and blocked the door using a bed, “She used the time when he was in the bathroom to call a neighbour in an emergency squad and her husband who is an IDF officer.” At that time, however, the man climbed out the window and ran away.

By the time the neighbour  the police and the IDF arrived at the house, the assailant had already fled. The security forces then started chasing the assailant, who was caught by the troops some two kilometers from the scene. They followed arrest protocol before shooting him down.

The IDF was looking into a possibility that the man was coming from the Hubers Route, which runs along Israel’s security fence with the Gaza Strip.

Or Gadashi, who lives next door to the family, and whose husband rushed to Yael’s house after the latter had called him added: “We never imagined anything like this happening. Thank God it ended the way it did and that she’s strong enough to deal with this.”

Haim Yalin, head of the Eshkol Regional Council in Israel’s south, which was targeted by numerous rockets during Operation Pillar of Defense, noted that “The woman is a true hero; she managed to chase him away.”

The councilman added that “There are many infiltrations by terrorists who are caught. This is the first time that a terrorist makes it into a house.”

As for the family, Matzpun told Ynet: “No one is really panicking. My daughter is better; they stitched her cuts and the children aren’t exhibiting any signs if distress.”,7340,L-4311979,00.html


4 Responses to Kickass Israeli Mom Saves Children From Murderous Muslim. — Blazing Cat Fur

  1. Lyn Leahz says:

    This really blew me away! The other day, the Lord would not let me sleep because he kept laying an Israeli mom and her children on my heart. I laid there and prayed and prayed until He finally allowed me to fall asleep. God is good! It goes to show that when we feel a nudge about something in our heart, to go ahead and pray..even if it seems strange. God bless them! I’m always praying for Israel, but this time it was about a woman and children.

  2. Lyn Leahz says:

    I think because I added a bunch of links it went to moderation..or spam..a comment I just posted..oops! lol

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