Summary of the 8-day campaign as published by IDF spokesman:

·         1450 rockets launched against Israel

·         Only 54 fell on populated areas

·         420 were intercepted by Iron Dome as they were heading for populated areas – the rest (over 1000) were not targeted as their trajectory took them into open spaces and the system knows not to launch and waste an anti-missile – unheard of success. Can you imagine the damage if these 420  were not intercepted.

·         $50,000 cost of each iron dome missile fired

·         100 million shekels  was the cost of operating Iron Dome.- and worth every penny. 5 are in operation today and 10 such batteries are on order

·         6 top Hamas  and Jihad Islamic leaders were targeted and hit amongst them  Jaabari –the top terrorist leader after Muhammad Def. (who organized the park hotel pesach massacre and who has so far escaped one attempted hit but was injured and has not been seen in public.) – who is also on the list and his time will come

·         1600 targets were hit by our airforce in surgical strikes

·         980 targets hit were the underground rocket launchers

·         200 tunnels were hit and were used for arms and explosive smuggling

·         25 targets hit were bomb and rocket production  facilities

Towns that were targeted by Hamas rockets:

·         Oakum – 193 rockets aimed at

·         Beersheba= 186 rockets

·         Ashdod- 161 rockets

·         Tel-Aviv- 9 rockets

·         Ashkelon- 125 rockets

·         Rison Le Zion- 2 – try to imagine any country- west or east or Asian that had their cities targeted and were asked not to retaliate as they asked Israel not to over –respond. A nice word but only applicable to Israel


·         5 Israeli soldiers and civilians killed

·         6 soldiers and civilians badly injured

·         7 moderately hurt

·         101 soldiers and civilians lightly injured

·         326 soldiers and civilians hurt by anxiety attacks

Their side:

·         152 Palestinians killed

·         64 civilians – all in near proximity to launchers, arms depots, Hamas training and administrative buildings

·         The rest were terrorists

·         1400 injured – same as above




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