“This pretty much says it all for me…If You were Attacked, What Would YOU Do if you were the United States of America, The United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada or a sovereign nation?” — bk

TO: B KANAREK, when you forward this poster to  the JEFF RENSE HATE WEBSITE, (the website you endorsed for years), then perhaps it will appear as though you were born a Jew who has reversed your insanity.


example of B Kanarek’s support o the Jeff Rense Hate Website:



Email sent To:  B Kanarek in 2005… 

I have wanted to find the words to write to you for quite some time.  I am still unsure if words will mean anything to you but I must try to say why it is wrong to endorse hate sites and equally wrong to endorse conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy articles are not “political” articles and these people are not political analysts.  They have a personal agenda and this is what motivates them to lie, incite and manipulate.  They conjure up these conspiracy theories so they can fuel anger, fear and hatred.

Evidence and proof, the bedrock of rationality, are of no concern to these people, as they know their theories will appeal to the most gullible and paranoid. You have posted many articles from Jeff Rense Hate Site on your yahoo chat group.  Articles about the “bombing” of the Pentagon, the attack on the World Trade Centre, Drug Companies using babies as lab rats, developing “Chemtrails” and organizing “actors” to pose as soldiers.  These articles were written to incite fear and hate towards those in power. Who, according to the HateSites, holds the power in the Pentagon, the government and in the large corporations?  The Jews. It’s the Jews who hold many of the “powerful” positions, and accordingly, the Jews are either directly or indirectly responsible for the “bombing” of the Pentagon, the attack on the WTC, the abuse of babies by drug companies, Chemtrails and actors who pose as soldiers…..

According to conspiracy theories, Jews hold the power and consequently rule the world.   Therefore Jews are responsible for all the troubles and must be stopped. 

This myth of “Jewish world domination” has fanned the flames of hatred for thousands of years.  Today, throughout the world, we hear the Jew-Haters call for the world to unite in an effort to achieve a “final” victory over the Jews   (hitler’s “final solution”)  Conspiracy theories blame Jews for the world’s suffering.

You have been the Moderator and Owner of Yahoo Chat Groups since 2002 and no one has expressed the fact these conspiracy theories are hurtful and destructive. I privately sent an email (April 20 2004) saying it is “destructive and hurtful for a  son of Holocaust  Survivors to endorse a web-haven that has “Holocaust  Deniers” and “Hitler Glorifiers” posting articles freely on the site.

Ernst Zundel – The Man, His Deeds & His Writings http://www.rense.com/general50/ernst.htm

The  Strange, Mysterious Eternal Allure Of Adolf Hitler http://www.rense.com/general51/strange.htm

You responded to this email by arranging a telephone call by someone impersonating a police officer (your brother, M Kanarek). B. Kanarek, It is not normal for someone to react in this way.  You take your “rights” to “consider” conspiracy theories to an extreme.  You tried to intimidate me by having someone say I would be charged with harassment if I contacted you or anyone in your family.  You have continued your intimidation by sending emails to me saying “get a lawyer”,  “you need help” You sent a letter to my husband with false accusations and lies and then posted a photo of men with assault rifles over their shoulder on the cover page of your fashion photography chat group ….etc…….

Your reaction is a sign of your abnormal obsession. Why are these conspiracy theories so important to you B. Kanarek?  Children of Holocaust Survivors are impacted by their parents’ history. A disproportionate number of children of Holocaust Survivors choose careers within the “helping profession” as a direct response of their parents’ suffering.  For these children, it is their way to make this a better world. Some children respond to the atrocities their parents experienced by not trusting anyone outside their closed group of family and friends.

The Holocaust was a time when those in power betrayed their people and many who witnessed the atrocities, did nothing. Today, children of Holocaust Survivors, who believe those in power are “evil” tend to gravitate to conspiracy theories and try to “warn” us about potential dangers. “In their own world”, they think they are making this world a better place.

But, there are dangerous consequences when you, B. Kanarek, endorse conspiracy articles.  You are influencing members of your chat group and other message boards.  These people have shown support by encouraging you to continue your “brave” endeavour to post these articles…. and some members write, “it is important to consider the possibilities….”

B. Kanarek, it is not an issue of “it’s MY group”…MY freedom to post … or “MY freedom of speech”. What may appear benign is NOT since conspiracy articles incite fear and hate against the innocent.  Conspiracy theories justify the need for a “final solution”….  the “final solution” to murder Jews in Israel and beyond.


after this email was received by B Kanarek, my computer was hacked by his sister Reetz with the message “quid pro quo” plus a little smiley face. 



Baruch Hashem for the IDF

Baruch Hashem, with G-d on our side,  the little slimy faces will be wiped off the face of our earth!




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