Since midnight Nov 20th, The Iron Dome system intercepted 28 rockets OF THE 80 ROCKETS LAUNCHED by Gaza muslims.,7340,L-4309145,00.html

Siren sounds in capital minutes before UN chief arrives in city. One rocket lands in Gush Etzion. Minutes earlier structure hit in Eshkol Regional Council; several people likely hurt

More than 80 rockets were fired at Israel since midnight in the backdrop of reports that the top nine ministers have decided to seek a ceasefire.

The Iron Dome system intercepted 28 rockets.

Comment by Blog Administrator:  The “world” “leaders” will beg Israel to agree to a ceasefire. They do not  support Israel’s right to exist, but care about world economy going over the cliff.  Support of HAMAS means more HUGE pay-outs to re-build their luxury HAMAS homes and restock HAMAS/IRAN weapons used to murder as many Jews/Americans/Europeans possible.

(צילום:  ליאת קלר)

Photo: Liat Keller

Local residents reported that the siren caused great panic in the capital.


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