Back From The JDL Protest – with thanks to “Blazing Cat Fur” + “BlogWrath” + “Eye on a Crazy Planet” + R.DL.


Police watching the Jews and supporters of Israel closely, and took leisure at watching the jihadists, Islamists, and Jew-haters.

Blazing Cat Fur


Eye On a Crazy Planet

Toronto Sun

“Evil Protest against Israel, 15-11-12” – R.DL.

JDL with many other true Canadians, showed their support of Israel in front of the Israeli Consulate.  Yasher Koach.

Who are these people who show their love of HAMAS,  ISLAMIC TERRORISTS.  These people  live, work and study in our country.  They are EVIL and “THEY” live among us in Canada, Israel and the entire civilized world.

keffiyeh/kufiya/ kūfiyyah/shemagh/ḥaṭṭah/mashadah/chafiye/cemedanî,كوفيات غُترَة or شماغ حَطّة مَشَدةچَفیِه جه مه داني, is worn by men but these “Canadians” wear this islamic headdress as NAZIS wore their SWASTIKA.

“THEY” CRY about being attacked, as “THEY” slaughter innocent Jews, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Zoroastrians,  etc etc etc…


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