Taqiyya – lying for Islam

The Taqiyah (also spelt “tagiyah”; Arabic: طاقية‎ / ALA-LCṭāqīyah) is a muslim cap.


Taqiyya (تقي), also spelt Taqiya / Tuqya / Taqqiyah, is known as lying for Islam


 Oxford Dictionary: “muslim” – adherent of islam

Amjad Tarsin –  University of Toronto’s full-time Muslim chaplain

Comment by Blog Administrator:  ISLAM’s goal is to DOMINATE.  There are over a billion adherents of ISLAM who live among us.

Do you remember when Medical Doctors drove their car filled with explosives into the Glasgow airport?

They live among us as taxi drivers, teachers, nurses, food processors, clerks, lawyers, politicians and police …  They continuously stick the needle in our eye and then THEY cry about  ”collateral damage”…. LIE of “stolen land” … “religious” rights … their hurt feelings …





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