MUSLIM attacker yells”…F*** the Jews…. Palestine will win!” – Jewish Father severely assaulted, his family terrorized and their home destroyed. FRANCE.

Jewish Family Attacked in Marseille, France – By Chana Ya’ar

The father of a Jewish family was badly beaten and the family home was completely trashed on Sunday by local youths in Marseille, France.

Residents in their Jewish neighbourhood are stunned following the incident.

Marseilles is home to some 80,000 Jews – 10 percent of the general population but a small fraction compared to the 250,000 Muslims with whom they also live. It has been relatively quiet France’s second-largest city this year, compared to other areas in the country where violent anti-Semitism has been on the rise.

Last month the SPCJ (Service de Protection de la Communaute Juive) security agency for French Jewry reported a 45 percent rise in anti-Semitic attacks since 2011, mostly by Muslims.

This incident began when two youths parked their car in a Jewish family’s private garage.

When the family saw the unfamiliar vehicle they called police, and the car was towed. Upon finding their vehicle gone and learning it had been towed, the youths became angry.

They returned with a gang of friends to exact their revenge upon the hapless family. The gang broke into the home, severely beat up the father of the family and destroyed the rest of the house.

According to local sources, one of the youths reportedly attempted to murder the father. Neighbors heard the family’s screams coming from the home and called police, who arrested the attackers. Upon leaving the scene, the attackers promised to “finish the job,” according to local media reports.

In May of this year, a 17-year-old Jewish youth wearing a kipa was also attacked by four male gang members who shouted “It’s Shabbat for you, long live [Al Qaeda-linked French Algerian Muslim terrorist] Mohamed Merah! F*** the Jews…. Palestine will win!”

One of the gang members jumped on to his victim, punching him in the arm and kicking him in the leg. The victim punched him back. The attacker also punched the victim’s brother-in-law, who tried to block the attack, according to Tel Aviv University’s Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry.


The National Geographic journalist thinks everyone is doin’ just fine in the

“Marseille’s Melting Pot” – Published: March 2012

And so for several months of the year, rich and poor, white and black, African and Arab, Muslim, Christian, and Jew, all find their own space on the sand, strip off most of their clothes, and settle down to socialize—and be socialized— under the Provençal sun. Ask them where they’re from and you won’t hear Algeria or Morocco, the Comoros islands or even France. Almost always they’ll simply say, Marseille.

Today, Marseilles  30-40% Muslim

… Every Friday, streets in the center of Marseille are completely forbidden for cars and passersby, and this completely without authorization of the town council, to permit muslims to pray in public and listen to sermons in arabic relayed by loudspeakers…”

Marseille  – 2009 

I mentioned yesterday that Muslims in Marseille had rioted on Saturday after a football (soccer) match between Algeria and Egypt.

It’s important to note that this was an intramural battle between different Muslim groups. As Fjordman points out, Marseille is for all intents and purposes an Arab city. The violence over the weekend had nothing to do with the kuffar.

Below is a video showing some of the violence and arson (in French, no subtitles):

And here’s a report from France 24:

– – –  – – – – –

Violence erupts in Marseille over Algeria-Egypt football match

More than 500 officers were deployed in the centre of the southern French port of Marseille Saturday, as rioters smashed shop windows, hurled stones, and set fire to boats after Egypt beat Algeria in a World Cup football qualifying match.

REUTERS — Rioters smashed shop windows, hurled stones at police and set fire to several boats moored in the southern French port of Marseille after Egypt beat Algeria in a soccer World Cup qualifying match on Saturday.

A police spokesman said more than 500 officers were deployed in the centre of Marseille, an often volatile city with a large North African immigrant population and football supporters who are considered among the most passionate in France.

Egypt won the match, which was played in Cairo, 2-0.

Police said they had made eight arrests, mostly for throwing objects, while one man was arrested for setting fire to a rubbish bin.

At least six boats were damaged and two were sunk when a fire was sparked by a smoke bomb of the kind seen frequently in French football stadiums.

Police said the trouble began after youths of Algerian origin reacted in frustration when Egypt scored towards the end of the first half of match, in which the two teams were vying to qualify for next year’s World Cup.

Hat tips: Fjordman and Vlad Tepes.


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