Professor ‘University of Toronto’ – Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish … aka… Dr. Ezzaldeen Abulaish …aka… Dr. ‘Az A-Din’ ‘Abu El-Eish’ … aka … “Gaza Doctor” Ayash and his pack of LIES.

Hear a Remarkable Talk (a tale of LIES) by Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish: A Palestinian Physician in Israel

November 2009 – Toronto – Supported by CJC “CIJA”, New Israel Fund, Peace Now >

..thanks to CIJA’s support of this Dr. Abuelaish, he is safely here in Canada, is now the Michael and Amira Dan Professor in Global Health at the University of Toronto and now he’s suing Israel (a Muslim Brotherhood Agenda?)

GAZAN DOCTORS SUES ISRAEL although he knows who murdered some of his family members …

Gazan Dr. Abuelaish Sues Israel for Apology and Compensation for Death of Daughters in Operation Cast Lead – Winnipeg Jewish Review

January 26, 2011 – Initial IDF report:

Of the attack on the house of a Palestinian doctor, Izzeldeen Abuelaish, which killed three of his daughters, the IDF said soldiers had been targeting “suspicious figures” in the building and had urged the family to leave days earlier.

Report on Channel News1:

The CAT head scan of the niece of Gazan doctor, Dr Ayash whose 3 daughters were killed in his building reveals conclusively that the shrapnel in her head is NOT from IDF munitions…rather like those from Hamas-used rockets.

Hamas may have murdered children of Gaza doctor

Medical evidence indicates that the shrapnel that hit a member of the family of Gaza gynecologist Ezzaldeen Abulaish came from a terrorist weapon, not the military-grade ordnance used by the Israel Defence Forces.

Abulaish lost three children and a niece in an explosion that he ascribed to an Israeli tank shell.

Channel 1 Israeli government television reported Sunday night that medical imagery taken at Barzilay Hospital, where his wounded niece was taken, indicates that a round object that appeared to be a ball bearing was lodged in her brain. Ball bearings are used by Hamas in their munitions along with other sharp objects to maximize their lethal effects. The IDF uses nothing similar in its tank shells.

The IDF admitted that shells were fired at a sniper in or near the building. However, it is also conceivable that the Gaza Doctor, who was an outspoken critic of Hamas, and on excellent terms with Israeli reporters and medical personnel, was in fact targeted along with his family, by the Islamic terrorist organization.




Comment by Blog Administrator:  Yup, this muslim is paraded around like some-sort-of-saint while laughing all the way to the bank from book sales, his Toronto University Professor’s job and suing the Israeli government.  pssst… Izzeldin, Get in line with Rachel Corrie’s Jew-Hating parents.  

btw, Izzeldin, you had a choice rather than sue the Israeli people.  You could have told THE TRUTH.  You should have moved your family out of the war zone and taken them safely to Israel.  Jews  wanted to make sure your family would stay safe But you chose to risk your daughters’ and niece’s lives by keeping them next to HAMAS launch pads.  

What a sick father/doctor you are.



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