!! London Ontario CANADA !! Islamic prayer room in a CATHOLIC school !!

PLEASE… Sign the Petition



The Mother Teresa Catholic School in London, Ontario announced on September 18th, 2012, the conversion of a classroom into an Islamic Prayer Room.

As parents and concerned people, we are alarmed at this development and double standard. Here below are just a few reasons:

1) Islam is not a tolerant religion nor has it convinced the world that it is “a religion of peace” yet continuously seeks accommodations for its beliefs;

2) An Islamic adherent is prohibited by his religion from entering a Christian or any other “Infidel” Church;

3) Muslim Schools would not tolerate a Christian Prayer Room upon their premises;

4) Historically and universally, Islam continuously seeks to be accommodated. Seeking greater and more numerous concessions until such time as Sharia Law is firmly established within the host country;

5) Lastly, the Qu’ran allows Muslims to pray at times more convenient when it is not possible to pray at prescribed times of the day;

I have just signed a petition to the Catholic Church, the London & District Catholic School Board and the Government of Ontario to close down ALL school religious Prayer Rooms. I thought you might like to sign the petition as well. Please click the link below to read the petition and add your signature.


MTS principal Ana Paula Fernandes stands in what will soon become a Muslim prayer room at the Catholic school in London. Around two dozen students will use the room for Friday prayers. DEREK RUTTAN/The London Free Press


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