Blazing Cat Fur – *JDL* SUMMARY … with thanks!

 Thank you “Blazing Cat Fur” for keeping us informed on *JDL* ISRAEL MISSION

This first day and a half has been very busy, affording very little time to stroll and photo at random, tomorrow however things start to slow down a bit so I should be able to get back to a more regular rhythm.

These are a couple of my buddies from Tel Aviv, they seemed to like the Friskies.

I think I recognize these guys.

One thing you’ll notice immediately is the difference between Tel Aviv & Jerusalem, as a cabbie remarked, Tel Aviv may as well be an entirely different country.

Aside from the opportunity to buy an interesting shirt, last night’s event offered some insight into the people & politics shaping public opinion.

Part of our day was spent here.A very busy day

Went from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem today, and spent most of it on the bus between various points of interest. It’s just after 9 pm and we are heading out to dinner after having attended a local event.

Back soon in the meantime see if you can guess what organization’s logo is on the shirt I just bought.

Update: Zeba & Vardit got it right it is a “Price Tag” shirt – cost me 40 shekels.

They were being sold at the event I attended this evening.


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