*JDL Alert* – from the anti Jewish gang: “RESIST ZIONIST FACIST [sic] ORGANIZING!!!!!!! “




Anti Fascist Callout

On October 29th the Jewish Defense League (JDL) is having an event commemorating the death of the infamous racist “Rabbi” Meir Kahane, founder of the JDL and the Kahanist movement. Kahanism has been behind terrorist attacks on civilians, racist mass murders, bombings, and promotion of racial hatred on a large scale. The JDL Canada also has ties with other fascist groups like the English Defense League (EDL), the Austrian Freedom Party, and smaller groups and individual racists and fascists. They have established themselves as the vanguard of Islamophobia in Canada, taking every opportunity to demonize Arabs, Muslims, and anyone who opposes their twisted ideology. They have a well documented history of racism, sexism, homophobia, and violent tendencies to those who oppose them.

We must stand in solidarity with the victims of Kahanism by showing the JDL they’re not welcome anywhere. Their celebration of Meir Kahane’s life is a celebration of fascism that should be shut down.

Calling on anti-fascists, anti-racists, and concerned community members to come out and take a stand!
JDL event:




Some background info:






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