OPEN LETTER – “I write to you as a dismayed, disillusioned and deeply saddened member of the United Church.”

To The Administration and Members of the Centenary United Church,

I write to you as a dismayed, disillusioned and deeply saddened member of the United Church.

Your exhibit at your church of Palestinian children’s art for the purpose of promoting peace and justice in the Middle East may be well-intentioned, but without the inclusion of Israeli children’s art is certainly not just.  It is a universally acknowledged truth that children are the innocent victims of war and conflict, and Israeli children and their families too, have been killed and injured by Palestinian attacks on their daycare centres, nursery schools and homes.
The United Church seems to have missed the point that Israel’s determination to maintain the settlements is not for the purpose of weilding power, but rather for self-preservation in the midst of a hostile enemy that is determined to annihilate it.  Look at a map of the Middle East and you will see how easy it is for Palestine, along with the other enemies of Israel to launch rockets inside its borders. Many other occupations have occurred in modern history ( by China, Turkey, India, Pakistan, to name a few) that were not for the purpose of self-preservation, but were simply “power grabs” and they have not been censured by the United Church.
 This only leads me to believe that the church I grew up in, have worshipped in, taught Sunday School in, been a CGIT leader in, been married in, baptised my children in and taken them to, is in fact, anti-Semitic.  With its decision to impose boycott and divestment actions against the Israeli settlements, the United Church has chosen to ally itself with a force that is dedicated to removing Israel from the face of the earth; and, let’s not forget that the tiny country of Israel is the only country in the Middle East that upholds human rights, treats women as equals and accepts gay citizens, both its own and those from surrounding countries who flee there to avoid persecution.
Well before the Second World War began, Hitler made his intentions toward the Jews of Europe well known, both in his book, Mein Kempf and in his speeches.  In the same manner today, Hezbollah, the Jihadists and Israel’s enemies make their intentions clear.  They are dedicated to eradicating Israel.  Is the United Church unaware of this frequently voiced sentiment? Moreover, where would the rights and freedoms that we enjoy today be, if our fathers and grandfathers had not fought against Hitler and his plan for world domination?
It has been a wrenching decision to disassociate myself from the church that I once felt pride in; however, I am the grandmother of three beautiful little boys, Jake and Nathaniel, twins who are 7 years, and Mitchell who is 5 years old.  They are Jews, as is their mother and I cannot be part of an institution that has made the world a more dangerous place for them.
I pray for the United Church to come to its senses and be the voice of reason that it once was,
Former United Church member,
Lynda Wright

Fake “palestinian” children’s art on display in Toronto

Here’s the link to the exhibit and here’s the evidence that it’s all a big steaming pile of bullshit.

The Elder updates on The Algemeiner.


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