Firebomb Attack on Kosher Restaurant in Montreal — by Elad Benari

A Kosher restaurant in Montreal was firebombed on Thursday night, according to a report on the website of the Shalom Toronto newspaper.

The report said that, the restaurant, Resto Bar Chops which is located in the city’s Snowdon district, was attacked by two masked men who arrived at the restaurant at four in the morning, smashed its front windowand threw a firebomb into it. The restaurant’s automatic fire extinguishing system was able to put out the flames.

The Montreal Gazette reported that the restaurant’s shareholders are Nathalie Chayon and Yael Amsellem, and the president is Isaac Nahon, all of the Côte Saint Luc district.

On Friday morning, an attempt was made to firebomb a gym in the city, and on Wednesday there were two similar cases of attacks on Montreal restaurants, Shalom Toronto reported.

Firebombing restaurants is a typical pattern of criminal gangs in Montreal, noted the report.

A wave of burglaries in synagogues and churches in Montreal has been reported in recent weeks, according to Shalom Toronto. The burglars, some amateur, broke into 11 synagogues and two churches in the city’s Mile End and Outremont neighborhoods.

Congregation Belz in Outremont was attacked four times in the last month, and a total of $2,000 has been stolen from its tzedakah (charity) boxes. In one of the incidents, the synagogue’s security cameras captured the picture of a man, about 55 years of age, who broke into the synagogue.



2 Responses to Firebomb Attack on Kosher Restaurant in Montreal — by Elad Benari

  1. Eric says:

    Maybe JDL Canada could organize a trip to Montreal to show our solidarity and support for the Jewish community.

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