**Jewish Defence League Mission to Israel** October 30-November 12, 2012

Jewish Defence League Mission to Israel

 October 30-November 12

 Departing from Pearson International Airport, Toronto


 The JDL invites all of our supporters from all countries to join us in Israel.

This will be a historic year for Israel, the  Jewish People and the world, because the Jewish population of Israel will be SIX MILLION.  
This will be the year of NEVER AGAIN. 

And that message of NEVER AGAIN will be taught to Iran and it’s supporters.


October 30 – November 12, 2012

Activities of JDL Mission to Israel:

– Rabbi Meir Kahane Yahrzheit Memorial Events
– Meetings in Judea and Samaria
– Tours in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Dead Sea, Masada, and Eilat.
– Meetings in the Knesset with Knesset MKs
– Anti Terrorism Special Instruction Training
– Visiting the  Israel Land Fund
– Meetings with Tazpit News Agency
– & much more


Jewish Defence League of Canada





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