Please sign the Petition – Please help keep Canada terrorist-free.

Dear Patriotic Canadians,

Roxanne James, M.P. for Scarborough Central, in Ontario has agreed to present our Treason petition against Omar Khadr to Parliament in the near future.

The petition requests the Government of Canada to try Omar Khadr for treason under the laws of Canada for his actions against coalition forces in Afghanistan.Please, as an individual or a group, contact your local MP at the Federal level asking them to support this petition:

And, not only ask your MP to support the petition but to also present it! The treason petition template is also attached here. Only 25 signatures are required. Please get as many individuals and groups on board as possible and ask your MP to present the petition to Parliament .

Most Canadians across all party lines are wise to the threat of Omar Khadr and all MPs (NDP, Liberal, Conservative) need to respond to the will of the common person.

Our national security is more important than partisan politics.

Note that online petitions are not accepted in Parliament.

Our group, The Canadian Patriotic Society is also:

1. making connections with other groups, including Victims Rights Groups
2 seeking other legal/political avenues against Khadr and/or his family
3 Planning a meeting in December to expose the groups/individuals funding and supporting Omar Khadr.

Please contact us at to support us in these three initiatives.

Please contribute to the Speer children’s educational fund courtesy of Ezra Levant.

Al Qaeda murdered 24 Canadians on 9/11.

One of the widows speaks of Khadr’s return.

Omar Khadr made bombs and trained other terrorists to make them (IEDs). See the attached poster of our fallen Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, most who died from IEDs. Khadr could have killed a Canadian that fateful day instead of an American ally.

Please help keep Canada terrorist-free.

If you are presenting the petition to your MP, you need a minimum of 25 signatures. Please make a photocopy of the petition with all the signatures. Note the number of signatures you have, the name of your MP, the date you met or talked with the MP/assistant and the date they plan to present it to Paliament. Document the process. Please co-ordinate with me what you are doing, so we can track how many signatures we have across Canada.If you have less than 25 signatures  contact the Canadian Patriotic Society.


Shobie Kapoor
Canadian Patriotic Society



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