Merlyn Kinrade

I’m sad to report that CANACE co-founder Merlyn Kinrade died yesterday at 2pm. after a long fight with cancer. In addition to being our great Caledonia ally in during the struggle to end racial policing in Ontario, he was also a good friend to Israel.
Funeral arrangements, tribute video, pictures and more here:
Mark Vandermaas

5 Responses to Merlyn Kinrade

  1. Thks for posting this. I’ve added a link to the ITW story. Shalom. Mark

    • Barzel_18 says:

      A huge void has been left with the passing of Merlyn Kinrade “gutte neshuma”… a “good soul” our good and honest friend who passionately worked hard to right the wrongs. We will miss him deeply.

  2. Very sorry to hear this. Om shanti,

  3. I urge all our friends to attend the funeral service for Merlyn Kinrade. We of the JDL will always remember his dedication and courage.

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