Please Sign the Petition to Obama and Demand Clear RED LINES for Iran – Click Here –>

We urge everyone who values peace and freedom to take IMMEDIATE ACTION against the nuclear threat from Iran:

Please Sign the Petition to Obama and Demand Clear RED LINES for Iran
Click Here –>

If you’ve already signed, please FORWARD this email to everyone you know…


Iran’s leaders have made it very clear that they intend to wipe the State of Israel “off the face of the earth”. A nuclear Iran is a grave danger not only to Israel but to the United States and entire free world. Iran is accelerating its uranium enrichment and transferring its nuclear facilities underground. Time is running out…

History teaches us that when an enemy says he is going to annihilate you, believe him. History also teaches that even the most rogue leaders, when threatened with attack if they cross clear RED LINES, would be restrained from acting upon their aggressive, belligerent rhetoric.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that since Iran knows there are “no red lines or deadlines”, it continues to build nuclear weapons “without interference.”

So far, President Obama’s response has been to say that “no leader should tie his own hands.” We believe this is extremely naive and totally unacceptable.

Please sign the petition to demand that President Obama impose clear RED LINES against a nuclear Iran.

After you sign, we are asking you to circulate this email throughout all of your personal and professional networks. With your help we can put extreme pressure on President Obama to declare America’s red lines for Iran.


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Thank you for support of Israel at this most urgent time.

The Global Movement for Israel

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One Response to Please Sign the Petition to Obama and Demand Clear RED LINES for Iran – Click Here –>

  1. Harvey Bisgould says:

    Mr. President, for a change, do what is right! You will be a better man for it!

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