Malmö Jewish Centre Attacked. … Sweden: Explosion rocks Malmö Jewish centre, two “youths” held, mayor worried about community “tensions”

Sweden: Explosion rocks Malmö Jewish centre, two “youths” held, mayor worried about community “tensions”

Muslims have been making Malmö uncomfortable for Jews for quite some time. The Qur’an, after all, dubs them the worst enemies of the Muslims (5:82), which many Muslims today take as a license to victimize Jews wherever they find them.

You don’t wear a kippah in this city. That would be suicide.”

“Explosion rocks Malmö Jewish centre,” from The Local, September 28 (thanks to David):

Police were called out early on Friday morning after loud bangs were heard near the Jewish community centre in Malmö, southern Sweden.“There as been an explosion. Something has detonated – we are certain of that,” said police officer Erik Liljenström to local paper Sydsvenskan early on Friday morning.

The police received a call shortly after 1am. Witnesses said they had heard loud blasts near the centre some 15 minutes earlier.

When police arrived at the scene they soon established that there had been some sort of explosion and that someone had tried to smash in the door.

There were loose paving stones lying among shards of shattered glass in front of the entrance, according to the paper.

While damage had been done to the front door, the building had not been damaged in any other way as far as the police could see, but according to witness statements the blasts were heard a few blocks away….

Shortly after 4am, police announced that they had identified one of the vehicles and brought two men in for questioning.

Both of the suspects are 18-year-old, according to Malmö police, who nevertheless believe that more people were involved in carrying out the attack.

No one was reportedly injured in the attack. According to the police, the men are under suspicion of destruction constituting a public danger.

“Now their [sic] going to be interrogated, then we’ll see. They weren’t caught in the act,” police spokesperson Anders Lindell told the TT news agency.

On Friday, Malmö’s Social Democratic mayor Ilmar Reepalu, who has previously been criticized for making controversial statements about the city’s Jewish community, condemned the attacks….

Reepalu added that he hoped police would be able to solve the crime quickly and that it doesn’t lead to heightened tensions in the city….

In other words, find the Muslims responsible and prosecute them quickly and quietly, before they can become “martyrs” in the latest case of Muslim rage.

Earlier this year, Reepalu came under fire for comments in which he claimed that the far right Sweden Democrats had “infiltrated” the Jewish community in Malmö….In 2009, comments by Reepalu prompted the the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in the United States warned Jews from traveling to Sweden’s third largest city.

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2 Responses to Malmö Jewish Centre Attacked. … Sweden: Explosion rocks Malmö Jewish centre, two “youths” held, mayor worried about community “tensions”

  1. anna gardyn says:

    something should be done re this situation, it seems clear that the mayor is a vicious antisemite. \Perhaps to go to the European courts. I do not see why the Jews of Malmo should suffer so much from the Muslims there and no one does anything. I know our board of deputies does nothing even do not return telephone calls when they promise to do so (our representatives)

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