*JDL* Parsha & Weekly Update – Week of September 23-29, 2012 – Tishrei 7-13 5773

Parshah Haazinu – Deuteronomy 32:1-32:52
Torah Reading for Week of September 23-29, 2012 – Tishrei 7-13 5773

* * *

The following words about the holiday of Sukkut was written by Rabbi Benyamin Kahane:

Major functionaries at home joining the side of our enemy require us to take another look at the known midrash about how the “four species” symbolize different levels in Am Yisrael.

It is impossible to ignore anymore the growing and obscene phenomenon, where functionaries from home mobilize time and time again to further the cause of our bitter enemies. Whenever possible, they rise from within us, under the orchestration of the media, to demoralize the nation during its fight for existence, while furthering the interests of the enemy. The question is: How should we relate to these people? Are they one of us, or are they “beyond the pale”?

One of the famous midrashim in connection to Succot, compares the four species to the unity of Israel: “Just as the Etrog has both taste and smell, so too do the Jewish People have within it people who have Torah and good deeds: Lulav…has taste and no smell, and so too there are those who have Torah and no good deeds…Just as the Hadas has smell and no taste…(there are those) with good deeds and no Torah…Just as the “Arava” has no smell and no taste, so (there are those) who have no Torah and no good deeds. And what does the Almighty do to them? To destroy them would be impossible! But rather the Almighty said that he will tie them all up in one unit and they will atone for one another”. (Vayikra Raba, 30:12)

Considering our opening statements, there is a need for some clarification in light of this amazing midrash which mentions how the Aravot are held tightly together with the rest of Am Yisrael.

The worst kind of Jew spoken of here is the Arava, who is not destroyed, because the righteous atone for him. They are Jews “who have no Torah and no good deeds”. True, we are not talking about the cream of the crop – but we are talking about Jews who are ready to be part of the union of Am Yisrael, connected to them so that the righteous can atone for them. We are not talking about Jews, who G-d forbid, sever themselves from the collective and detest their own Jewishness. We are not discussing Jews who the sages spoke of when they said that in the days of Messiah, there will be Jews who will identify with and join forces with the enemy. About such Jews, the above midrash does not speak. On the contrary. The idea of the midrash is two-fold.

On one hand, G-d does not desire to see the wicked of Israel destroyed. On the other hand, we are talking about only those who are willing to join part of Klal Yisrael. Only he merits this special atonement, reserved for one who feels belonging to the collective of the Jewish Nation.

It must be known: Relatively speaking, there really are only a few. But through all the generations, and especially in this final era before the complete redemption, there were always Jews who took themselves out of the collective, and deep inside of them, identified more with the goyim than with the Jews.

And so, it is a great mistake to identify such people as the “Arava” described in the midrash. For while the Arava is still an only an Arava, it still has a belonging to the Jewish collective. While it has no taste or smell, at least it does not give off a putrid or damaging smell. The Arava sees himself as part of the four species and does not nullify his Jewishness, nor does he want to be like a gentile. By this very fact, he is able to absorb within him the smell and taste of the others. We must also remember that there are certain things that disqualify the four species from being Kosher. And so, though we are never happy about disqualifying a Jew, there are those who are rejected, and not tied together with the rest of the four species.

The nation is willing to absorb the individual sinners, and to cover and atone for them so that they will not perish with their sins (even though this causes us great suffering as a people). It is ready to hold on tightly to them with all its might in order to unite them, for we Jews are all guarantors for one another. But the nation is not ready to carry under its wing he who in his very essence is an aberrant traitor. Such people remove themselves from the Succah of Israel, and as much as it hurts to say, they are beyond the pale for us.

* * *

recent study by the Washington, D.C.,-based anti Israel Muslim Public Affairs Council ( MPAC) has “shown” that many of the “experts” on Islam who try to interpret the religion for others are not “qualified” to do so.

I never claim to be an expert on Islam.  I just quote the leaders of Islam.

Islamonline is a is one of the most popular global Islamic website on the Internet providing services to Muslims and non-Muslims in several languages. Its motto is “credibility and distinction.”[3]

Yusuf al-Qaradawi (Arabic: يوسف القرضاوي Yūsuf al-Qaraḍāwiy‎; born 9 September 1926) is a controversial[1] Egyptian Islamic theologian. He is best known for his programme, ash-Shariah wal-Hayat (“Shariah and Life”), broadcast on Al Jazeera, which has an estimated audience of 60 million worldwide.[2][3] He is also well known for IslamOnline, a popular website he helped found in 1997 and for which he now serves as chief religious scholar.[4]

Al-Qaradawi has published more than 120 books,[3] including The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam and Islam: The Future Civilization. He has also received eight international prizes for his contributions to Islamic scholarship,[5] and is considered one of the most influential such scholars living today.[2][6][7] Al-Qaradawi has long had a prominent role within the intellectual leadership of theMuslim Brotherhood,[8] an Egyptian political organization, but twice (in 1976 and 2004) turned down offers for the official role in the organization.[2][9]

Qaradawi, the vile America-hater and virulent Jew-hater, the spiritual guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, is an advocate of suicide bombings who has often called for the death of all Jews: “…oh Allah, take this oppressive, tyrannical band of people…take this oppressive, Jewish Zionist band of people…do not spare a single one of them. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.”

* * *

Spencer on Qaradawi: Egypt’s New Hitler

So of course he is the perfect mediator for the Obama Administration.

Report: Radical Sheikh a Key Mediator in U.S.-Taliban Talks IPT News December 28, 2011

Radical Islamist cleric and longtime Muslim Brotherhood spiritual guide Yusuf al-Qaradawi serves as a “key mediator in secret talks between the U.S. and the Taliban,” according to unnamed government sources referenced in a report published late Wednesday in The Hindu.

In early December, the report said, “Qaradawi helped draw a road map for a deal between the Taliban and the United States, aimed at giving the superpower a face-saving political settlement ahead of its planned withdrawal from Afghanistan.” The United States is expected to begin pulling out of Afghanistan in 2014.

The Qaradawi-brokered deal calls for significant American commitments, including “the release of prisoners still held by the United States at GuantanamoBay, the lifting of United Nations sanctions on its leadership and its recognition as a legitimate political group.” In return, the Hindu’s sources say, the Taliban would be “expected to sever its links to transnational organizations like al-Qaeda, end violence and eventually share power with the Afghan government.”

* * *

If true, the report raises significant questions about American strategy in the talks and the enhancement of a radical cleric’s stature.

Qaradawi repeatedly has lashed out against Jews, glorifying violence against them and calling for Allah to “count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.” In 2009, he prayed for the chance to kill a Jew before dying. He has readily encouraged suicide bombing as “the greatest of all sorts of Jihad in the Cause of Allah.” And, perhaps most troubling when considering the nature of the talks, Qaradawi actively supported the killing of U.S. servicemen and women, writing in 2003:

“Those killed fighting the American forces are martyrs given their good intentions since they consider these invading troops an enemy within their territories but without their will…Although they are seen by some as being wrong, those defending against attempts to control Islamic countries have the intention of Jihad and bear a spirit of the defense of their homeland.”

None of this should come as a surprise to U.S. officials. In September, Wikileaks released U.S. diplomatic cables showing, among other things, the government’s awareness of the Doha-based cleric’s support for “martyrdom operations” and the Iraqi insurgency.

CAIR-CAN has a direct connection to Islamonline.  One of it’s senior board members is a regular contributor.  CAIR-CAN has never condemned Qaradawi.

* * *

“Our war with the descendants of the apes and pigs (i.e., Jews) is a war of religion and faith. Long Live Fatah!”

[PA TV (Fatah), Jan. 9, 2012]

This statement was made by the moderator at a Fatah event, and it highlights a dangerous trend by the PA and Fatah to define the conflict with Israel as an uncompromising religious war, mandated by Islam.

Indeed, Palestinian society has undergone a major shift towards fundamental Islam. In 2010, more than 98% of Palestinians surveyed said that religion plays an important role in their lives, while less than 1% considered religion not important.” [RamallahCenter for Human Rights Studies (RCHRS)].

80% of Palestinians approved of hand amputations for theft, in a 2003 poll, while 50% thought this form of punishment should be implemented immediately, and 30% conditioned it on improved judicial conditions. [Bir Zeit Univ. Development Studies Program, Poll No.14, 2003]

An integral part of this Palestinian Islamization is the teaching that Islam is at war with Jews and Israel. Jews are said to be the enemy of Allah, and PA (Fatah) and Hamas religious and academic leaders alike have reiterated on numerous occasions, including as recently as January 2012 by the PA Mufti, the Islamic teaching that the Hour of Resurrection is dependent on the extermination of Jews:

PA Mufti Muhammad Hussein: “Palestine in its entirety is a revolution… continuing today, and until the End of Days. The reliable Hadith… says:

“The Hour [of Resurrection] will not come until you fight the Jews. The Jew will hide behind stones or trees. Then the stones or trees will call: ‘Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.’”

[PA TV (Fatah), Jan. 9, 2012]

* * *
Thus, the murder of Jews becomes a prerequisite for and fulfillment of the Islamic ideal. In a 2011 poll, (by Israel Project) 73% of Palestinians said they “believe” the Islamic Hadith that preaches it is Islamic destiny to kill Jews wherever they are.

The forces of Islam want to kill the Jews.  We are told that JIHAD means an ‘inner struggle’ and that only the radicals call for violence.  Some of our Jewish leaders delude our people into accepting this false claim.

It is my purpose to expose this false claim and to change the direction and mandate of our community.

The Jewish People are under threat.

However, I believe that we will win.

Join our programs.

There are currently two issues that we are working on now.

Join JDL’s call for the denaturalization and deportation proceedings of the elder Khadr’s





Jewish Defence League Mission to Israel

October 30-November 12

Departing from PearsonInternationalAirport, Toronto

The JDL invites all of our supporters from all countries to join us in Israel.
This will be a historic year for Israel, the Jewish People and the world, because the Jewish population of Israel will be SIX MILLION. This will be the year of NEVER AGAIN.

And that message of NEVER AGAIN will be taught to Iran and it’s supporters.


October 30 – November 12, 2012

Activities of JDL Mission to Israel:

– Rabbi Meir Kahane Yahrzheit Memorial Events
– Meetings in Judea and Samaria
– Tours in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Dead Sea, Masada, and Eilat.
– Meetings in the Knesset with Knesset MKs
– Anti Terrorism Special Instruction Training
– Visiting the Israel Land Fund
– Meetings with Tazpit News Agency
– & much more


Jewish Defence League of Canada

There is so much work to do.  Let’s do it.

With Love of Israel,

Meir Weinstein, National Director

Jewish Defence League of Canada


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