STOP SHARIA LAW – NEVER SUBMIT TO ISLAM — This is a joint effort by Asha108 & Jane.

Stand on Guard for Freedom


Islam is striking the West daily – on multiple fronts using violence such as riots, gang rapes, prostitution grooming rings of young children, beatings, murders, destruction of property, etc.  In conjunction with the violence, soft approaches are used to facilitate creeping Sharia, such as pushing for Mosques in public schools, halal food, blasphemy laws, etc.  Furthermore, Islamists are attempting to destroy the West financially using tactics such as legal jihad.

We are being bombarded in countless ways.  Therefore, it is difficult to keep track of the rapidly changing events and problems that need to be targeted.  If we continue to submit to the demands of Islamists, and creeping Sharia, our freedoms, and a bright future for the next generation will disappear into the darkness of the 7th century.

Elected officials work for us, not Islam.  If politicians continue to facilitate Islam in its goals to destroy the West, they should be shamed and shunned.  They should not receive financial support for their campaigns, and should suffer at the polls during elections.

Elected Politicians have a duty and obligation, to do everything in their power to protect Canada from its enemies.  Allowing Islamic fascism to destroy our country is a breach of those duties and obligations.

Excuses and moral relativism are no longer valid.  There is plenty of well documented evidence that Islamic fascism is not compatible with western values and freedoms.  Politicians cannot hide from these harsh realities any longer.

Islamic Fascists show through their actions that they are members of a violent death cult, with a supremacist political agenda.  They have been open about their efforts to control the world, and are wreaking havoc around the globe, to achieve those goals.  The never-ending barbarity, abuse of women, children, and individuals of other faiths, shows that Islamists are incompatible with the West.

* * *

Please print out this information, and write protest letters to various levels of government, organizations, businesses, and individuals, who are aligned with Islamic Fascists.  Organize street demonstrations, boycotts, etc. in an effort to protect Canada and the West, from Islam.  Be creative!

It is important to remember:

There are many Muslims who cherish freedom, don’t condone violence, and respect the lives and beliefs of others.  Tahir Gora, Salim Mansur, Tarek Fatah, etc. have courageously spoken out.  But, the time has come for other peaceful Muslims to take a stand against Islamic Fascism.  They can no longer justify playing both sides, while waiting to see who will win Islam’s war against the civilized world.

We do not promote or condone violence.

All protest actions should be non-violent, and courteous.

If threatened with acts of violence:

Immediately report the threat to the authorities, and keep accurate records.

If physically attacked by Muslims or their Marxist cohorts:

Do whatever you can to defend yourself.  Self-defence, like freedom of speech, is not a privilege to be granted on the whims of others, it’s a birthright!

Islamists and Marxists are violent and scary people:

If you think they are violent & scary now, just wait until they are in control.  We must stop them, before it is too late.


Target Areas:

Elected officials are expected to protect Canadians, our rule of law, and values.  Below is a list of target areas to exert pressure on our officials to fulfill their duties and obligations:   

1.   Stop allowing Islamists to immigrate to Canada for any reason, including business, study, and travel – EXCEPT for members of peaceful sects such as the Ismaili.

2.   Stop all financing of Islamists at home and abroad.

3.   Stop Islamists from investing in Canada, in particular our natural resources and media.

4.   Close treasonous and seditious Mosques, bookstores, and organizations that promote hatred of the Infidel, destruction of the West, violence, and jihad.

5.   Clean out the infiltration in our various levels of government, military, police forces, nuclear, power, water, transportation, biochemical institutions, etc.

6.   Stop all trade with Islamist countries.

7.   Revoke citizenship and actively deport Islamists who were not born in Canada, that are convicted of violent, treasonous & seditious crimes.

8.   Incarcerate Islamists we can’t deport, if they commit acts of treason, sedition, violence, incite violence, or jihad.

9.   Sharia Law has no place in Canadian society, and should be prohibited in all institutions such as government offices, businesses, schools, universities, etc.A 1 comment collapsed CollapseExpand

10. Mosques and Islamic schools that preach hatred of the Infidel, destruction of the West, violence, and jihad should be permanently closed, or under 24 hour surveillance.

11. Cut public funding of all universities, because they have become destructive and seditious hotbeds for Islamists and Marxists.  These two groups have aligned with one another with the common goal of destroying Canada, and the freedoms we hold dear.

12. Ban and criminally charge organizations that are known fronts for Islamic Fascism, and have connections to groups like Hamas, and Hizballah, etc.  Public Safety Canada provides a list of terrorist organizations:

If members of listed terrorist organizations reside in Canada on any visa; are landed immigrants; or have acquired Canadian citizenship – revoke their immigration privileges, and deport without delay.

13. Salim Mansur & Tarek Fatah warned that the NDP has been infiltrated by Hizballah & Hamas – which are listed as terrorist organizations by the Federal Govt.  Provincial Governments across the country, and the Federal Government, should be conducting investigations into their allegations.  If the allegations are accurate, criminal charges should be filed against members of the terrorist organizations, and the NDP, for facilitating sedition and treason.  Revocation of immigration status, and deportation, as stated in number 12 above, would apply in this situation too.

14. Stop Saudi and Iranian blood oil funding in our schools and Universities, for “Islamic studies” programs which promote lies/taqiyya of Islamic “Scholars”.

15. Hire counter-jihad experts to lecture at Western universities, and in other locations, on the consequences of Islamism/Jihad when it is allowed to fester, and spread.

16. Shut off the welfare tap for Islamists like the Khadrs.

17. Shame and shun judges who contribute to the spread of Sharia by making excuses for Muslims, and giving them lower penalties than what they would give to people of other belief systems.

18. Demand financial transparency in secular academic institutions, Mosques and Muslim schools, to ensure that Saudi or Iranian money is not being used to promote Islamist propaganda. 

19. Close down Mosques in public schools.

20. No Muslim prayer rooms in schools, government offices, businesses, or public facilities like airports. 

21. Prohibit mass street prayers.

22. Revoke licenses of taxi companies and drivers who refuse dogs that assist the blind and disabled, personal pets, and alcohol.

23. Boycott businesses and restaurants that refuse dogs that assist the blind and disabled.  Pressure Government officials to charge these operations for violating Canadian Laws, and close them down if they refuse to comply.

24. Government offices, and privately run institutions should have the legal right to uphold dress codes, and deny the wearing of the hijab, burqa, etc. without the threat of law suits by Islamists.

25. Ban the burqa.

26. Push for legislation that will specifically prohibit Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), forcing the medical profession to report violations.  Criminally charge individuals directly involved in this practice and/or those who turn a blind eye or facilitate this abuse of female children.

27. Our laws are not being upheld with regard to polygamy, child and forced marriages.  Pressure the Provincial and Federal Governments into upholding these laws.  If existing legislation isn’t strong enough to combat the problems, then institute legislation that will.

28. Advocate for the rights of victims of jihad, through letter writing campaigns, protests, and financial support if necessary.

29. Make alliances with lawyers who are willing to volunteer their time to assist victims of jihad, in getting their rights recognized, and financial compensation for their suffering.

30. Promote healing and support for victims of jihad.  If possible, create alliances with the medical, religious, and spiritual community, to provide volunteers to assist those traumatized by jihad.

31. Invite victims of jihad, and leaders in the counter-jihad movement to speak at community meetings.

32. Stop Sharia Financing in banks, mortgage companies, and other financial institutions.

33. Pressure the mainstream media to stop whitewashing the truth about Islamic Fascism.  If they persist – boycott them.


Good luck in your efforts to defend Canada and the West.

The Target Area list will be amended and updated on a regular basis.  Other ideas are forthcoming, and we value your input.


This is a joint effort by Asha108 & Jane.

We support and applaud freedom fighters:

Blazing Cat Fur

            Canadian Patriotic Society

Jewish Defence League of Canada

Their tireless and courageous efforts on behalf of Canada

and the West, are a source of inspiration.






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