*JDL* Parsha & Weekly Update – “Vayelech” – Deuteronomy 31:1-31:30 – Week of September 16-22, 2012 – Elul 29, 5772-Tishrei 6, 5773

Please, DONATE TO THE JDL   The following was written by Moshe Feiglin;

“We are used to relating to Rosh Hashanah as a day of repentance and atonement; a day of judgement; the day when our fate for the coming year is determined. The Selichot prayers before and after Rosh Hashanah add to the sense of a personal day of judgment, which is obviously true.But from a simple look at the prayers, we can see that the focal point of the day is in a completely different place. The main thing that we are supposed to be doing on Rosh Hashanah is coronating the Creator as King of the world. This is also the main reason for the central mitzvah of the day. The blowing of the shofar is first and foremost an announcement that the coronation is about to take place.How did the focal point of Rosh Hashanah turn into something private? The answer is simple: “Due to our sins we have been exiled from our Land and we have become distant from our earth”. Just as the entire Torah has transformed into a religion that hovers above reality, not really a part of it, so Rosh Hashanah no longer expresses our national aspirations. When we lost our sovereignty and we lost Jerusalem; when the royal palace on the Temple Mount was destroyed, the Nation of Israel also lost the possibility to actualize the purpose of its existence: to perfect the world in the Kingdom of Heaven. From a national holiday, Rosh Hashanah morphed into a personal holiday, just as Judaism as a whole became a system of personal reminders outside of reality.Even now, after we have returned to our Land and after we received the Temple Mount in the Six Days of Miracles, we continue with our private – not national – Rosh Hashanah ritual.”

 * * *

I agree 100% with this message. Every action that JDL embarks on has its roots in the national revival of our people. Our yard stick is predicated on ‘is this action good for the Jewish Nation’.
The Jewish Defence League is planning a Mission To Israel (October 30-November 12). The JDL group will include active members from Canada, England, France and many bloggers will also join us. We will hold meetings with many poitical leaders, activists and bloggers. Durring the first days of arrival, we will attend Memorial events for Rabbi Meir Kahane. After our first shabbat, a special dinner will be held to remember Rabbi Meir Kahane and to also honour the memory of former USA JDL leader Irv Rubin. There will be a journal for the dinner. Whenever I think of Irv Rubin, I remember his large contribution to the Jewish nation. He was fearless and a devoted father. He was set up by a government agent and he paid with his life. American Jewish Civil Rights lawyer Alan Dershowitz never found the time to defend Irv Rubin, yet he did defend O J Simpson. Canadian Civil Rights lawyer Irwin Cotler also did not find the time to defend Irv Rubin, yet he does find the time to defend Omar Khadr. Both of these lawyers were also founding board members of the discredited New Israel Fund.
In order to make the JDL Mission to Israel successful, I need your help. Please give us a donation to help cover some of the expenses. Donations can be made online by visiting our web site at www.jdl-canada.com 
After this mission, JDL will be much stronger. And there is so much work to do. Attacks on Jews and Jewish properties have increased. Only the JDL method is effective.
The JDL will continue to oppose the possible return of Omar Khadr to Canada. We are currently looking into asking for legal standing in the current case. We will argue for the de-naturalization of the elder Khadr’s, on the grounds that they are part of Al Queda. We need the funds for that project.
Now is the time to wake up.
We as a people must change.
Out with the old failed way and in with the proper Jewish yard stick.
Join us.
With Love of Israel,
Meir Weinstein, National Director
Jewish Defence League of Canada

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