“The end of Eurabia?” – letter by Salomon Benzimra

Hello Friends,

I think this news is important:
In July 2012, the European Parliament passed the “Brussels Declaration.”  Nothing, as far as I know, was published in the mainstream media on that subject.  But the impact of this Brussels Declaration is enormous:
For the first time since 1973, Europe is waking up to the disaster of “Eurabia” and the Euro-Arab Dialogue, due to blackmailing by Arab countries after the first oil shock and, later, to the threats made and conditions imposed by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (now, renamed “Organization of Islamic Cooperation”, OIC).
In the past 40 years, the Arabs and Islam made tremendous inroads in Europe.  In 1990, at the OIC’s impulse, theCairo Declaration was passed, which summarily replaced the Universal Declaration of Humand Rights by a Sharia compliant Code where Allah is supreme.
Now, the Brussels Declation of 2012 is putting an end to all that, and it offcially declares war on the Cairo Declaration, on its adherents and on Sharia Law in Europe.
The basic text is in French but there is a 13 minute video in English (with French subtitles) which summarizes the process. Speakers are Alain Wagner (France), Ned May (USA) and Elisabeth Sabaditsche-Wolff (Austria).
Of significant interest, this Brussels Declaration also cancels a previous one, passed in November 1973, which supported the “Palestinian cause” (watch Ned May at 5:18 min.)
Salomon Benzimra

2 Responses to “The end of Eurabia?” – letter by Salomon Benzimra

  1. Peter89 says:

    This is not a EU official declaration. They’re a group of far right nationalists. What they say is meaningless.

  2. Peter is right. I miswrote “the European Parliament PASSED the Brussels Resolution”, whereas I meant that the Resolution was PRESENTED at the European Parliament.
    But I still hope the Brussels Resolution will lead to an official policy declaration by the EU. The latest events in the Middle East would support it.

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